Prepositions used with "water"

of, with, in, for or to water?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases water of is used

The specific heat of water is 4.

In the area of water treatment, U.

Damage of water temperature sensor; 6.

You may have been told that you should drink lots of water to keep up your milk supply.

This has dramatically reduced the effects of water that might get through the cladding.

TIP! One smart tip for weight loss is to have a large cup of water before eating a meal.

To make Rejuvelac add 1/2 cup of wheat grains purchased from a health food store to 2 litres of water in a mason jar.

From snorkelling, diving and an array of water sports to camel treks, Great Keppel Island has something for everyone.

Musa prayed for help from Allah and hit the waters of Red Sea which created a dry passage between two walls of water.

The minister of works said that the level of water seen in the past two weeks has not been seen in the last 100 years.

In 10% of cases water with is used

Fill a spray bottle with water.

Rossi) -- yes, diluted with water.

Which is generally made with water.

If your face gets skinny, fat or filled with watery sacks, get down the doctors fast.

The houses in this area are now swamped with water and can be reached only in a boat.

Top up with water as necessary if it is getting too thick -- it is a soup, not a stew.

Many communities were served with water from nearby sources such as springs and wells that were easily contaminated.

It would make some sense tonight to just take a few big pots and fill them up with water and leave them on the side.

Now, I'd all dressed and ready to go, and I climb down the stairs to go and alas! The staircase is filled with water.

The other pools didn't have any filtration but had fewer fish, and were stocked with water lilies and other pond plants.

In 9% of cases water in is used

Sound is faster in water than in air.

Before planting soak the seeds in water.

Incorrect: She washed her face in water.

Calcium-carbonate minerals dissolve in water, with a solubility product as shown below.

All those birdbrains responsible for the mayhem and my watery state were also in water.

Both troughs are filled with rain water only so there is no difference in water quality.

As far as Bill is concerned, he's way behind on his reading assignment, and swimming in waters deeper than he knows.

In order to keep dough from sticking to the fork as you proceed, dip the fork in water after each cookie is flattened.

The roll part of the course teaches people how to get their head above the water surface and avoid breathing in water.

In 6% of cases water for is used

Markets for water are emerging.

There are no replacements for water.

To prepare a zeolite for water treatment, they are soaked in concentrated NaCl solution.

If I ask for water to take a pill, please don't look at me like I've asked for the moon.

This means that householders will be forced to pay a flat-rate fee for water in early 2014.

Like a mother hen, Yeo-chi immediately calls for water, taking into account that Bang is still on his hunger strike.

Some drugs, including those prescribed for diabetics, upset the fluid balance of the body and increase the need for water.

Ibn Abu Laila) as saying: I personally saw Hudhaifa asking for water in Mada'in and a giving it to him in a silver vessel.

Urban demand for water in Latin America is likely to rise fivefold during the next four decades (WRI, UNEP and UNDP 1994).

In 5% of cases water to is used

When applied to water with a pH above 7.

Who wants to water and mow all that lawn.

Ditch the energy drink and stick to water.

In the same time period, access to water and electricity in households had risen by 127.

Also, the rear light has been replaced due to water seepage as well as door traps on 30k.

The islanders took to this like ducks to water and a huge literary output was the consequence.

Coal-fired power stations are sited based on EXACTLY the same criterion as nuclear plants - access to water for coolant.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make a student absorb information just because it happens to be on a tablet.

So let's try that fact thing one more time about orders: I know you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

For example, in one research group, over 90% of people had no idea that access to water was a vital element in the conflict.

In 4% of cases water on is used

Remember the car that runs on water.

It floats like cork or oil on water.

Most pieces of pumice will float on water.

We combine our picnic on water with an ice cream from the famous Brymor Ice Cream shop.

Balance On Water Outdoor Water Games Activities for Kids It's good for little children.

So far, standards have been developed on water quality, worker safety and consumer goods.

You may not be heavenly, but that shouldn't stop you from walking on water thanks to this inflatable human hamster ball.

He wanted to be the disciple who walked on water, rather than the one who sank because of lack of trust and lack of faith.

Today I want to focus on the transition that occurs between the two narratives: between the bread and the walking on water.

In 3% of cases water by is used

Islands are urrounded by water.

It was destroyed by water seepage.

Outboard motors are cooled by water.

One factor that greatly effects the soil of today is erosion, whether by water or wind.

Ensure that drainage and venting holes are at least 10 mm wide to avoid bridging by water.

Law is a global business and a global profession, and innovations like ABS simply aren't going to be halted by water.

Given that the globe is 70% covered by water, the report is looking at a rather small subset of ' global ' temperature.

And why is this so when we are surrounded by water? Because too much water is used for uses other that drinking and such.

The type of functioning principal enables you to eat and drink decide either to by the severity as well as by water pumps.

In 2% of cases water from is used

One should keep away from water too.

Land subsidence (from water table lowering) 17.

Incipient from water body located above Baladuwa Estate.

Environmental scientists are using duckweeds to remove unwanted substances from water.

As the silk passed over an opening, it filtered plankton from water passing through it.

Revenue from water charges is used to maintain and improve the water and wastewater systems.

Cellulitis from water When cellulitis occurs following an injury in water, different bacteria have to be considered.

Some said there had been too much rain and the roof long cracked after years of stress gave way from water seeping in.

My history: condo was made worthwhile by location alone (across the street from water, even if I did not have the view.

Conflict My Friend I was amazed myself when I heard that the hair fall was due to lack of minerals that we get from water.

In 2% of cases water like is used

Be formless, Shapeless, like Water.

The ' governments come like water and go with the wind.

Same for other services like water, waste disposal, etc.

If you drink unsweetened beverages like water before eating, it can also help you fill up.

Most often, these are large traditional domestics that go through sales people like water.

The ferries, reports say, look like water buses because of their passenger carrying capacity.

In this place you can find various spots and site which are meant for visitors like water sports or any other attraction.

But a carbon audit won't tell the entire story; if other issues like water use and waste are important to you, track those as well.

Give them the most precious things for free, like water, air, love, friends and happiness, and they are likely to take them for-granted.

Money can flow like water -- if your home is clean, and you use your Water room the bedroom to heal, rest, and stay balanced in Snake year.

In 2% of cases water under is used

The Forecastle head was under water.

The players under water get a scuba tank.

Ararat would imply that it had been under water.

Ararat is consistent with the type that's laid down under water under great pressure.

By 6pm Eastern Seaboard Time on Monday, much of lower Manhattan was already under water.

With the under water scooter you can now explore miles of ocean without breaking a sweat.

His probable hope was that the monopoly would kick in at some point and make all his under water options worth something.

The water at Mbudya is calm and clean all day long making it suitable for swimming and for observing under water creatures.

One can learn from octopuses in books and even on film, but it can never replace an encounter with a live octopus under water.

If you see, the telephone wires are half under water! The mountains were in the far distance and the lake seemed to be everywhere.

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