Prepositions used with "possibility"

of, with, to, about or for possibility?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 75% of cases possibility of is used
    There is a wealth of possibilities.
    There are all kinds of possibilities.
    This calls for all sorts of possibilities.
    But, as you can see, it still has an ocean of possibilities for further development.
    No matter what show you're seeing, the excitement of possibility is palpable in the air.
    That is, the act of agency is to transform ourselves and our own conditions of possibility.
    We had a cloud of possibility from which something could emerge rather than a series of definite, quantised steps.
    This is the foundation that gave birth to me, the audacious dreamer, and the woman that is full of possibilities.
    Classical probabilities are ascertainable, assuming that the space of possibilities can be determined in principle.
    Luckily, I found you guys in the sea of possibilities the Internet is today and my life turned absolutely upside down.

    In 6% of cases possibility with is used
    There are magnificent views throughout, with possibilities for wildlife viewing.
    So what I want is a HTPC but with possibilities of some simpler games to be played.
    And that me is worthy of the many wondrous things that make a beautiful life ripe with possibility.
    It is dangerous business to arrive in eternity with possibilities that you have prevented from becoming actualities.
    If you verbalize an idea that's met with considerable resistance you cost of CS5 Production Premium may very well have entered into a realm where limitations intersect with possibilities.

    In 5% of cases possibility to is used
    Let us open our hearts and minds to possibilities -- and miracles.
    This results in lasting success and minimizes to possibility of developing a persistent infection that never ever seems to go away completely.
    The Norwich group is strong and supportive and has lovely premises, but any communal enterprise involves a lot of learning to give and to give way, to be open to possibilities, to share.

    In 3% of cases possibility about is used
    What would our story be?? The teacher said,? Our story would be about possibility and limits.
    However after reading about possibility of flexi hours and a sizeable salary increase I would say go for it if you are able to.

    In 3% of cases possibility for is used
    The vessels that were used by the alchemist become a springboard for possibilities of locating vessels in space.

    In 2% of cases possibility on is used
    A broader outlook on possibilities was too agonizing to be endured.
    But the international economy impinges on possibilities for productivity improvement in several ways, particularly in the transfer of technology from one country to another.
    Considering options for an effective Sustainable Development Financing Strategy, including on possibilities of mobilising existing resources and ways of encouraging investments.

    In 1% of cases possibility as is used
    Depending on the structure of the lease, the risk of ownership such as possibility that the product will become obsolete can be transferred to the lessor.

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