Prepositions used with "chocolate"

of, with, for, in or like chocolate?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases chocolate of is used

I eat two blocks of chocolate a day.

For the mouth I cut a chunk of chocolate.

I bought a big bar of chocolate from belgium.

They incorporate items like over consumption of chocolates, fruits and vegetables.

There he found a beautiful bottle of musk for himself and a delicious box of chocolate.

Quality Street reduced the size of their tins of chocolates by 18% recently for example.

Go early, beat the rush It is possible that some homes may run out of chocolate to dispense to trick-or-treaters.

Three dollars for strawberries?! In the end we didn't get more dippers and just have a giant pot of chocolate left over.

We rarely travel during winter time and would stay indoors and enjoy our favorite tv shows over a hot cup of chocolate milk.

In 12% of cases chocolate with is used

The ground root was sometimes mixed with chocolate for a similar purpose.

If you aren't so rich, a teddy bear with chocolates and a rose is adorable.

Pork meat balls Dessert was a sago pearls in coconut milk, topped with chocolate shavings.

Our favourite is to take a rich, full Champagne and pair it with chocolate and strawberries.

Spread over cooled pie and sprinkle with chocolate chips (although it is just fine without!).

They're right up there with chocolate, strawberry daiquiris, extra gooey caramel macchiatos, and.

See, on the face of it, dipping your chips in mayo sounds about as smart as topping your meat pie with chocolate sauce.

Our table is absolutely covered with chocolates, crackers, lollies, biscuits, Speed Wafers and Choco Pies (a Korean staple).

This is the third year that we have partnered with Chocolate University to bring some long-term change to a school in Tenende.

These studies are good to treat yourself with chocolates but there are so many unanswered questions and keeping limits is always a safe strategy.

In 6% of cases chocolate for is used

A time for chocolate, sunshine and children.

For chocolate lovers, this cake will satisfy your crave.

After the cheese fondues, a bunch of us for chocolate fondues.

That's like charging more for chocolate to a rich person than a poor one.

And today one might be forgiven for thinking that V-Day is mainly about love for chocolate and lingerie.

The wish for chocolate is like ' Love ', the more you get it the more you demand, and also never satisfy with the supply.

Laura settled for chocolate ice cream from the the kitchen fridge and I set about throwing out things from the old fridge that were perishable.

Some imagery may suffice: picture an ad for chocolate pudding or something of the sort and the actress who lingers just 1 second too long on the spoon because it's just THAT good.

In 6% of cases chocolate in is used

The sugar in chocolate has the similar effects as the sugar has in any other dessert.

A fun way to spend three hours and you walk away with practically your own body-weight in chocolate.

The presence of Phenylethylamine in chocolate increases the activity of brain chemicals but it is a temporary sense of well-being.

It is believed that these benefits are derived from the health-boosting flavonoids found in chocolate, which can help reduce clot formation and also lower blood pressure.

It was not as if librarians were merely ambivalent or negligent of the books in their charge, but as if they actually hated them, as workers in chocolate factories come to hate chocolate.

In 5% of cases chocolate like is used

My friends told me that the perfume smells like chocolate.

Some people like vanilla ice cream, some people like chocolate, some people like strawberry.

Filled with wonderful details like chocolates in your bedroom and a cup of coffee or tea when you arrive.

Sweets like chocolates, cakes, ice cream, or cookies can be drowned in seconds without you even being aware of it.

Use a <> or use foods like chocolate sauce and whipped cream and have her lick them off you.

You should also prevent unique foods, like chocolates, pizzas, cupcakes and cake prior to your bed, they could help make your stomach truly feel total.

In 4% of cases chocolate to is used

Here's to chocolate, self-love and fat toes.

Signed to Chocolate City, she's here to prove a point.

You can read about anything from apples to chocolate to potatoes.

The counter is one long vitrine full of the most delicious looking cakes - and not just cheesecakes but everything from fruit baiser to chocolate gateaux.

Djokovic, who treated the world's media to chocolates at the end of his press conference, was happy with his level after recovering from the break in the second set.

In 3% of cases chocolate by is used

This wood imparts a certain dryness accompanied by chocolate and coffee flavors.

In 2% of cases chocolate about is used

I have to disagree about chocolate.

Before discussing the little known facts about chocolates, I want to share the history and making of my beloved sweet.

Before discussing the little known facts about chocolates, I want to share the history and making of my beloved sweet.

Chocolate And Your Period I wanted to dedicate a section to talk about chocolate because during a woman's period it is her only confidant and does have some good health benefits.

In 2% of cases chocolate into is used

Drop spoonfuls of peanut butter mixture into chocolate mixture and lightly swirl with a skewer or knife.

They'll be made into chocolate banana ice-cream, smoothies, and Little Eco often enjoys sliced frozen banana in a bowl.

Easter has come and gone and aside from my little trip down the rabbit hole into Chocolate Land, I survived it pretty well.

In 2% of cases chocolate on is used

The focus was on child slavery on chocolate farms.

But spending time with the family can cost money, especially after you've shelled (ahem) out on chocolate for everyone.

Carvoeiro is a pretty seaside village and a lovely base -- we watched a few sunsets munching on chocolate gelatos in ice cream bars by the beach.

Still, spending time with the family can cost money, especially after you've shelled (ahem) out on chocolate eggs for everyone -- and two for yourself, of course.

The cake itself was moist enough but lacked anything interesting Oreo Cupcake: it was reminiscent of an oreo, more emphasize on chocolate flavor, frosting was super sweet Review from Rachael B.

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