Prepositions used with "image"

of, With, on, for or in image?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases image of is used

The route to Gitesi was full of images.

Each works best for a different type of image.

I had some flashes of images and thoughts in my mind.

For 500 years the church had social control because it was the main supplier of images.

These capabilities have greatly increased the ability of images to captivate and persuade.

These capabilities have greatly increased the ability of images to captivate and persuade.

And often I'll find when I'd in a certain mood I'll find images to relate to that, so I have a whole bank of images.

A sliver of green cord with just a touch of red is delicately lighted above the raving Phantom (upper right of image).

Great gallery of images! Very good tips and very inspiring to make a more creative and beautiful timeline cover photo.

Mobile payments aside, NFC allows for much easier transfer of images, videos, and even phone numbers, between devices.

In 14% of cases image With is used

It has nothing to do with images.

There are problems with image spriting, though.

Black-and-white negatives with images on it (e.

I'd sure the blogosphere will be swamped with images and videos in the next 24 hours.

Your cover picture, your logo, your tabs, even featured of pinned stories look better with images.

Usually these emails come with images of Mars and the Moon - side by side appearing the same size.

I'd wondering how well books formatted for Kindle will transfer onto the Fire and how easily it will deal with images.

Its powerful and rhythmic second movement and moody third movement complete this suggestive work, filled with images and contrasts.

Encyclopedia of Cleveland History - Online version includes everything contained in the printed version of the book, with images and index.

Navigation seems to be faster and responsive which make it easy to navigate with images or mouse oriented games instead of mouse and keyboard.

In 8% of cases image on is used

Click on image to enlarge and then return.

Therefore you can not rely on images that use sizes under 1 CSS pixel.

Recently, such discussion has focused on images and controversies about them.

HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Click on image above to read our new one-page flyer great for passing.

YellowBird can embed clickable icons on images, letting you explore the web as you explore the video.

In a world that judges you based on image and intelligence, draw your sense of self from me, Jesus says.

Here is a photo of a flatworm larva on Image Quest 3-D Marine Library Status and threats: None of our flatworms are listed among the threatened animals of Singapore.

When the lead singer for The Juicy Fruits flashes the number five as a rebus of his lyric, we can see a blue-green piece of gum in his mouth (click on image to enlarge).

In 7% of cases image for is used

For images from the movie, click the first thumbnail below to start the slideshow.

Thus, sounds can be triggers for images, but they can also be driven by the visuals.

The GIF and PNG formats are best for images that have a limited number of colors, such as cartoons or line art.

Bing leans heavily on Facebook to keep a user on its site -- not just for results but interestingly for image stalking.

Definitely some potential there, but strictly for images taken with digital cameras, not much help for our digitised photos.

Please have someone available to send large images or get a regularly-updated press site / Flickr account for image downloads.

NOTE - Random strings of text result from the page being archived with all text, including navigation and any ' ALT text ' for images.

Browsers should prefer the files in the resource package, and do individual requests for images that are not contained in the package.

Images If you've an image based site with no idea how to generate organic traffic to it - SEO for images is worth an article on its own.

In other words, the magazine's reputation was based on a modern notion of photographic truth that clashed with the digital possibilities for image manipulation.

In 7% of cases image in is used

Some programs use these APP markers to embed text information in images.

The is perhaps the first telephoto where the difference in image size on film becomes apparent.

For it is possible in images to survey paradigms, and through the former to pass to the latter.

What realism is in images has thus changed dramatically throughout history, and continues to change.

The technique of perspective also shifted the role of space in images, allowing space to dominate over the figures in the frame.

O The human visual system is often able to tolerate loss in image quality without compromising the ability to perceive the contents of the scene.

I think though that if the sensor size is roughly the same and image-processing engine is current then there's little difference in image quality.

The V1 is a lot faster than the OMD and thus you are comparing it to two better cameras for your scenario though it (OMD) outperforms the V1 in image quality barely.

Their aim usually covers them not being good at what they do, so they ' dress to impress ' in multiple bodies to convey a certain image or panache ' to the foolish onlooker.

And while the subject is a very local one, I think my essential interests -- in images and how they are made and viewed -- have been pretty consistent no matter where I work.

In 5% of cases image to is used

This may lead to image distortion.

Here's a video I made on how to add a link to Images.

Duplicate the image layer then go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.

It uses ultrasound to image a cow's uterus and capture information about the reproductive system.

Phenomenologically, however, it is important to note that the computer user's relationship to images on.

Restore true color and detail to image features obscured by natural haziness (caused by atmospheric effects).

Trans-Acoustic is one of many new festivals specifically exploring audio-visuality; the relationship of sounds to images.

Rhyme Rhyme is subordinate to image and idea I appreciate my international audience, and especially the work of my translators.

On closer inspection, however, I became deeply affected by the subtle, but pronounced fluctuation in facial expression, gesture and body language from image to image.

In 3% of cases image at is used

Not a fan of squinting at images? Here's a plain text sample too.

They vary from simply looking at images, to silhouettes, evolutions, alternate forms, weights and cries.

Later, at image setting, a bitmap containing one separation of a Sheet surface is imposed on a piece of film.

When you look at images of distant stars and galaxies, those pictures are formed inside us, not outside of us.

We look at images of the past differently today than they were viewed during the time in which they were created.

Focusing on the still photograph, she ponders the ethical quandaries that looking at images of human suffering create.

However, Benjamin's argument that images that are reproduced can acquire political meaning does make sense in relation to television.

You don't need to faucet the small photographic camera roll image found in the base left nook to look at images or video clip you have merely taken.

And frequent glances at images of our Lady or the Crucifix accompanied with an affectionate phrase or greeting can express our immense love and devotion.

Peirce's work has been important for looking at images because of the distinctions that he makes between different kinds of signs and their relationship to the real.

In 2% of cases image about is used

Elections would be about image and charisma.

Scarry! There can be no doubt about images in the likeness of Buddha being able to bestow blessings and plant good seeds.

It is clear that the information about images contains more than the literal appearance and that a propositional memory must be included as part of the visual image.

In fact, it is impossible that image education will be used in mentality education for all along, and sometimes, even nothing about image education will be attached to mentality education.

In 2% of cases image from is used

Actual colours slightly from images due to monitor calibration.

Names and identification must be removed from images of Facebook, etc.

From images and sounds that describe Bangladesh's charm to little known esoteric facts.

They need to be taught that text is read from left to right and that words are separate from images.

On closer inspection, however, I became deeply affected by the subtle, but pronounced fluctuation in facial expression, gesture and body language from image to image.

The staff expressed concern that the Bank may be suffering from image problems which was making deposit mobilisation difficult for them with all its attendant pressure.

What Is 404 Error? 404 is the error code for not found, it can be any thing from images to web pages, if a requested file is not find a web server responds with a 404 error code.

In 2% of cases image into is used

People, vaporized, turn into images on an X-ray film.

Sharing always helps shape ideas, and push concepts further into words, and into images.

Woods, one of our PYP coordinators visited us on Monday to support our inquiry into images communicating ideas and information.

Upload your images into image folder If you have a design using jpg images upload them to the image folder If not you do not need to create the image folder.

So these 3,000 dishes have to be all built, all equipped with radio receivers and all that information has to be gathered and turned into images of the sky, effectively.

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