Prepositions used with "lens"

of, with, in, on or about lens?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases lens of is used
    As with cameras I look at the weight of lenses as well as the spec.
    I also need images of publishable quality and prefer to have a choice of lenses.
    I do nt like alot of lenses, but instead prefer a 35mm or a 50mm lens on my camera.
    That would cover me for just about any situation and would be a high quality yet portable collection of lenses.
    A variety of lens: A wedding photographer also has to have a variety of lens such as tele-zoom lens and wide lens.
    Canon is betting on the EOSM to introduce a new group of consumers (like me!) to their wide body of lenses and cameras beyond the point-and-click.
    Like Joerg I have had mine for a while, and I can just agree: A lot of camera for not that big a heap of money! Interesting choice of lens, by the way.
    If you choose to wear contacts, look for a new class of lenses made with silicone hydrogel, a permeable plastic that allows more oxygen to reach the eyes.
    Sure with a $250 adapter you can use all sorts of lenses on the NIkon 1? Does this help with wide angle? No, an expensive 14mm AF-D becomes a less than useful 38mm.

    In 11% of cases lens with is used
    Layers are usually thin, often with lens like layers of quartz between the mica layers.

    In 9% of cases lens in is used
    Likewise a Welsh person on a retraining scheme in a post-industrial region has more in common with a French counterpart in the same situation in lens than with a millionaire banker in the City.

    In 9% of cases lens on is used
    Silicon is surely an oxygen permeable material, which is the reason lenses created from that permit the eye to get additional oxygen.
    Some of these extended put on lenses might be donned overnight, although that is dependent upon regardless of whether the eyes could withstand that.

    In 4% of cases lens about is used
    Of course I'd pretty picky about lenses so not quite an inexpensive proposition.
    About lens lens is the photography blog of The New York Times, presenting the finest and most interesting visual and multimedia reporting -- photographs, videos and slide shows.

    In 4% of cases lens as is used
    The optical science of life Multimedia speech can not do without light, such as lenses, optical transmission and so on.
    Other projector accessories such as lenses, cables and a remote may be considered if your budget permits them and keeping your equipment well cared for and properly.

    In 4% of cases lens through is used
    Paul McGann: They're all looking at us through lenses.
    All of the various lenses could be set to the same T value -- regardless of f/stop -- and thus when flipping through lenses they would all be the same brightness.

    In 2% of cases lens including is used
    The Pentax K-30 is the most affordable weatherproof DSLR on the market ($850 including lens).

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