Prepositions used with "bone"

of, with, in, for or to bone?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases bone of is used
    Oh Mitch, you old bag of bones.
    From that, City of bones developed.
    Cassandra Clare 's, City of bones, captivated me.
    This reduces the amount of bone lost, so that a net gain in bone density occurs over time.
    Each year, reports pertaining to the number of bone fractures in children are made public.
    The dimensions of bone bumps and dents are in direct proportion to the strength of muscles.
    Beyond them we saw millions of bones stretching across the valley floor on both sides of the tracks that RFK had bridged.
    Some studies have linked soft drinks with an increased risk of bone fracture and a reduction in bone mineral density in children.
    This study demonstrates that the loss of function of the each of these 10 genes can disrupt the structure and composition of bone.
    Moreover, studies show that eating at least three low-fat dairy products per day may reduce the risk of bone disease and fractures.

    In 14% of cases bone with is used
    Cut The chicken into your required pieces, (either boneless or With bone, like Leg Piece).
    Even dogs who display unfaltering loyalty are rewarded by their masters with bones or flea collars.
    Eighteen combs have been found, including some beautiful examples made of antler with bone rivets including three components.
    The SCA is dedicated to ensuring that people living with bone metastasis receive the highest standard of multi-professional care.
    Because HGH aid in the maintaining of healthy bone composition, it is also associated with bone diseases like scoliosis and osteoporosis.
    Our daughters like a mother/daughter high tea in fancy dresses, gloves and hats with fancy food set out in three-tier plates with bone china, etc.
    This one was a cracker with bone dry peat stacked vertical in the grate which seemed to make all the difference as it gave out bags of flames and heat.
    This survey represents a unique opportunity for people with bone metastasis (and their carers) to contribute their opinions on such an important subject.
    Ashline was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in 2002; we have reached out to a few people that were close to him for more details and will update this post when we hear more.
    A genetic screening approach to studying bone disease has found nine new genes associated with bone health and suggests a new way to discover genes that may be implicated in human skeletal diseases.

    In 10% of cases bone in is used
    It also plays an essential role in bone formation.
    In bone it acts like oestrogen to reduce bone loss.
    They are immediately cured from serious back pain, orthopedic problems and cracks in bone.
    This reduces the amount of bone lost, so that a net gain in bone density occurs over time.
    TRF 150TM is effective in helping to maintain bone strength and joint homeostasis, as well as the.
    Perhaps the error made is to assume that implants anchored in bone are identical to teeth anchored in soft tissues.
    According to one animal study published by Inra in France in 2010, hesperidin boosts anabolic mechanisms in bone cells.
    Some studies have linked soft drinks with an increased risk of bone fracture and a reduction in bone mineral density in children.
    On average, these drugs lead to an increase in bone density by approximately 4-8% at the spine and 1-3% at the hip over the first 3-4 years of treatment.
    The role of Vitamin D in bone health, in particular the importance of Vitamin D for calcium absorption and rickets as an expression of deficiency is widely known.

    In 6% of cases bone for is used
    Calcium is important for bones.
    The GP said it was probably just hormonal, but referred her for bone scans to be safe.
    This is an important issue during childhood and adolescence, which is a key time for bone growth and development.
    About 7-10 tons of coal were needed to fire one ton of earthenware, and as much as 17 tons were needed for bone china.

    In 6% of cases bone to is used
    Tendons Fibrous bands, one at each end of a muscle, that connect the muscle to bones.
    Today, all commercial chicken are especially bred to be tender, with a bigger proportion of meat to bone.
    Danish took directly me for treatment to bone and Joint hospital, Barzulla and doctors X-rayed my body parts.

    In 5% of cases bone from is used
    Simply put, acids burn tissue(ulcers) and leach out calcium from bone inorder to buffer the acicity (think osteoporosis).
    The flute or pipe could have been made from bone or animal horn, but lyres are a stringed instrument made with a wooden frame.
    All of the trade goods from that period are represented in the sites and we now have skeletons that can be dated and ethnic origin determined from bone samples.

    In 3% of cases bone against is used
    I think Silva would struggle against bones purely because of that reach advantage.

    In 3% of cases bone into is used
    Specialised stem cells extracted from fat and umbilical cord tissue have the ability to differentiate into bone, tendon, muscle and even nerves.

    In 3% of cases bone on is used
    Resveratrol also stimulates osteogenesis which indicates an effect on bone biology.
    Cola drinks may be a particularly poor choice, as they contain phosphoric acid which can have particularly bad effect on bone health.

    In 2% of cases bone by is used
    Everything is laid out in its correct place and you go through it bone by bone.
    Both the brain and the spinal cord are protected by bone: the brain by the bones of the skull, and the spinal cord by a set of ring-shaped bones called vertebrae.

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