Prepositions used with "complaint"

of, with, to, for or after complaint?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases complaint of is used

In terms of volume of complaints.

Moses ' pours out his heart to the Lord in a prayer of complaint.

It seems as if there are a lot of complaints about the new policy.

Almost 70 Cadbury items also however they removed the halal logo because of complaints.

Almost 70 Cadbury items also however they removed the halal logo because of complaints.

Nevada has had hundreds of complaints, including health problems and burned-out appliances.

Krishnaswami to communicate the resolution dated 22nd February, 1954 to the Banks was the subject of complaint in C.

Under the Act responsibility for the examination of complaints regarding postal services was transferred to ComReg.

Arena representatives said they're aware of the deluge of complaints and will take steps to clean up the situation.

The depressed person is not being modest or shy, nor is the depressed person engaged in a random litany of complaints.

In 11% of cases complaint with is used

There should be a similar commission for dealing with complaints against judges.

Complaints from people who are supposed to handle the requests of paying customers with complaints, is absurd.

Messaging boards were flooded yesterday with complaints from those who were unable to access wages or who had their cards declined in shops.

We have stopped disconnections and those with complaints are free to visit my office or to approach the regional managing directors for restoration.

Employment tribunals Employment tribunals (industrial tribunals in Northern Ireland) are legal bodies which deal with complaints about employment rights.

When customers call bigger companies with complaints, they actually hardly ever hang up the phone with a feeling of contentment or satisfaction in their bones.

The EPA deals with complaints from the public about landfill sites and will take whatever actions it considers necessary to investigate and remedy the situation.

Deals with complaints from people who believe they have suffered injustice as a result of maladministration by government departments and public bodies in Northern Ireland.

Now it's pretty comical that a fanbase filled with complaints about their treatment in Boston has sunk even lower with public vandalism and general buffonery in their own city.

In 9% of cases complaint to is used

Agency responsiveness to complaints.

Remember Blue Cross? They started out this way in response to complaints back in the 80's I believe.

Our recent Vee Speers exhibition also led to complaints from our neighbours for showing images of children.

The date has already been pushed back a couple of times due to complaints, but the air travel is a done deal.

When I told him I wanted to ask what he meant when he said his door was always open to complaints, his face darkened again.

Poor organisation of a landfill site can lead to problems with odours, flies, vermin and litter, which, in turn, will lead to complaints.

In response to complaints, prepaid SIMs were reduced from as high as $1,000 a year ago to $250 in some states and made available in Yangon in April.

Microsoft, if you do not want users to tamper with the environment you provided then please listen to complaints and cater to them in an upcoming patch.

The Ministers cold responses to complaints against the force shows how out of touch he is with what the real issues are and what needs to be done to solve the problem.

In 6% of cases complaint for is used

Ear, nose and throat, could also give you cause for complaint.

I would bet my life that a great deal more than 15 out of 2,000,000 had cause for complaint.

As is always the case, the treasurer is gearing up for complaints of sticker shock from residents.

However, if you have cause for complaint, please tell us and we will do our best to resolve the matter.

So there shouldn't be any need to worry! You would have to be incredibly unlucky to have any reason for complaint.

Should you have any cause for complaint or wish to pass on your comments you can call Owen at our complains department on 01 429 56 88.

Be strict by all means, it will, in my opinion, ' spoil ' the flow of the game but should it be applied fairly there is little room for complaint.

In 4% of cases complaint after is used

However, it stopped after complaints from pastoralists, non-governmental organisations.

The good news is that the graphics load was reduced after complaints, so most people will be able to hide behind the bush before Mr.

PEPPA PIG The **25;14572;TOOLONG, Muslim-offending children's book character, recently had to be redrawn wearing a seatbelt after complaints from sharp-eyed idiot parents that she wasn't wearing one.

In 4% of cases complaint in is used

Knowledge of anti-discrimination legislation is low, and there is a lack of trust in complaints mechanisms.

However, some in the city say they have stopped calling in complaints because they know the city will not lay charges, so they feel it's a waste of time.

So, allow your agents the discretion to handle irate customers in their own time; your front-line staff are, after all, the resident experts in complaint resolution.

The call for the ban came in response to an increase in complaints about a group of men whose bare bodies are on display almost daily in the city's famous gay Castro District.

In 4% of cases complaint without is used

I served my country without complaints.

You did this with understanding and without complaint.

We are expected to accept their abuse without complaint.

It started without issue, and installed for run at boot without complaint.

He explained that if the purpose of National Service was well understood it would help students to gladly accept postings to remote areas without complaint.

In 3% of cases complaint on is used

If it a committee made up of real people, acting on complaints from clubs, then ok.

We also have powers to investigate and report on complaints jointly (with the consent of the complainant) where this seems to us to be appropriate.

These included turning a blind eye to abuse, not acting on complaints by victims and not acting on ' ' open secrets ' ' that a certain individuals within organisations were child abusers.

In 1% of cases complaint by is used

Pipes and Horowitz encourage confrontation and creating disturbances, followed by complaints that their freedom of speech was curtailed.

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