Prepositions used with "feature"

of, with, in, for or on feature?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases feature of is used

It's huge and has lots of features.

The iPod Touch has a lot of features.

There's lots of features about Tn payday cash loans.

Most mobile browsers I have tried seem slow and clunky, but they have a lot of features.

There are a ton of features to this part of the app (fill-in the blanks, free form entry, etc.

Similarly, Chapter 2 delineates a number of features of emotion drawing on the general academic research and theory.

Apple iPhone5 comparison of features on Samsung's new Ad Samsung goes on an open challenge with Apple's new iPhone 5.

You can use the software to make any number of features from custom shops to custom inns, bonus blacksmiths, and so on.

Automobiles, many electronic devices, even vacation packages offer a variety of features to add to a basic product model.

In 13% of cases feature with is used

Still new-ish -- pack it with features.

VOIPo This one is packed with features.

This software comes with features that can be incorporated in any website.

Some of this has to do with quality while others have to do with features.

Journalists requests for help with features You know what your client's subject areas are.

Unsurprisingly, the discs are chock-a-block with features including songs and artwork that didn't make the cut back in 1950.

I guess because it's so loaded with features that though it looks like Paint/Microsoft Word, how you use the tools is different.

There are rooms with features such as visual fire alarms and washrooms which are accessible for students with physical disabilities.

The item has an good deal associated with features facilitating just about all accomplish in a better way with the help of improved efficiency degrees.

With features, videos, photos, commentaries and news from inside the program, we are committed to bringing you coverage of the Fighting Irish unlike any you.

In 10% of cases feature in is used

Both units are identical in features and power output.

The only variability in them is in expression, not in feature.

The former are easier to use, but the latter are more robust in features.

Subplot As in written narrative, a subplot is common in feature films and television.

Piling up and disposal of human body fat can significantly influence changes in features.

Without comments, some of the other built in features like History become redundant without comments.

Especially those with one foot in TV and digital content (plus music etc - think Warp ), and the other in feature film.

It has various other built in features too but for many people they are not enough and google chrome extensions are required.

Furthermore it makes us worry about the potential split in features of like-for-like Virtual Console releases on Wii U, for consistency's sake.

Thus if a design is to be represented in a manner that is most easily communicated to/from a human designer, then the information should be encoded in features that are familiar to him.

In 7% of cases feature for is used

One of the most asked for features is also included, the ability to use native Android widgets (yay!).

However, there is need for features at diverse levels of refinement and for the recognition of functional features.

Why should you be required to pay for features you will never require? Now, how much you pay depends on how confident you are behind the wheel.

AFTER reassuring ourselves that the system would fit, then we looked for features we could at least live with long term, even if we would prefer nicer ones.

Let's Work Together! I'd excited to work with you! Email me at **25;2461;TOOLONG for feature requests or invitations for partnerships, sponsorships, speaking engagements, or just drop me.

When Battery Saver is on, the battery icon looks like this: Note When Battery Saver is on, you won't be able to change the settings for features that are disabled (like email, for example).

In 6% of cases feature on is used

They will have to win on features and integration -- so they are pretty much doomed.

Botanists organise the plant kingdom into groups based on features found in different plants.

Sites would be free to compete on features, not the geocache data contributed by geocachers themselves.

The jury of seven women and five men also includes a computer animator on feature films, a retired postal worker and a medical assistant.

Niche sites will usually have more meaty content pages while other service type pages will have less with a focus on features and benefits.

Parfit argues that all three converge to prescribe the same set of actions, despite their emphases on features of morality that are in prima facie tension.

Since graduating from The Film School in 2008, Jules has worked as an Assistant Director and in various production roles on feature films, short films and commercials.

The book shows that living structure depends on features which make a close connection with the human self, and that only living structure has the capacity to support human well-being.

In 4% of cases feature to is used

I would in no way want to see an end to features like it on the Quietus.

Left to fallible native reason, human beings would always conceive God in terms with which they could understand, with respect to features with which they were familiar.

In addition to feature films and television, demand has mushroomed from computer generated animation projects and films dubbed for foreign markets, which require lots of post-production sound.

In 3% of cases feature about is used

Where do you look for information about features that are going to be written? This is a short, and by no means exhaustive guide based on my own experience.

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