Prepositions used with "metal"

of, with, to, in or for metal?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases metal of is used

Chunks of metal will win every time.

Weather vanes are usually made of metal,.

Death metal is just the extreme end of metal.

We have 4 possible stamping patterns (involving 2 different types (sizes) of metal sheet).

These elements typically exhibit some properties of metals as well as some of non-metals.

Peroxides of metals contain the O 2 2- ion although there are covalent peroxides such as hydrogen peroxide, H 2 O 2.

We decided that the simplest solution was a set of metal spiral staircases in each of the downstairs guest living rooms.

Magnets can also be employed in order to remove any bits of metal, such as beads, wire, or steel, from the rubber as well.

The school is situated in the worst of it, a walling of metal sheet separating it from the consuming chaos that surrounds.

In 12% of cases metal with is used

He also wear Black shoes with metal soles.

The golden rule with metal detectors is keep it lightweight.

This change will also affect the emissions associated with metals production.

However, with metal finishing, items can be power-washed or hydro-blasted with ease.

Lamps with metallic stands are the best accessory for windowless rooms as the light from the lamp is quickly amplified.

It is noteworthy that at Bella Coola (before July 20) they encountered Natives with metal spearhead and European beads.

Within the Germanic countries particularly, round or slightly oval shields with metal reinforcements were being employed.

It's a metro-tiled wooden floored room with metal angled lamps, a bar and an open kitchen where you can watch the busy chefs.

At this age a fixation with metal and glass in all forms is prevalent -- car fetishes with young boys and jewellery with girls.

Beside the sofa was a wall of inspiration, to-do lists and an industrial sewing machine with metal storage drawers tucked beside.

In 8% of cases metal to is used

I am a christian who listens to metal.

I thought that was great as I never really listened to metal.

I think you should play different styles from blues to metal to rock to country etc.

In fact many more people have done things like this who do not listen to Metal at all.

I am quite certain that gang fights kill much more people than listening to metal or being a Satanist.

Of the millions of people who listen to Metal music no-one, I repeat no-one has ever been involved in anything like this.

There are loads of sick people in this world that murder people but they do nt all come from one culture!! and they all do nt listen to Metal.

This is bringing about a balance in demand and supply and as a result, a southward push to prices of raw materials and collaterally to metals.

Hey, we build them in tornado and earthquake zones all the time, and in extreme cold where the towers occasionally fall over due to metal fatigue.

Les Seriously though, anyone who listens to metal and then shouts at these people about how you want to kill them, you're not really helping the cause.

In 7% of cases metal in is used

Noah: violence in metal is easier for me to dismiss? metal is a significant but notable aberration in my taste.

The first was by ' an ingenious mechanic, Henry Stones of Horwich ', who brought in metal rollers and clockwork.

To taz, hatebreed are a great example of real life lyrics in metal, they sing/scream/shout about real life problems.

Conduction in metals can be considered as a free movement of electrons, relatively unimpeded by the crystal lattice.

Well, fair enough! I think that there are ways in which an interest in metal is not divorced from an investment in queerness, though.

Often intricately carved or covered in metal studs, they were all over the place, some of them older than the buildings they fronted.

I miss that kind of vibe in metal nowadays where a lots of band are overproduced, editing becomes a prison, sound replacement kills the magic.

Phil Campbell is easily one of the most understated and underrated guitarists in metal, his playing throughout the set was spot on whilst he hardly broke sweat.

Equally designs painted 16x7 metal metal locomotive's wheels who were installed together with 225/50/16 auto tires plus full-sized spares in metal locomotive's wheels.

You see, every fan of death metal that I know listens to it for the MUSIC! Lyrics in metal are considered secondary to the extreme technicality and complexity of the song structure.

In 5% of cases metal for is used

In fact I take two; one for metal, one for glass.

What is this, and why is it happening? That used to be for metal shows and such.

Clearly Burzum is not only an artistic, and philosophical, but psychological watershed for metal.

As for metal being a joke, if metal is a joke then so is pop and country/western and every other genre.

A genuine treat for metal fans of a mid 80s vintage, it matched Corey Taylor's Donington cameo in terms of a landmark Panther moment.

I thought that it was a bad year for metal as well - anyone got any recommendations that I missed? Looking forward to the return of Mastodon.

It was dependent on the measurement of tunneling currents into electronic states, which was doable for metals and some semiconductors, but not for insulators.

BAA, Britain's largest airport owner, launched a trial run of state-of-the-art body scanners to help alleviate the need for metal detectors and full body searches at airports.

In the metal forming sector, conventional machines are preferred and they contribute to around 9 per cent of revenues, in comparison to 4 per cent for metal forming CNC machines.

In 5% of cases metal on is used

A metal on metal click caused by play in the rod is more serious.

A METAL ON METAL CLICK A piece of cork or felt bumper is missing or has fallen off.

Tom Araya of Slayer is Catholic and admits that their music is a form of art on Metal: A Headbangers Journey.

A mistborn who can consume STEEL can push on metals, allowing him to leap, almost-fly, run at break-neck speeds.

The Lord continued to call prophets in America and they recorded their teachings on metal sheets or plates and passed them on from generation to generation.

Mormon was a man who lived in the Americas in the third or fourth century AD who abridged a set of writings on metal plates that had been collected from 600 years before Christ until his day.

In 2% of cases metal about is used

Now its time to learn a little about metal history.

In 2% of cases metal by is used

However, microwave has another property: it can be reflected by metals.

There is thus too much imbalance with EARTH supported by METAL placed by you.

I believe there should be a second currency, totally backed by metals, which should run alongside the fiat money, and then let people choose which money they use.

In 2% of cases metal from is used

Shimmering ghostlike leaves crafted from metal screening hung over each sumptuously decorated table.

The simplest closet of all is the one made from metal piping and canvas, and this is entirely portable.

He concluded this by examining the photoelectric effect -- the release of electrons from metals when light shines on them.

Lumbermen make boards from trees, workers build houses from lumber, and factories manufacture automobiles from metal, glass and other materials.

Therefore, we strongly advise that you purge your home of all objects made from metal, wood, plastic or other non-safe materials and take them to your nearest government recycling centre.

In 2% of cases metal into is used

Hundreds of people move about the floor, tending to machinery custom built by SpaceX, amid the din of machines exhaling as they release pressurized air and drill into metal.

He'll get home, he'll recover in the faith that the concrete is his dream of money: work and lust made into metal and paper, made into numbers that whisper to each other, transact and multiply.

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