Prepositions used with "copy"

of, with, for, per or in copy?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases copy of is used
    Beware of copy and past-ing into the visual edi-tor.
    The number of copies of the DLL distributed per year is unlimited.
    The studies suggest variations in the number of copies of genes is normal and healthy.
    It sold thousands of copies, which Beitler stayed up for 10 days and nights printing them.
    This year he released them as an Omnibus edition and found himself selling a lot of copies.
    This said, Black Ops 2 will likely still sell a metric ton of copies, dwarfing most other releases around that time.
    The old capitalist model of copyright and goods distribution is fundamentally broken for anything, like music, or film.
    Unsurprisingly -- given the amount of copies they sell -- Dan Brown, Steig Larsson and Stephanie Meyer also made the list.
    As the President came to the bottom of each typewritten page of his message, hundreds of pages of copy turned simultaneously.

    In 15% of cases copy with is used
    We wish to thank the following people for providing us with copies of the written.
    I asked them to provide me with copies of their final year research projects or MSc theses.
    Accountants can provide their clients with copies of their tax papers on a USB drive which can be reused year after year.
    A copy of the Fees Policy, together with copies of any standard letters issued to parents, should be on prominent display in an area accessible to parents.
    The PWS reprint of Dorothy Heighes Woodforde's book is still just available from the Society, as are some of the other books when we have been presented with copies.

    In 5% of cases copy for is used
    CIC is asking for copy of ' Original birth certificate ' from your home town municipal office.

    In 5% of cases copy per is used
    Books available to purchase on the day, $25 per copy.
    Depending upon the state you live in, there may be different amount of charge per copy for original birth certificate.

    In 4% of cases copy in is used
    Monzer Kalaje scroll + mouse or scroll + only make u zooming facbook not the face bigger type this one in copy all of it and see **30;8953;TOOLONG.
    This anonymous work, plus the final pages of the Peloran's work, are often contained in copies of Reflections, though some have only one or neither.

    In 3% of cases copy by is used
    I just know that blogging is a sort of game to be played just by copy and paste some articles from other websites, then create AdSense account and then earn big amounts of money from it.

    In 2% of cases copy into is used
    There are several ways to pull people into copy.
    We'll first get into copy and then design, and we'll be including some examples along the way.
    Instead, a reaffirmation of the unique image, one that had more value, took place precisely at the time when that original image could be reproduced into copies by the mechanical photographic camera.

    In 2% of cases copy like is used
    You can also perform functions like copy and paste and can insert the photo or video at the same time.
    Things like copy cat designs of other sites? It's illegal and if they sell cars and you sell books, it makes little sense to reference them anyway.

    In 2% of cases copy to is used
    Situations of trained local designers buying second hand clothes only to copy their make and designs are not hard to come by.
    Resources include:? A Guide to copies and Abstracts of Irish wills by Wallace Clare? Indexes to Irish Wills 1536-1857 by W.

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