Prepositions used with "ability"

of, with, in, by or to ability?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases ability of is used

A major factor is the evaluation and labelling of ability.

This is not down to our individual children's lack of ability.

Thus, his lack of ability to speak English did not really matter.

Teams are expected to win because of ability and/or luck, not by being tricky cheaters.

It didn't have anything to do with anything except the complete lack of ability to put out power.

Fresh from kicking our colonial oppressors out of Ghana, people back then had this spirit of ability.

Most people concentrate on outward, shallow concerns such as imperfect appearance or a lack of ability and prowess.

And like any skill or trade, ministry leadership involves a set of abilities that must be developed and cultivated.

The course is led by qualified, experienced teachers who will give skilled instruction to suit all levels of ability.

I think it's really great news that males and females develop along common paths and gain common sets of abilities.

In 12% of cases ability with is used

Dissimilar to these with Ability Office application, www.

The success of Oily Murs has nothing to do with ability &; all to do with hype.

Flexible schedule with ability to travel internationally is a requirement of this position.

Paul Gascoigne was and still is a curious case; a wonderful player with ability that almost defied belief.

Together with Bryce's electrical power along with ability to strike the football, this individual batted the next place.

In the past, the major obstacle to attaining it for those with ability was merely gaining access to the necessary education and preferment.

In 8% of cases ability in is used

Children with autism or PDD vary widely in abilities, intelligence, and behaviors.

Whether that was due to just a natural decline in ability (due to age, injuries, moon cycles, etc.

Timing would be possible to determine with greater accuracy by refinement in ability to see beyond the Earth's crust.

The increasing impairment is generally obvious to the observer due to the greater than expected rate of deterioration in abilities and performance.

You can not therefore justify inequalities by claiming that they reflect differences in ability - though there are, of course, less bad justifications.

My kids are both extremely intelligent but only average in ability to apply that intelligence, and school was actually abusive in treating them as if they weren't trying.

In 7% of cases ability by is used

Over half support selection by ability at 11.

This grouping by ability, or tracking of students, has been common in public schools.

Support for selection dropped among so-called ' working class ' parents, but even in this category, 42 per cent supported selection by ability at 11.

In 7% of cases ability to is used

These are inspected and graded according to ability.

It makes viable sense to give youth an opportunity when a club does not possess to ability to bring in a new player.

In 5% of cases ability on is used

Currently we ration health care based on ability to pay.

The result is a supportive environment which puts the accent on abilities rather than difficulties.

Meeting future challenges depends on ability to take advantage of the window of opportunity offered for a plausibly tiny period for once in a life-time with pertinent economic and social policies.

In 1% of cases ability born-with is used

I recall all my past lives with a born-with ability to do so.

In 1% of cases ability upon is used

After you order louboutin outlet you acquire upon abilities of which accepts ages of needing served users.

In 1% of cases ability without is used

He's utterly, irretrievably, willfully stupid -- Completely without ability to learn or develop.

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