Prepositions used with "tension"

of, with, in, to or by tension?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases tension of is used
    It is not a point of tension but the fact is always there.
    You need to try to get rid of tensions as soon as possible.
    I figured that would provide plenty of tension for the novel.
    He could, therefore, probably be forgiven for experiencing a brief moment of tension.
    Patients presenting with irritable bowel syndrome have high rates of tension headaches.
    The aim is to encourage the recognition of tension when it occurs and to voluntarily relax the muscles when they tense.
    There has been a certain amount of tension over such situations with the appearance of a number of Catholic movements in recent times.
    It's also one of the easiest methods: It takes only seven or eight pounds of tension on a cord to block the carotid artery in your neck.
    Cornrows and tight braids are also known to exert unhealthy levels of tension on hair follicles, again potentially causing Traction Alopecia.

    In 11% of cases tension with is used
    The city was filled with tension on the days following.
    With tensions running high over the new measures -- part of a mammoth 11.
    Not so much with Her Majesty's celebrations, but more with whether Clare Balding would explode with tension as the family horse Bonfire ran in the Derby.
    Why all the panic? Families are, by nature, organic in their life and growth, related but forever changing, living with tensions, disagreements and splits.
    So much of the show has been fraught with tension that when Saki and Satoru finally reunited with the rest of the gang, the sense of relief really connected with me.
    Young prayed that Africa would come to a point where elections would not be characterized with tensions and security issues that goes to affirm the growth of a country.
    The two men engaged in an intensive clash, with tensions between them spilling out in interruptions, personal rebukes and accusations of lying as they parried over the last four years under Mr.

    In 10% of cases tension in is used
    All three deaths have been linked to the rise in tension in Bodo pockets of Kokrajhar and Chirang.
    The final paragraph considers the influence of similarity again - invention and design are in tension.
    It is the surrender of an existence of eternal grace and perfection for a life of living in tension between the spiritual and the everyday.
    I am very desperate because our financially problem increases day by day and my husband's business going down ward even now he also going o in tension all the time.
    This volume represents an important contribution to a growing ethnographic literature on the ' new politics ' that have arisen in tension with a neoliberal global world order.
    Following a build-up in tensions the North Korean army -- the Korean People's Army -crossed the 38th parallel on 25th June 1950 in response to the massacre of communists in the South.

    In 4% of cases tension to is used
    The presence of foreign fighters has given rise to tension and exposed the inexperience of the rebels.
    By creating on the activities and ideas that lead to tension, you will be able to find styles, and discover how to avoid them.

    In 3% of cases tension by is used
    Later, I did have success with Communicating Doors, but that was driven more by tension and excitement.
    There had been justifications noted in which deep breathing takes on a crucial role in remedying a few typical health conditions particularly those which can be known to be caused by tension.

    In 3% of cases tension under is used
    The first turn takes the load and lets you open it even under tension.
    Also, if the material is punctured while under tension, it's unlikely that a larger tear or rip would ensue.

    In 2% of cases tension for is used
    Several useful tips for tension managing can be found in this informative article and if set to work with, really can come up with a positive variation within our lives.

    In 2% of cases tension from is used
    Eating yourself Sick You can invite much intestinal trouble from tension, since Virgo governs intestines.

    In 2% of cases tension on is used
    And herein lies the important social role of journalists in reporting religious matters, especially on tensions and conflicts.
    Every now and then, the Indian press publishes reports on tensions in the Pakistani military, particularly between Punjabis and Pashtuns.

    In 1% of cases tension at is used
    On reform of the banks, Sir Mervyn was less supportive of Government policy -- hinting at tensions with the Chancellor.
    Sir Mervyn also hinted at tensions with the Chancellor over reform of the banks and warned that the euro crisis remained the biggest threat to prosperity.

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