Prepositions used with "operating"

of, with, to, in or after operating?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases operating of is used
    So far in the debate of operating system of smart phones, Google's Android is better than the iOS.
    While we're at it, let's examine the implications of operating government without a formal budget.
    It can send your time to its many programmer of operating process by synchronising out the infections that can get down your job.
    So we must be increasingly flexible, collaborative and open to the outside world - this has fundamentally changed our way of operating.
    This means temporarily setting aside your preferred modes of operating and adopting the rules, protocols and work practices of the team.
    On the basis of operating income, excluding the 1977 sale of the Arizona Bank Building for $l, 336,369, the bank said the increase was 43.
    The Commission charged the petroleum industry with finding some means of operating gasoline pumps at service stations when electric power fails.
    Because if your aim was to make people go mad and get 100% success ratings, then it wouldn't feel like a compromise it's just a different way of operating.
    All three made hundreds of millions of pounds of operating profit and have rewarded bosses and shareholders with huge performance-related bonuses and dividends.
    The A6 chip, coupled with 1 gigabyte of operating memory (up from 512 megabytes in previous versions) will make for an all-around faster, smoother using experience.

    In 10% of cases operating with is used
    Microsoft windows 7 Restoration is known as a application this immediately works along with fixing specified strategy conditions that may perhaps stay away from Microsoft windows with operating.
    And the example of M-Pesa, which is a SIM-based application, shows that network operators can still play an important role in shaping the mobile revolution together with operating system vendors.

    In 8% of cases operating to is used
    Slightly more than $3 million of the revenue would have gone to operating and maintaining an $850 million light-rail line the U.
    Be it design, or even comfort and ease or even comfort, there isn't any 1 ideal group of Is better than Through Dre Earphones with regard to operating.
    As Pueblo Viejo transitions from project to operating mine, management is reaching out to stakeholders to explain the potential social and economic benefits of the operation.

    In 5% of cases operating in is used
    It still needs a lot of development, and in the end it may prove to be slow in operating, but it promises to be very capable.

    In 3% of cases operating after is used
    Usually he washed his hands after operating, not necessarily before.
    Since the day Android became One of the most sought after operating systems in smartphones, there has not been a single day when it has been out of the news.

    In 3% of cases operating from is used
    Heres why: The Ontario Liquor Licence Act prohibits you from operating or having care and control of a motor vehicle, a motorized snow vehicle or a boat while there is liquor in the vehicle.

    In 3% of cases operating X is used
    You will however have to have the new Lion OS X operating system which you can get off the App Store for $30 dollars.

    In 2% of cases operating by is used
    The figures are broken down by operating system.

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