Prepositions used with "client"

of, with, for, to or from client?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases client of is used

You don't want that kind of client.

We have three or four different kinds of clients.

Total number of clients per firm is almost the same.

Now the excuses would galore: communication failure; late arrival of client; incorrect hotel.

I have friends across a wide social spectrum and I gain a lot of clients through my network.

Design Reactor's portfolio of clients under Patrick's tenure included Disney, ABC, Warner Bros.

After it was caught, UBS paid a $780 million penalty and handed over hundreds of client files to American authorities.

Child Policy Some properties have a child policy that restricts the age of clients they will accept in their property.

If all we did was continuously bow to the direct control of clients, we would end up with a body of work that un-sells us.

In many Asian cultures, privacy is an important value, reinforcing the importance of clients having a single touch-point.

In 19% of cases client with is used

With clients both locally and abroad,.

I do use it myself with clients, but am not the expert on it.

We work with clients, candidates and each other on a daily basis.

With clients I often suggest one of my own life principles: Most things don't work.

Although based in New Zealand, he has worked with clients in Australia, the UK and USA.

In addition, they have opportunities for hands-on experience with clients and end-users.

Thanks for the great post! Very helpful and I'll be sharing this with clients that are putting together their timelines.

Can you tell me something about a major decision you have taken and how you arrived at it? You when dealing with clients.

The Facilitator should complete and sign form ESSF1 with client and course attendance details and forward to SFSS for payment.

In 18% of cases client for is used

Every market out there has many businesses competing for clients.

Whatever their walk in life, all are assiduous in their quest for clients.

If you're using them for client projects, use one at a time for your current project.

My concern was that, as this all was taught me, it was vastly too abstract for clients.

Potentially a bit intimate for clients, but is definitely one of Point Grey's hidden gems.

There are a few good ones that merely see themselves as facilitators of transactions or trusted resources for clients.

Our members can create a personal profile for family and friends or a professional profile for clients and colleagues.

FINCA also negotiated a fee-based health insurance plan that provides medical care for clients afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

AV Signatures - 50 KB to 100 KB daily for clients, if you assume that the signatures are updated successfully every day.

In 18% of cases client to is used

Click here to read yesterday's post on how to say no to clients.

She also provides career counselling and coaching to clients around the world.

In turn, lending to clients increased by 12 percent in the corresponding period.

I'd always updating and adjusting that according to clients ' feedback and from my study.

Members are committed to Provide a professional, prompt and personable service to clients.

Receiving cash from the clients against the services and issue a legible receipt to clients.

Adaptation of modern technology both in terms of equipment and banking practice ensures efficient service to clients.

It is also about being professional, in my eyes it is not professional to deliver software to clients and have them do f.

I write a newsletter for my financial planning business and send it out to clients and anyone else I think might be interested.

Kamradt approached Steve Wozniak to design a terminal device he could sell to clients to use for accessing his central computer.

In 5% of cases client from is used

I wait for feedback from clients.

The firm covers only a quarter of its costs with fees from clients.

And today, probably 75 percent of the firm's revenue comes from clients that I have not worked on.

Acorn Life will make the appropriate deductions from clients fund and pay these amounts to Revenue on their behalf.

As a result, demands from clients are only ever going to increase, along with the output required from the designer and, ultimately, the studio.

In 3% of cases client by is used

This was accessible by client or terminal computers.

All arranged by client in folders, so makes it even harder to export.

This means they have affordable trainers that are in shape and favored by clients.

Application hosting service provider runs the software provided by clients on its servers.

Application form hosting plumber extends software program supplied by clients for her staff.

His ability to find insights and truths has been praised by clients and industry peers alike.

Looking at individual instruments, the following are generally the major reasons for account failures by clients: 1.

Commissioned by clients across the home counties and UK, Neale is also represented for celebrity commissions by Cowell Media.

The cost will be US $85 Divine Money Angel This Invocation is performed by clients who are interested in money and only money.

McGuire Financial is the most sought after by clients because of the numerous and efficient financial services that they offer.

In 3% of cases client in is used

Never used Linux or thin clients or web apps or Macs.

The pull back of three years ago is fresh in clients ' minds.

I saw so much childhood abuse in clients early on that I had to find a way to let it go.

Staff are regularly monitored and re-schooled in client processes and data necessities to.

There is something in having a body of work to show, which seems to put a new found respect in clients.

Roles and Responsibilities Online marketing of cars Efficiently serving walk in clients and showing them cars Negotiate and close car deals.

Just as trusts are a valuable tool, there are also many tax and legal traps that one needs to be cognizant of when using them in client situations.

Instead of building hardcore server stuff and catching up with Oracle/IBM, they are taking some choice turds from WinFS and putting them in client and server stacks.

More than once, I've been in client meetings where it's clear that couples are having their first discussion on big decisions -- kids ' education, saving, even retirement.

In 2% of cases client between is used

There is much more need than before for faith between client and contractor.

These banks would record valid money claims and execute transactions between clients.

No contract for the supply of services exists between Client and Developer until Developer sends an invoice to the Client for payment.

Only one condition is necessary for all these forces to be released, and that is the proper psychological atmosphere between client and therapist.

IRC IS NOT A SECURE WAY OF COMMUNICATION! How to establish direct communications between clients will be explained later, (see DCC CHAT in section 2.

She is thus able to facilitate a shared understanding of requirements and expectations between clients and design teams across wide geographic and cultural distances.

If one would ask me, I think banks ' primary job is to create value out of a happy relationship between clients and their people, without losing sight of the shareholders.

They can also help to give you something productive to do during down time between client projects, or for those who are working to build a portfolio they can often serve as excellent work samples.

In 2% of cases client on is used

Assisting clients in writing their comments on client comments register.

A strong focus on client service and customer satisfaction will never be ignored by any employer or client.

The other one being ignorance on clients ' part to differentiate between a specialist strategic design agency &; a group.

Many agents that I spoke to, think that what they are selling is correct because they sell based on client's perceived needs.

Sure, a lot of people are now invested fully in web based email like Gmail, but most businesses still like to keep it on clients.

The services provided by the Foundation place a critical emphasis on client centeredness, quality, effectiveness and value for money.

Conduct market research to gain knowledge on new products based on clients needs and introducing and developing them into the market.

I am more independent than most people because I don't depend on clients or customers and I feel under a moral obligation to put my privileged position to good use.

In 2% of cases client per is used

My hairdresser does a weave in 2 hours; sees about 5 clients a day &; works a 6 day a week and charges 65 per client.

Here are four key differences between firms of 2008 and firms of 2012: The average fee per client has only dropped $45 per client or 2%.

For example, waitresses serve two fried beef sausages, an omelette, or a choice between two fried or boiled eggs for breakfast per client, the same everyday.

If your graphic is 500k, that adds up to 6 Mb per year per client! The best way to reduce graphic files is to open them in a graphics package such as Paint and resize them there.

So what's going on? Accounting firms still have the same amount of clients as they did in 2008, they're charging roughly the same amount per client, and they're doing it with slightly fewer staff.

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