Prepositions used with "expertise"

of, with, on, to or about expertise?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 79% of cases expertise of is used
    It's not really my area of expertise.
    Her areas of expertise include health.
    His primary area of expertise is particle physics.
    It means taking the time to fully listen to your collaborators ' areas of expertise.
    It is the cost of good business + the value of expertise x the amount of experience.
    He brings a wealth of expertise and experience, which equip him well for the challenges ahead.
    In order to remedy their lack of expertise in marketing, they turn to external marketing managers for assistance.
    It was born of that, and it was born of the fact that we knew we had a lot of expertise in the studio to do that.
    Much more important is the roll out, whereby people take what you have found and apply it to their area of expertise.
    The Majlis-ash-Shura should have people from many fields of expertise to ensure a broad base of support and knowledge.

    In 12% of cases expertise with is used
    As explained above, success comes with expertise in looking within.
    That's why he sought out Germany's foremost physician with expertise in Syphilis.
    However, I qualified the use of the term, consensus, applying it to those with expertise in the field.
    Creating multimedia systems involves people with expertise in programming and software engineering as well as a number of other areas.
    Islamic tradition dictated that only those muftis (religious scholars) with expertise in Islamic law were authorized to declare a fatwa.
    The benefit here is that people with expertise in different aspects of the business can manage the account, thereby expanding the marketing campaign.
    They have people with expertise in that department on the commission, so I'd imagine they will be well versed in how to go about it to maximise the money they can for the game.
    Nurses with expertise in urinary catheterisation must share their knowledge with newly qualified staff and nursing students, and ensure that their practice is based on the best evidence available.

    In 2% of cases expertise on is used
    But that shift in emphasis itself makes us still more dependent on expertise.

    In 2% of cases expertise to is used
    We should move to expertise and outcome based pricing instead.

    In 1% of cases expertise about is used
    No time should be wasted on wrangling with the customer about expertise, superior solutions, credentials, interference, or whatnot.

    In 1% of cases expertise for is used
    Skills knowledge and experience Definition Score Pre -- eminent Outstanding and authoritative knowledge, recognised nationally and internationally for expertise in a particular field.

    In 1% of cases expertise than is used
    It is an extensive course of action which in turn demands patience, information about industrial sectors as well as financial aspects other than expertise regarding how to make the very.

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