Prepositions used with "wisdom"

of, with, in, to or for wisdom?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases wisdom of is used

My dad is generally full of wisdom.

He used to give me his pearls of wisdom.

Minerva was goddess of wisdom and crafts.

You will have to pick up the book to learn its other pearls of wisdom and predictions.

There is a great section at the end with 100 golf quotes, phrases and words of wisdom.

My only (very humble) words of wisdom would be to try not to get too stressed about it.

The announcement of the events that will take place in the future is only one of the pieces of wisdom in the Qur'an.

To suggest that I/we know better than Thomas Jefferson, would only affirm that I/we are fooles, not a men of wisdom.

Any words of wisdom from someone with so much experience, for those who are just starting out their careers in fitness.

He was so intelligent and well educated that the people of Makkah called him Abu-al-Hikam meaning the Father of Wisdom.

In 10% of cases wisdom with is used

You grasp them with wisdom and put them down.

It is difficult to face with wisdom the loss of people who are dear to us.

But in a battle royal they are not able to measure swords with Wisdom and Renunciation.

Like Jesus, he was filled with wisdom and was guided by the Spirit in all that he said.

He was no mere ornament but one who applied diligence with wisdom in his public performances.

She talks about her own experience, both asleep and in the lab, with wisdom, charm, and candor.

The religious factions that are growing throughout our land are not using their religious clout with wisdom.

Confident, gutsy, statesman like that can conquer anything with wisdom, values and common-interest as rock bed.

The Book of Proverbs, particularly, is packed with wisdom for character building and sorting out one's priorities in life.

If one wants to have faith come first, then let it be the faith which begins with wisdom, not faith which comes from ignorance.

In 4% of cases wisdom in is used

Your message must be delivered in wisdom.

Wherefore I say, monks, thus must you train yourselves: We will increase in wisdom.

Wherefore I say, monks, you should train yourselves thus: We will increase in wisdom.

Wherefore I say, monks, thus should you train yourselves: We will increase in wisdom.

And, of course, like all good first-century upwardly-mobile Greco-Romans, they were interested in wisdom and rhetoric.

There is much force in these inquiries, when we consider that they were addressed to a people puffed up with a fancy of their being above others in wisdom and knowledge.

It may not be providing the 3 Rs of planning but you'd be a fool if you were starting and you weren't consumming your body weight in wisdom from selected planning blogs.

In 4% of cases wisdom to is used

Love to wisdom Another point in the Trinity is love-wisdom.

His television show pretended that memorizing trivia is equivalent to wisdom.

It is not the only path, but that does not matter, for all paths to wisdom lead into one.

Applying the knowledge, and learning from the results we generate by how we apply it, I think leads to wisdom.

One of the hallmarks of love transforming into wisdom is the ability to respect that people are at different levels of development.

The danger is in believing that all the knowledge adds up to wisdom, that being able to change something means being able to control it.

In 3% of cases wisdom for is used

A happy watchdog We look for wisdom, care and compassion in our doctors.

Let's pray for the President, for wisdom, discretion, and to take necessary actions.

Most said that they'd ask for peace for the people, but when they heard that he'd asked for wisdom, they all nodded their heads.

In 2% of cases wisdom on is used

But they have no section on wisdom.

It is also a dogmatic insistence on wisdom as a male prerogative; hitherto the Goddess alone had been wise.

In 2% of cases wisdom without is used

They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom.

Why the Bible did bring wisdom first before money? If you have money without wisdom, that money is useless, but when wisdom is applied to money it becomes a defence because it is well managed.

In 1% of cases wisdom into is used

One of the hallmarks of love transforming into wisdom is the ability to respect that people are at different levels of development.

Montague Summers suggested, that the name was a combination of two Greek words (baphe and metis) and meant ' absorption into wisdom.

This text describes the principles and practice of Ashe, a simple and powerful practice that enables one to transform confusion and hesitation into wisdom and authenticity.

In 1% of cases wisdom like is used

That does not meant it is needed now much like wisdom teeth.

Even if it may look like wisdom after the fact, many would argue that the decade that followed in which Ireland was, in a short period, transformed into a vibrant.

In 1% of cases wisdom through is used

They must have understanding and be able to solve their problems through wisdom and kindness.

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