Prepositions used with "nonsense"

of, with, from, about or but nonsense?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 70% of cases nonsense of is used
    This EPMS thing is full of nonsense.
    In my opinion Mr Bryant is talking a load of nonsense.
    Maybe the 0bama-bots will buy this line of nonsense, but the rest of America isn't buying it.
    This happens many times also with Astrology, and with other areas with the same sort of nonsense.
    You need to ignore the real planet, to believe you can buy bits of it as a result of that kind of nonsense.
    As this has unfolded, there has also been a great deal of nonsense talked about wage levels, with former president F.
    It's used to excuse a wide variety of nonsense behaviour, from multi-player square ups, to chops from the camann itself.
    They argued it was going to bankrupt America and turn the country into a communist country and all that kind of nonsense.
    I'd extremely disappoined that staff on a site that prides itself in debunking anti-science would post this sort of nonsense.

    In 10% of cases nonsense with is used
    However, I still love this song, complete with nonsense lyrics (Tim can explain ), top hats, the smallest drum kit in rock (at the time) and a proper rock screech.
    Now the administration is moving to cover it up, make it seem like it has nothing to do with the war on terror and obfuscate the details in order to unnecessarily complicate the issue with nonsense.

    In 6% of cases nonsense from is used
    Superluminous! Herd immunity from nonsense.

    In 2% of cases nonsense about is used
    Not sure I understand what you mean about nonsense blogs.
    Not talking about nonsense court rulings talking about logic.

    In 2% of cases nonsense but is used
    Legally, all this talk about plebiscite, Kashmiri self determination etc is nothing but nonsense chatter.

    In 2% of cases nonsense for is used
    As a former Econ guy myself I have always said the same thing -- stop taking my money, and misappropriating it for nonsense -- but be more socially responsible.

    In 2% of cases nonsense to is used
    Mr Kagame and Mr Museveni governments have minor to nonsense of free democracy that pulls back the country in her efforts to build her economy.

    In 1% of cases nonsense in is used
    I'd coming more to the conclusion that almost all adults believe in nonsense, and to an extent that's fine.

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