Prepositions used with "branch"

of, with, from, for or in branch?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases branch of is used

Noting of closing and opening of branches 61.

In the ten years to end-1999, the number of branches increased by 39 (5.

A particular phase in the development of branches is currently underway.

Some kinds of stork make their nests in swamps on top of branches and they live in groups.

The major flaw in the debate is that it fails to accommodate the reality of branch plant economics.

There are a few elementary actions any startup can make to boost a odds of branch a caller into a profitable customer.

Nests are huge, bulky affairs constructed of branches and sticks and lined with twigs, grasses, sod, rags, and paper.

The city fabric of branch banks and franchise stores in the modernist idiom you have described is desolate and soulless.

Sophisticated financial facilities are available through domestic and foreign commercial banks and their nationwide network of branches.

In 15% of cases branch with is used

A new trail connects the Zouaves monument with Branch Avenue.

We are headquartered in Accra, Ghana, with branches in Kenya, Liberia and the Gambia.

With branches all over Nigeria, CPM lays much emphasis on prayer and personal consecration.

DESSERT Sift A modern patisserie favourite with branches in Central, Ap Lei Chau and Wan Chai.

CBI has 112 locations worldwide, with branches in seven provinces and in New Zealand, Brazil, and Hong Kong.

The great event was foundation of State Commercial Bank with branches in Moscow and many other big towns of Russia.

The RCCG is one of the fastest growing churches in Nigeria with branches all over the 36 states of the federation and in London and the United States.

Converting CVS to Git, with branches by Chris on 30 August 2012 There are quite a number of tools to convert a CVS repository to a Git repository out there.

To some, it's a huge jungle of tall trees with overhanging branches; to others, it's an infinite railway track with branch lines forking off all over the country.

The house's metal roof is covered with branches of Japanese larch, which not only protect the roof from heat, but also deaden the sound of frequent summer rains.

In 8% of cases branch from is used

Even I didn't feel too nervous watching them attempt to go from branch to branch.

Ordinarily, during the first week of April, the male stork builds a nest from branches.

This gives a good view of overlap and stereoscopic vision is an important feature if you are jumping from branch to branch in a tree.

In 7% of cases branch for is used

One effective strategy was for branch managers to spend five minutes during each morning's daily meeting focusing on the key drivers of their customers ' engagement.

It is likely that organizing the transition to this very different approach to the delivery of banking services will increase the pressure for branch rationalisation and consolidation.

In 7% of cases branch in is used

Animals hide in shells, trees pull in branches, and grass retracts into the soilless ground.

This is the kind of functioning that took place week after week in branches all across the country.

Because of her great fear of the pagans, she wrapped him in branches or cuttings and pretended that she was bringing this to fence a little garden.

Following a cadetship in his early years he worked in Branch Management then undertook positions in the Corporate Banking arena where he was later appointed General Manager of the Division.

In 7% of cases branch on is used

The deeper a discussion gets on Branch, I feel like the less ego is apparent.

So, somewhat shamefully, I find myself using ' git push -f ' a lot on branches other than master.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Branch Street in Methuen thanks to more than 200 businesses, schools, community organizations and individuals.

And because engagement is a leading indicator of business performance, a critical element of this study was to measure the impact of increased engagement on branch performance.

My experience from owning Giant bikes with cables run down the bottom of the down tube and under the BB is the lines can be damage by loose rocks, shutting or catching on branches.

In 7% of cases branch to is used

Even I didn't feel too nervous watching them attempt to go from branch to branch.

The party from root to branch is too desiccated and democratically defunct for something like that to work.

This gives a good view of overlap and stereoscopic vision is an important feature if you are jumping from branch to branch in a tree.

I will be working closely with those who have made a priority of building the ULA and offer my support and assistance to branches and members in developing the ULA nationally.

In 5% of cases branch like is used

Like branches of a tree we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

Right from the nine-digit MICR code, the date of the cheque and the details of the presenting bank, like branch, etc.

The power grip is used to grasp objects like branches while the precision grip is used for manipulation of fine objects and is best seen in humans.

We saw it today with this conversation; at some point it becomes to involved or too many people are participating to be easy to follow and it's nice to have a place, like Branch, to jump to.

In 3% of cases branch per is used

In terms of individual counties, the range goes from Kilkenny with a population of over 3,400 per branch to Leitrim with a population per branch of approximately a third of that figure.

In 2% of cases branch by is used

Then, branch by branch, the ornaments filled up the giant Scotch Pine.

She is framed by branches of a tree, and stares boldly at the camera.

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