Prepositions used with "object"

of, with, to, for or in object?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases object of is used

Functions of objects are socially taught.

For other kinds of objects, the value of the object.

For other kinds of objects, the value of the object.

The objective side is the physical side, the world of objects on which actions operate.

We expose this in the onMetaData callback as an array of objects with name ' chapters '.

Think of objects in foreground, middle ground, background; of details of color and form.

Values have the following meanings: auto The computed value depends on the kind of object on which it is being used.

As part of the step of objectifying, the characters that occur in the result tree are replaced by fo:character nodes.

To an animal, she argued, a human on a horse often looks like a very different category of object than a human walking.

At that time, we didn't know much about babies ' understanding of objects and people, or how their understanding grows.

In 13% of cases object with is used

A woman needs to surround herself with objects that speak of her own worth.

In simple sense, Web Services are means for interacting with objects over the Internet.

He has worked exclusively with object technology since 1984 and has written 5 books on the subject.

Also, most homes are not equipped with objects capable of supporting the weight of an accelerating adult body.

Our mind presents us with a game of illusions, whereby the world is populated with objects, and objects have shapes and colors.

They are uninterested with objects or animals larger than themselves, they are without fear; they act like big dogs trapped in a little dogs ' body.

They reviewed an enormous literature, in which babies were presented with objects and people to see if they were more interested in one than the other.

As well as the number chart, with objects, numerals and words you will find at the end of the book, every page has small and large numbers of things to count.

The first, Sex and History: Playing with objects brings together experts in the history of sex and sexual knowledge with game makers to change the face of sex education.

In 9% of cases object to is used

Draw, play and relax, get up close to objects, follow activities.

These words serve as symbols that are arbitrarily related to objects.

Furthermore, ' + ' operator does not apply to objects, including the StringBuffer.

They range in size from small boulders to objects that are hundreds of miles in diameter.

The Universe is not an object as you are used to objects (it is too large to conform to common sense).

I love giving life and personality to objects or even faculties (like reason for example) and make them express themselves.

If you want to erase those extra line bits in Adobe Illutsrator you need to select the line and go to objects > expand appearance.

Observing how people emotionally respond to objects is also an avenue that infants use to expand their knowledge base about the world.

Identification is, from the beginning, a question of relation, of self to other, subject to object, inside to outside (Fuss 1995: 3) '.

The same thing happens to objects to, its like my mind is warping the scale of everything extremely fast, tiny to gigantic and back to tiny in a matter of seconds.

In 7% of cases object for is used

An asset for researchers and academics, her work stemmed out of her fascination for objects of superlative degree.

On an MQOPEN or MQPUT1 call, the ObjectQMgrName field in the object descriptor MQOD does not satisfy the naming rules for objects.

On an MQOPEN or MQPUT1 call, the ObjectQMgrName field in the object descriptor MQOD does not satisfy the naming rules for objects.

Through the cultivation of Bhakti and Jnana, desire for objects (people, places and things) is destroyed and perfect Peace is attained.

When they have been finely grated, coconut shells are used as fillers for objects made of plastic, such as buttons, containers and other objects.

This property is primarily used for objects, such as some graphics, that do not belong to a particular script and do not have a predefined alignment point.

Galileo made a staggering advance in understanding mechanics and the way bodies move under gravity, but he did not tackle the reasons for objects to behave as they do.

Abstract classes should be used primarily for objects that are closely related, whereas interfaces are best suited for providing common functionality to unrelated classes.

While adults may agonise over the anomalies, they are likely to pass most children by, therefore it is just possible to learn the words for objects without worrying about it.

The speaker showed a photograph of the Pan Starrs telescopes under construction in Hawaii which will scan the night sky for objects under 200m in diameter that come close to the Earth.

In 4% of cases object in is used

Male and female infants are equally interested in objects.

In object orientated languages in general, instances of subclasses (e.

Radical art is a form of agency over against a trade in meaning or in objects.

Male and female infants are both interested in objects and in people, and they learn about both.

The first argument is that from birth, boys are interested in objects and mechanics, and girls are interested in people and emotions.

They do not use a guide dog, and appear to be very attentive to acoustic information in the environment, including proficiency in object detection.

In 4% of cases object on is used

A simple solution involves basically a local tariff on objects inputted that could be produced by local means.

For example in Smalltalk, programs can perform deep introspection on objects at run-time to determine their types (see Section 4.

Depending on object reaction, the scenario can be corrected according to expected reaction and achievement of the necessary result.

For example in Python objects can override the getattribute function which receives a message name and returns an object of its choosing.

The closest I think you can say human spaceflight (as we've conducted it so far) relates to science is being able to conduct maintenance on objects like Hubble.

They have in principle the same functionality as the main scene editor and lets you perform the same operations on objects as you would in the main scene editor.

A particular feature which we liked is the touch-focus control which reads the selected area very accurately and can focus on objects as close as only a couple of inches away.

In 3% of cases object about is used

They learn the same things about object mechanics at the same time.

Male and female infants make the same inferences about object motion, at the same time in development.

Babies make basic inferences about object motion: inferences like, the force with which an object is hit determines the speed with which it moves.

In addition, the sound waves that are at the centre of our hearing range are not necessarily the best for conveying detailed information about objects and the environment.

In 3% of cases object between is used

Except in this case, the relational possibilities lie between objects rather than people.

In 2% of cases object at is used

Instead of looking at objects, you look at where the objects aren't.

Allah did not order people to lower their gaze except for the fact that looking at objects that are forbidden to see is counted as adultery (zina).

Glasses for reading are only meant to be used when you are reading or looking at objects up close and then taken off when you are looking elsewhere to prevent further eye strain.

In 2% of cases object from is used

But we are making a serious mistake: we believe that the happiness for which we crave comes from objects, which we can experience.

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