Prepositions used with "chicken"

of, with, like, for or in chicken?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases chicken of is used

I hate the idea of chicken and egg scenarios.

And look! A pot of chicken papriks with noodles.

He has played and lost that game of chicken before.

Hide a piece of chicken behind the music centre and leave it there through the summer.

They had 10 acres and could have crammed it full of chickens but they weren't greedy.

The right kind of chicken and dumplings are the kind that Brandon's grandmother makes.

He joked that she tried to tempt him home by saying she was cooking his favourite stew of chicken, garlic and rice.

Slices of chicken in your salad, or a bowl of rice and beans could be what you need to feel energized and powerful again.

So get to your local store and do something good for the treatment of chickens out there and try some free range chicken.

I asked for chicken to be added to this dish but it came with only a few pieces of chicken and they were completely flavourless.

In 15% of cases chicken with is used

Yep I've worked with chickens and they are not dumb.

Place in blender with chicken broth and make a paste.

It's actually herbal soup with chicken and some other stuff.

The dragon fruit was replaced with swede and parsnip and the tuna with chicken fillet.

These recent sports photos have a bit of a religious undertone, no? I fill that void with chicken.

It was a very huge set, comprised with chicken, black tiger prawn, squid, oyster, eggplant, and pepper.

At the table, we also had the pasta carbonara, which was rich but very well seasoned, loaded with chicken and bacon.

The run should be built from heavy chainlink fence or weldmesh (with chicken wire on the inside to keep the pets in).

The tomato soup looks delish! I wonder if veg broth would work, since this isn't really vegetarian with chicken broth.

At Eaindra Restaurant, the Burmese biryani is cooked together with chicken thigh, bone and all, inside a huge metal barrel.

In 10% of cases chicken like is used

It makes the bubble in US housing seem like chicken feed.

Vegetarian foods as also soups/broths like chicken soup or vegetable soup is best for dinner.

The owners are really grateful and often bring us things like chicken, towels and blankets for the other animals.

That is give it lots of water and lots of non chemical, slow releasing fertilizer like chicken poo or old cow, horse manure.

As soon as a girl start showing signs that she reach puberty then dem start draw dung like chicken hawk say she caan go pon cutting table.

If he confessed he would face a whole lot of folks asking for their money back, making the loot Landis must pay back look like chicken feed.

Food and other areas There is plenty of food around the hotel -- a food court with regular, value for money fares like chicken rice and noodles.

In 7% of cases chicken for is used

Another great dish for chicken lovers.

During his last decade in Tally he took off the headset and wandered the sideline looking for chicken wings.

I asked for chicken to be added to this dish but it came with only a few pieces of chicken and they were completely flavourless.

I didn't expect too much from it knowing that Ilocos is well-known for their longganisa, empanada, bagnet and pinakbet, and not for chicken dishes.

Another feature of the book which fits the master recipe model is that variations on the ragout master recipe are not limited to recipes for chicken.

I always mix this up - does the EasySpice spices have MSG or not? I have a bunch of different spices for chicken, fish, all purpose but can never remember which one does not have MSG.

On the other hand, I wonder whether taller grass would provide a more diversified habitat for the insects chickens crave? Have you planted a traditional pasture for chickens? What did you put in.

In 6% of cases chicken in is used

Or the queue in Chicken Republic.

Incidentally he too has been published in Chicken soup for the father's soul).

I buy chicken gizzards because theres never enough in the turkey, I cook them in chicken broth.

Then, over medium high heat, start slowly adding in chicken broth and whisking to make sure there are no lumps.

Using the Cuisinart Hot And Cold Blender, add in chicken, pumpkin and carrot cubes into the glass jar together with 1 teaspoon of oil.

The dinner started off with the Foochow mee sua (thread noodles) in chicken soup -- a must at every birthday celebration to ensure longevity.

Appetizers Satay: We got the combination, which came in chicken, lamb and beef skewers with chewy, fragrant rice cakes and peanut satay sauce.

Take any low pathogenic avian influenza virus and make it passing through serial infections in chickens with similar genetics, and you get a highly pathogenic one.

In 3% of cases chicken on is used

Great as a dip, on chicken, or even on a sandwich.

Bogo on goats, Bogos on chickens that lay eggs or so you hope.

In 1993 a leopard was shot on the Isle of Wight after feasting on chickens and ducks.

I'll knock up a makeshift run, cut my fingers to shreds on chicken wire, break my back fence-posting, but I will do it.

It sounds to me like these parents would be fine if they offered the veggie burger on chicken nuggets on Monday and perhaps whole wheat pasta or regular pasta on Tuesday.

In 2% of cases chicken as is used

The Italian restaurant now serves more Caribbean fare such as chicken in coconut sauce and cachapa, a corn-based pancake.

The contagion is easily passed to domesticated poultry such as chickens and turkey; human workers pick up the virus through contact with these birds.

In 2% of cases chicken by is used

Broadleaf plants, in general, are preferred by chickens over grasses.

Drugs and neck rubs were administered, followed by chicken noodle soup and then a wheezing plea for cake and ice cream.

When plants get over four to eight inches tall (depending on who you talk to ), the leaves become higher in carbon and less digestible by chickens.

In 2% of cases chicken from is used

Real plastic here; none of that new synthetic stuff made from chicken feathers.

Blackhead, a devastating disease of young turkeys, is carried by a common parasitic nematode, and can be contracted from chickens.

In 2% of cases chicken to is used

Drew and I went to Chicken Republic one day because he was in the mood for greasy chicken.

I do nt think that beak cutting is overtly inhumane thing to do to chickens -- it keeps them from harming themselves and others.

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