Prepositions used with "rice"

of, with, for, in or on rice?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases rice of is used

Serve hot with steaming bowls of rice.

This paella is made of rice and seafood.

Mrs MJL ladled a bowl of rice for us each.

Wet processing and parboiling Parboiling is pre-cooking of rice in water prior to milling.

Leave the paella this way for about 13 - 17 minutes depending on the type of rice you used.

It is for this reason that specific rituals are conducted in every phase of rice cultivation.

The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and will be inserted just below the skin above the dog's shoulders.

Posted by: doug September 17, 2012, 10:25 am 10:25 am Two kinds of Rice UN/State Department RICE -- Condoleeza and Susan.

Slices of chicken in your salad, or a bowl of rice and beans could be what you need to feel energized and powerful again.

Looks like blueberry cake! The most important thing for making a good Radish/Carrot cake is the ratio of Rice flour:Water.

In 13% of cases rice with is used

Clinton and Petraeus (along with Rice,.

Don't fill your plate with rice or pasta.

Definitely this dish goes well with rice.

At night the captain cooked meat with rice for everybody - except Dale, who had to return.

Accompany the meal with rice and plain naan bread and skip the deep-fried entrees like curry puffs.

Use home remedy of lentil with rice after grinding to make it a skin lightening scrub for your face.

We are all in very friendly homestays who feed us well with rice, beans, veggies, and lots of fresh bananas and avocados.

I do realise that alot of the dishes are ment to be served with rice or pasta, but I have been trying to watch my weight,.

Like anywhere else in Jamaica, we were treated very well and served jerk pork and chicken with rice at a shockingly low price.

Once the Experience was over, the UC Ballroom floor was littered with rice, toast, toilet paper and other various audience props.

In 5% of cases rice for is used

This is due to increases in demand for rice and the shortfall in domestic production.

However, the demand for rice is increasing and this creates an opportunity for increased rice imports.

Additionally, the increasing number of fast food restaurants and vendors in the major cities has increased the demand for rice.

However if conditions for rice seed germination and subsequent operations are favourable the seed rate for dry seeding could be reduced.

Average prices for rice have reached a 20-year high this month, with Thai rice going up from $360 a ton in December 2007 to $850 this week.

It's also known as risi, which is italian for rice, or pasta a riso, and is sometimes referred to as orzo, although this tends to be slightly larger.

Because farmers are unable to buy fertilisers for rice production due to its high cost, the natural consequence is that, there is always low productivity in production.

Automatically the restoration of the 20 per cent duty slowed down rice imports in 2010 and the demand for rice began to increase creating an opportunity for increased rice imports.

In 5% of cases rice in is used

In 1985, he purchased a minority interest in Rice Financial Group Inc.

The food is bland, and it's not uncommon to find grit and rocks in rice and ndengu.

It is most commonly prepared as a dish called xi g? c, in which the fruit are cooked in rice.

The carbs in rice actually break down into glucose faster in your body than when compared to pure table sugar, overloading your.

Grain weevil- Sitophilus granarius Two species of stored product pests belongs to genus Sitophilus are found in rice in Sri Lanka.

I hope this turns out good for you! Let me know, K? Coconut powder does not taste the same in soup although good in rice w/pumkin.

Snakes, including cobras, are placed in rice wine, sometimes with smaller snakes and/or black scorpions and left to infuse for months.

According to GOG sources, fertilizer use in rice production is low due to its high cost, resulting in low productivity in cereal production including rice.

The DA, through its National Rice Program directorate and the National Irrigation Administration (NIA ), would enhance irrigation systems in rice producing regions.

In order to enhance food security, the honourable PM indicated the need for modernizing the country's agriculture system to ensure food security and attain self-sufficiency in rice by 2013.

In 5% of cases rice on is used

Ask for dishes based on rice or pasta and plenty of vegetables.

General Meeting of the International Program on Rice Biotechnology in Malacca, Malaysia in 1997.

During a press conference on Wednesday, President Barack Obama lashed out at both McCain and Graham for their attacks on Rice and invited the go after him instead.

In May 2008, the Government of Ghana saw the need to cushion the impact of the global food crisis by removing the 20 per cent duty on rice and other products but restored it in January 2010.

In 4% of cases rice at is used

It was delivered at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas on September 12, 1962.

When we look at rice mills, elevators, and traffic lights, we only see some contraption doing some strange activity.

I have another recent item on data visualization in my July 12, 2012 posting of the DAVinCI system at Rice University.

It is a hard point to argue against but too much of that blame is being placed at Rice's door; he was not the only member of the coaching staff.

His father, Bill Mackey, was a professor of accounting at Rice University, and his mother gave up school teaching to raise John and his two siblings.

I studied Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing at Rice University, and, with God's help, have authored three books and contributed to dozens of publications.

From our partners When this correspondent told a coworker that researchers at Rice University had developed a paintable battery, his response was to sharpie an Eveready AA and hand it back.

In 3% of cases rice as is used

Prices of commonly traded foods such as rice and wheat rose by 50 to 75 percent over a matter of weeks.

According to Anderson, becoming self-sufficient in producing food staples such as rice, is the first step towards food security in the country.

However they are too rich in nutrition to be eaten alone, requiring some less nutritive food item, such as rice, and also an addition of heat-givers, as butter or fat of animals.

The paradox of our situation today is that about four decades ago, Ghana used to be a net exporter of many items that it imports today, such as rice, maize, palm oil and electricity.

In 3% of cases rice to is used

The food is great -- from jerk chicken, to rice and peas, to Rastafarian I-tal food.

No to Rice -- too connected to GWB, no to Palin although I like her, I think she would be royally savaged and bring the campaign down with her.

CIA talking points given to Rice prior to her appearances, however, were the source of the explanation she offered while addressing the issue on Sept.

These freshwater swamps, in the valley to the east of the Zambales Mountain Range and in the Cagayan River plains, have been converted to rice fields.

The data suggests there are norms about sexting, according to Rice, meaning teens are starting to think that sexting is a normal part of their behaviors.

Variation in MOB population size due to rice varieties of three different soil type bare, bulk and rhizosphere was investigated in rainfed rice NDR-97 (Narendra-97 ), Pant Dhan-12 and Vanaprabha.

In 2% of cases rice from is used

It is a sweet dish made from rice or wheat flour and stuffed with condiments like grated coconut, dry fruits, jaggery, etc.

The company has developed continuous processes for producing Buckytubes, based on technology licensed exclusively from Rice University.

There's around 12 different types of mains circling round the main section, ranging from rice, noodles, cooked seafood, meat and various types of vegetables.

In 2% of cases rice like is used

Food all tastes like rice crackers.

Things like rice, flour, cooking oil, soy, wheat and sugar.

Briquettes can be made out of biowaste material like rice husks and charcoal with minimal capital investment.

As such bats decline, demands for dangerous pesticides grow, as does the cost of growing crops like rice, corn and cotton.

Sipping a coffee in the Plaza Foch, teacher Diego Aguilar said: ' Prices for basic things like rice, bread and sugar go up every week.

Grains like rice, millet, corn, wheat and beans lose their grape sugar when they are dried, so long cooking brings their grape sugar back.

Did you know? Compared to grains like rice and wheat, the more drought-resistant potato is best suited to grow in China as 60 per cent of the country's arable land is dry.

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