Prepositions used with "hair"

of, with, for, to or in hair?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases hair of is used

It can be used on every type of hair.

My hair has been a walis-type of hair.

I have over 4 decades of hair know-how.

After performing saie for Umrah, like men women should not cut more then 1 inch of hair.

Produced in 2004 in United kingdom, it was a great strike in the world of hair treatment.

Temporary hair coloring is usually brighter and vibrant that other types of hair coloring.

Choose from a plethora of hair and cosmetics products to pamper yourself, look beautiful and be the centre of attraction.

Spare and lean, but strong looking; with fine, straight limbs, and a chest that was deep, nicely defined, but free of hair.

Bluish grey colour, body about 8 cm, prehensile tail about 8 cm with fringe of hair either side so it looks like a feather.

The appearance of volume by having an asymmetric circulation of hair wigs to 1 side widens that person and decreases length.

In 10% of cases hair with is used

There can also be problems with hair and make-up.

My Mami who is super picky with hair care likes it too.

Animals with hair STILL shed, even people, and even POODLES.

This home make scarf of cotton a excellent head cover for persons dealing with hair loss.

It's a simple and elegant up-do that works for anyone with hair shoulder-length or longer.

Harleena, who would have guessed that water consumption has something to do with hair loss.

I walked to the toilets to get changed and wash my face, only to see a dirt stained individual with hair full of straw.

Army hospital corps were startled to discover several women, in male dress and with hair cropped, among the Filipino dead.

Fullness at the end, with hair wigs directed ahead onto the actual cheeks provides you with the appearance of the wide face.

Hair care is directly associated with the diet that one takes, and the food consumption has a lot to do with hair condition.

In 8% of cases hair for is used

Minoxidil is the most common medication used for hair regrowth.

As Christmas approaches, so does our need for hair that stays put.

The style is best suited for hair ranging in length from 4-5 inches.

Manufacturers revised the formulas for hair dye products in the mid- to late 70s.

It also goes for hair that has not been trimmed in two years, and has split ends.

Interested in hair transplant surgery Interested in medical treatment for hair loss.

The medical treatments provided would be the major reason for hair loss in majority of people.

Aloe Vera A wonderful natural recipe for hair care during pregnancy is aloe vera, wheat germ oil and coconut milk.

A very common reason for hair loss is due to disease or as side-effect from medicines used to treat a medical condition.

My favorite brands for Hair Bubble Color is Palty because it doesn't have that annoying pungent smell whereas most hair dye has.

In 8% of cases hair to is used

Many people suffer from dandruff, which eventually leads to hair fall.

It's a little known fact that I'd actually no stranger to hair extensions.

Does hair coloring damage hair? Any chemical applied to hair can damage it.

This doesn't only apply to hair restoration, but most medical/cosmetic procedures as well.

Applying organic products to hair thinning that can add volume to the hair is recommended.

STYLE IT UP The secret to hair that appears casually undone, rather than untidy, is texture.

In addition to that, exposing for hours under the sun without protection of the hair may also result to hair thinning.

As a result, conditioners will cling to hair that is more damaged and in need of condition and repair, than healthier strands.

Stress and improper diet may not have a direct connection to hair thinning but they do contribute on the loss of nutrients which are intended for the hair.

Going through perm, improper usage of hot oils and other hair products that promise to give a shiny look of the hair- all of these can end up to hair thinning.

In 6% of cases hair in is used

Many salons now only specialize in two safe Tapes in hair extensions products.

She says that believe in hair from the heart, have already had, have no be have no.

Interested in hair transplant surgery Interested in medical treatment for hair loss.

Appreciate Shade Holding Program Hair in Hair color goods are developed for all hair kinds.

As an added benefit you will be able to seal in hair color and highlights truly reflecting the color of the hair.

While he (barber) was an expert in hair, a team of different professionals were working along in the same centre.

For virgin hair, it is highly recommended that the stylist wash the hair 2 to 3 times with KeraGreen Clarifying Shampoo.

Other chemicals used in hair dyes act as modifiers, which stabilize the dye pigments or otherwise act to modify the shade.

The wand is made with ceramic tourmaline which is something I always look for in hair tools as they are gentler on fragile afro hair.

For optimal results we suggest that virgin hair receive the treatment at least every 4 to 6 weeks until the desired smoothness is achieved.

In 2% of cases hair as is used

There are different kinds of hair care products on the market that suit different hair types such as hair care products from Pauls Hair World.

Conventional principles for choosing eyeglass hues state that you should choose colours that can match nicely with your pores and skin as well as hair colour.

This helps the AR to regulate and direct the development of male sexual characteristics as well as functions in both males and females such as hair growth and sex drive.

In 2% of cases hair by is used

They respond to air movements and ground vibrations which are detected by hairs on the body and cerci.

Traction Alopecia is caused by hair being pulled tightly, stretching hair follicles out of shape and causing the attached hair to fall out.

In 2% of cases hair Like is used

You will see signs like hair falling all over the pillow or strands falling even when you touch your hair.

New intelligent selection technology offers better edge detection and faster, more accurate masking results of complex subjects, like hair.

In the momentary stillness hermit crabs scuttled in the sand beneath fronds of seaweed that waved back and forth like hair in a liquid wind.

Hair Transplant Cost and Options Some people choose to get medical cosmetic procedures like hair transplants in other countries because foreign doctors can't possibly be all bad.

In 2% of cases hair on is used

You may select more than one option * Arrange an appointment for advice on hair loss.

Protecting Your Hair From Splits Avoid intense heat on hair while using curling and straightening irons.

Cornrows and tight braids are also known to exert unhealthy levels of tension on hair follicles, again potentially causing Traction Alopecia.

In 1% of cases hair from is used

This is different from hair fall as you may have understood.

Hair laser combs supply this kind of treatment in a cheaper manner than the laser remedies you get from hair treatment clinics.

These shape advantages of a reduced side component, with the sweep from hair wigs brushed over the forehead as well as secured having a comb.

Other possible causes are pregnancy, deficiency in the vitamin biotin and the breaking of hair from hair treatments, according to MedlinePlus.

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