Prepositions used with "song"

of, with, in, to or for song?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases song of is used

Look at the likes of Song and Diaby now.

Yeah, I write a lot of songs about boys.

This is the essence of song and lyric and voice.

It isn't so much the lack of chanting, it's the lack of songs about first team players.

Episode 1 is a collection of songs i've been listening to a lot over the last few weeks.

After his days at Grove he did some TV shows and wrote a string of songs in Los Angeles.

Differing people may such as various designer however their own range of songs is nearly exactly the same that's rap.

Postscript Quote Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.

I suppose that is why I write songs about the winter and I have written quite a lot of songs about the winter months.

Typically, 25 per cent of songs on a commercial radio playlist between 6am and midnight are required to be Australian.

In 10% of cases song with is used

They went with songs to the battle, they were young.

You can try to fill it up with songs, family, faith.

I kept on playing solo shows with songs I was writing.

Mom in a Batman movie, with songs by Prince? The Internet would never have let this happen.

Without keys, their material took on a grungy, punky feel, with songs about how crap racism is.

This reaches its peak with Song of Ceylon, the soundtrack of which was composed entirely in Britain.

Then down deserted Prospect and along McCosh with song everywhere around them, up to the hot joviality of Nassau Street.

They were present on the battlefield principally to tend the wounded and to encourage the men, often with song and verse.

In 2011 Kaji put out her first new album in no suki-so-na bur? su (????????????) with songs written by Ryudo Uzaki and Yoko Aki.

A team of volunteers has been working to help them heal psychologically from the trauma they experienced, with songs, games and stories.

In 9% of cases song in is used

And then we heard their voices raised in song.

The bird life adds to its beauty in song and sight.

She ends Act 1 asking the audience in song ' To Wish Me Luck '.

Yet, the facts are as Weems says: None of the seven names of God appears in Song of Songs.

We need and sustain each other; we keep this knowledge in song since the beginning of time.

Harbour of the New World -- Trading Taps The wealth of the poor is in song, dance and story.

They share many features: meter and rhythm matter in songs and in poems, how the words sound matters in both, and so on.

Bob Dylan, that life-long devotee of Rimbaud, has enacted his own shamanic journey in songs like Desolation Row and Isis.

The fact that none of the principal names of God appear in Song of Songs is simply not mentioned by most contemporary authorities.

However, Little Richie said even earlier in 2007, up-and-coming deejays Bragga Dat and Charley Blacks were using the slang in songs.

In 7% of cases song to is used

Rosie has re-written the story to song.

Figured out you-tube, so he could listen to songs about countries.

Music: The music module allows users to upload and listen to songs.

Still, it was slightly surreal, belting out lyrics to songs we had not heard in quite a while.

How do I listen to Music MIDIs? MIDI files contain the tunes to songs and can be played through your PC.

It amazes me that mothers today feel proud when their 5 year olds sing and dance to songs like Shiela ki Jawani.

Junior Kelly gave a commendable performance and had the Negril massive singing along to songs such as If Love So Nice and others.

One barely sees the audience dance to songs being performed by our artistes of late, the reason is simple; they fail to rock the stage.

Such integration could explain some of the counter-intuitive findings in the literature, such as why people enjoy listening to songs about relationship breakups.

In 4% of cases song for is used

I kept looking at the ' uncle ' hoping for songs.

They take requests for songs and could serenade the lady if you wanted.

It is blatantly obvious that Sahin is not a natural replacement for Song.

If Arsenal sign a direct replacement for Song, then the midfield will be stronger.

On December 19th, VRT made an open call for songs, which could be submitted until January 16th.

As far as writing baselines and hooks for songs, talent and dedication to your craft are irreplaceable by technology.

He has also used the Money Mike stage name when rapping for songs by such artists as Baby Bash, The Game, and Suga Free.

On December 9th, RTP called for songs for a national selection, while singers can apply through the RTP website by December 231st.

Gail Jan 26, 2011, 07:12 PM EST I'd love to see something similar on Traditional Irish Songs, one set for songs in English language and another set for Irish language.

On December 9th, the Georgian broadcaster GPB confirmed their participation in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and on December 15th, GPB called for songs for a national selection.

In 4% of cases song on is used

When we're on song we terrify other teams.

We worked on these short performances for the majority of the morning then on song writing skills after lunch for the rest of the.

You can even hear that a little in my vocals, especially on songs like ' Love Came Down, ' ' Run To You ', and ' What Love Is This '.

I really worked hard on songs and I worked hard on getting the right guys together for the project so it's definitely come a long way.

CONFRONT: And you mentioned starting to work on songs about a year ago but I had read that you had actually started writing songs for it in 2009? ANDREW: I did.

And yet when on song, as in the innings in the chase at Chepauk just three years ago against England, he shows a degree of destructiveness with which bowlers can not cope.

It is great for backing myself on songs but the chord shapes are quite a stretch and so I thought about taking off the E string and downgrading to a four string instrument.

To carry that weight to success on decent ground wouldn't have been very easy, but to do it on quite testing ground makes it all the better and he's a real Grade 1 chaser when on song.

Michael Broyde points out that these issues are also dealt with in Responsa Kol Mevasser, 2:43; note especially the last section that deals with halakhic decisions based on Song of Songs.

In 3% of cases song into is used

I took those experiences and emotions and turned them into songs.

I have a friend she also write poems and write songs Sometimes she turn her poems into songs And she sings them to us.

In 2010, singer/songwriter Matthew West asked his fans to send him their inspiring true stories so he could turn those stories into songs.

Reuniting to bury the hatchet, the trio poured their grief and mixed emotions into songs they simply could not have written as younger pop stars.

The director's new film, Student of the Year, is set on an impossibly chic campus where good-looking teenagers are invariably breaking into song or breaking into fights.

In 2% of cases song between is used

All the keys work as they should, and I found them to be very useful when toggling between songs and tabs.

Well-balanced between songs and instrumentals - the tempo and dynamics are skilfully varied ' ' (Shire Folk 1992).

During Billy Bragg ' s set it is difficult to know if the Norwegians are completely following the long digressions between songs.

Sure many of their presenters aren't terribly polished and can waffle on between songs, but every single one of them is truly passionate about the music they present.

A three-year lag ensued between Songs of Love and Hate and Cohen's next album, and most critics and fans just assumed he'd hit a dry spell with the live album covering the gap.

In 2% of cases song by is used

In other words, you don't have to click through song by song.

In the pictures, Kim is trying hard to survive against a legendary killer named Bong Min Jung (played by Song).

Each god can be recognized by the initiated by the particular dance style exhibited by the possessed, and by songs and drum rhythms to which it responds.

If they are in the process of luring the ascetic, they seem to be doing so only by song! The imposing figure of a Chinese warlord, standing behind them, could be Mara himself.

In 2% of cases song through is used

And those guys would just pummel through songs.

In other words, you don't have to click through song by song.

Etminan overcame language barriers by learning English through songs at school.

At that time a journalist took interest, thinking, ' Wow, she is able to influence a lot of people through song.

Thanks to extensive study and his time in India, he is able to share his deep love for Indian mythology through song and story.

It allows us to express our needs and desires through song as well as gives us an insight into some of the most talented people of our history.

The geisha was exquisite and we were all mesmerised as she took us through songs and dances with her soft lilting voice and traditional instruments.

When the warriors attend ceremonies in other communities, they will praise their colleague through songs, so other warriors can acknowledge their member.

Marilyn Gaa and her musical activist group Raging Grannies came out Wednesday to counter protesters and show their support for Khadr's return through song.

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