Prepositions used with "knowledge"

of, with, for, to or in knowledge?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 70% of cases knowledge of is used
    But I have a heap of knowledge.
    Fear is just a lack of knowledge.
    Book of knowledge, Book of Rulings.
    The Dreamtime is the beginning of knowledge, from which came the laws of existence.
    Snap judgments in the absence of knowledge about a candidate can be quite prevalent.
    Why is this? Because they only look for the kind of knowledge used to make a living.
    However, one should be more constructive and think not just of getting but also giving in the realm of knowledge.
    The Trustees are a body of volunteers who bring a wide range of knowledge, experience and expertise to the table.
    Thankfully, in this age of information, we have far healthier sources of knowledge than our propaganda textbooks.
    I'd glad that it has brought some form of knowledge or information to those who at one point were clueless to it.

    In 9% of cases knowledge with is used
    Someone with knowledge doesn't have this attachment.
    Ibn Umar used to say Ibne Masaud is filled with knowledge.
    So fill that void with knowledge, case studies, experiences.
    The absences are unexcused, a person with knowledge of the situation said Tuesday.
    Computer literate, with knowledge of Microsoft Office suite and experience in using databases.
    Since I can't afford a coach, anybody with knowledge of the golf swing is invited to help out.
    Technology addresses practical tasks with knowledge that may, sooner or later, achieve completion of those tasks.
    It is time for developing a Technology and System to deal with knowledge and making Education knowledge Intensive.
    The senses and intuition provide us with knowledge which reason can not contradict, though it can criticise and judge them.
    They have a nice selection of categories, and their posts are very in depth, and provide web designers with knowledge and much inspiration.

    In 5% of cases knowledge for is used
    Good louck in your quest for knowledge.
    For experience and for knowledge there is.
    K can stand for knowledge, but not in this case.
    I n order for knowledge to work for us, we must apply it in the experiential realm.
    Tickets cost 20 for knowledge Network members (30 for non members) and includes wine and buffet.
    Consequently there is a thirst for knowledge on the future direction for Hadoop related projects.
    Don? t ever feel discouraged, for Jesus is your friend; And if you lack for knowledge, He? ll never refuse to lend.
    Through his background and unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he became the most sought-after music teacher in Syria.
    What if I can't keep up with my child's thirst for knowledge? I don't remember everything I was taught when I was younger.
    Whereas metaphysics is the search for knowledge of an ultimate reality, ontology is a search for experience of an ultimate concern.

    In 5% of cases knowledge to is used
    There is no short cut to knowledge and success.
    He puts a strong emphasis on how communities access and contribute to knowledge.
    It is the first educational channel devoted to knowledge, formation, and employment.
    We stand for a single internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas.
    It is a festival of lights which implies the removal of darkness from our minds and giving way to knowledge.
    Scientists, and those who appreciate their approach to knowledge, are people, and thus not wholly rational by any means.
    It is not the uninvolved who comes to knowledge; rather, interest itself is a requirement for the possibility of coming to know.
    Obviously there is tremendous variation among small web business owners when it comes to knowledge base about marketing techniques.
    But it left me wondering if our relationship to knowledge and information is one area in which more sustained reflection might be of use.

    In 4% of cases knowledge in is used
    Wealth in knowledge is, though.
    May ALLAH SWT increase u in knowledge AMIN.
    They are weak in knowledge, but He will make darkness light.
    Especially those who are not the enemies of truth and are just deficient in knowledge.
    A disjunction in knowledge and information-access is emerging between the generations.
    Eva Lokko is a formidable woman who is limitless in knowledge, achievement and courage.
    He just smeared the life work of millions of people that work in science and education and see freedom in knowledge.
    I agree in accommodating divergent views, however, if partners are limited in knowledge and understanding, tolerance has no room.
    Without the English case, it is difficult to see that the revolution in knowledge, practical and theoretical, could have occurred.
    But if members are to grow in knowledge and Christian maturity they will have to be presented new information requiring new words.

    In 2% of cases knowledge by is used
    By birth, as by knowledge, art thou the subject of Arbaces.
    Fortune 500 companies balance sheets value is today dominated by knowledge.
    The graph shows how teacher scoring was affected by knowledge of the threshold.
    It is not very likely that tribal Aborigines are impressed by knowledge in thick books.
    When ignorance is destroyed by knowledge it can not produce actions which lead to further births.
    Sufism can not attain by worldly means, but only by knowledge and practice, deep insight for things, and love for humanity.
    When Adam spoke of ' feeling ' the market, he was, in fact, identifying what insight guided by knowledge, experience and zeal, can supply.
    They have extensive knowledge across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, processing and service industries complemented by knowledge of local and national laws.

    In 2% of cases knowledge on is used
    My insight is not only based on knowledge.
    The society is dependent on knowledge, whether it likes it or not.
    These judgments rely on knowledge of risks and the variables that affect them.
    This is a based on knowledge of the field, therefore, people must interact with each other.
    If we want to address the problems the world is facing we need to do it based on knowledge and respect.
    It is common knowledge that all of his books have been edited heavily to remove rants and obnoxious comments.
    It is part of a new anti-educational therapeutic culture, at the heart of which is an attack on knowledge and the knowing subject.
    But last week, the Stanbic Bank (Tanzania) came up with novelty idea, offering unsecure loans based on knowledge (psychometric) test.
    The difference is that exceptional humans are much more efficient at passing on knowledge through social transmission than exceptional non-human animals.

    In 2% of cases knowledge through is used
    He's smart through knowledge, through sheer intelligence, and through cleverness.
    Preparation through knowledge and understanding the adversary is the most crucial skill.
    The programme focuses on training and empowering people through knowledge to improve their lives.
    I've learnt through knowledge, patience, discipline and humour, the worst black dog can be made to heel.
    Objectives: Empower young political leaders through knowledge, information and development of innate talent.
    Through (good) etiquettes the hearts are made to flourish and through knowledge the forbearing ones are strengthened.
    The causation of fear can only be removed through knowledge, wisdom, and understanding Universal Law, the reality that we live in order to produce the desired effects in our lives.

    In 2% of cases knowledge without is used
    That is because they are men without knowledge.
    Emotion without knowledge is perfectly respectable, though.
    Without knowledge, even strategic Data or Information, has no value or relevance.
    But no matter how frightening learning is, it's more terrible to think of a man without knowledge.

    In 1% of cases knowledge about is used
    Therefore, there is no point in talking about knowledge.
    It's not all about knowledge and credentials when it comes to pursuasion.
    Where I find some disagreement is in Wagner's comments about knowledge being overrated.
    It just takes a very long time to puzzle out all the arguments (especially the ones about knowledge in the middle books).

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