Prepositions used with "model"

of, with, for, in or from model?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases model of is used

There are lots of models out there.

Operation of model aircraft, model boat or car,.

A watercolour painting of model sitting on the easel.

He then discusses a range of models for a successor to the Press Complaints Commission.

This shoes and boots and even clothings appear in a variety of models, versions and hues.

Nonetheless, it requires loads of model and great flavor to choose a watch that is attractive.

At the heart of Model S is the proven Tesla powertrain, delivering both unprecedented range and a thrilling drive experience.

In 11% of cases model with is used

This is also consistent with model predictions.

There are lots of problems with models but the filtering is not one of them.

We worked with model makers Einsteins Octopus and looked at lots of materials that might work.

The characteristics of the optics were then calibrated with model particles that ranged in size from 4.

She works well with models and event organizers of all levels and seems to never run out of creative ideas.

The way that parents and children talked about work and family in this research is consistent both with models of work and family interaction, and models of parent-child interactions.

In 9% of cases model for is used

Requirements For Model Casting 1.

I would love for models to be protected by a guild.

Musk indicated the possibility of free charging for Model S owners for life.

This marks the beginning of marketing activity for Model S outside North America.

Much of the information for model predictions came from Canadian and British models.

There's no union representation for models, and a designer can do whatever works for them.

Check out local colleges as they always have photography students looking for models, some of whom are actually very talented.

I am not aware, however, of any certificate courses for models in Sri Lanka, although it would make perfect sense if there were.

The turbine guarantees an airflow of about 250 kph for models in 1:2 scale and about 150 kph for life-size models and real vehicles.

This is just as true in male fashion; while height is appreciated, there is a limit, and desired chest and waist measurements for models are receding.

In 8% of cases model in is used

The same model was used previously in models of Sony Ericsson Elm, Yari, txt and txt pro.

However, I do not know how to separate feedbacks from observations, although, of course, you can in models.

The tablet would also be available in models with extra storage, each of which would add $100 in increasing increments.

Bollywood movies those times had many swimming pool scenes where in models and actresses were spotted in multicolored shinning swimming costume.

In Models of God (1988 ), she argued that the Scriptural metaphors for God (King, Ruler, Lord, Father) must be discarded because they are hierarchical and? death-dealing?

The purpose of this article is to survey some of the work in music education that validates the inclusion of music for its own sake in models for early childhood learning.

Although the Versa earned reasonably good safety ratings, in models prior to 2010 the Base and S models haven't come with standard anti-lock brakes or electronic stability control.

But in models, such as supersymmetry, where the decay products of most new particles include an invisible particle that escapes the detector, such mass measurements are not in general possible.

That's good - I'd always taking short unintended movies! Well, I think it's worth noting the variations in models ' image-processing engines and more importantly sensor size too in this debate.

In 5% of cases model from is used

Some marketers try to be clever and only use numbers from model names, but forget the actual brand names.

Alot of the confirmation of expectations comes from model simulations (sorry) of real events, such as Pinatubo.

WEB SEARCH ENGINES YOU TUBE Meta It's all up there! English: Image made from models used to track debris in Earth orbit.

Trying not to get too hung up on the exact details as these will change from model to model but instead focusing on the trend.

My wife was invited by one of the guides to try her hand on the model trams, as distinct from model trains, They recognized her Australian accent and she loved it.

Stanley Park (27 miles) Blackpool Stanley Park There is a dazzling array of family events and attractions from model boats to a children's shuttle train and a tremendous range of sports facilities.

In 5% of cases model on is used

It's not a mathematical model, or a computer game, it's a game based on model soldiers.

Can you guide me on this? If you are specific on model number of blackberry my friend is using.

Depending on model, new for Porsche could be close to Million figure, recon will be half that amount.

In 5% of cases model to is used

Now that is, as I say, a key difference to models that have been tried in the past.

To models around the world, I want to celebrate Vogue's recent ground breaking announcement.

This is also referred to models where the cistern is concealed behind a wall or inside bathroom furniture.

Trying not to get too hung up on the exact details as these will change from model to model but instead focusing on the trend.

This requires a precise calculation of the theoretical production rate of solar neutrinos according to models of the solar interior.

I think that this is a feature common to sciences where chaotic, difficult to model variables (in our case nothing less than human behaviour) play a leading role.

Founded by Darrianne Donnelly in 1995, BGM Models was the first and only Australian agency to open its doors to Models over a Size 12, making the agency a pioneer in its field.

In 4% of cases model by is used

She was joined at the event by models Clara Paget and Suki Waterhouse, and fellow thespian Tamsin Egerton.

The advert follows the actress as she keeps chancing across a handsome stranger, played by model Travis Davenport, en route from Paris to Istanbul aboard the Orient Express.

In 3% of cases model at is used

For all his efforts at model building, Ray Kurzweil's mind seems to lack the attribute of wisdom.

You might look at models wearing the most elaborate clothes in the world and then think you can't pull that off too.

At the CMIP5 workshop earlier this week, one of Ed Hawkins ' charts caught my eye, because he changed how we look at model runs.

During her studies, she was an avid participant at Model United Nations conferences, and helped welcome international exchange students to her university.

In 3% of cases model between is used

It seems to me that by expressing the results of models as anomalies relative to a defined period the very real differences between models are minimised.

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