Prepositions used with "intention"

of, with, by, without or in intention?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases intention of is used
    Now I do this with best of intentions.
    Now I do this with best of intentions.
    They walk around with a sense of intention.
    Getting back to a decent routine is high up on my list of intentions for the new year.
    With the best of intentions, we make mistakes, falling into old habits of thought and action.
    Even with the best of intentions, ticket purchase and validation can be difficult on a crowded tram.
    They might have the best of intentions but the truth is it is u who will be sharing ur life with ur cousin everyday, not them.
    Without certainty of intention, a Trust will not be valid as it is not clear that the intention of the Settlor is to create a Trust.
    If PC was originally designed with the best of intentions to make the world a better, fairer, happier place, it has failed dismally.
    Therefore Pakistan can not be expected to initiate any genuine peace processes and display sincerity of intentions to implement them.

    In 13% of cases intention with is used
    I fight for those who wear it WITH intention.
    Like all else, corporate fraud also starts with intention: With knowing and unknowing.
    Phew! When I really started to practice photography with intention, I became more aware about my own comfort as the subject.
    Returnability: Returnability of relief goods which were dispatched with intentions of free distribution, would mean additional costs involved.
    Cotton-growing Rice-growing Weapon Producing is a process which involves gathering of information about column through execution of certain queries with intention to identify erroneous records.

    In 7% of cases intention by is used
    By intention, TagSoup is small and fast.
    Not by default or accident, but by intention and design.
    Just imaging if Muslims stop using youtube just for 2 days by intention, what effects it will have.
    Don't teach people either by intention or behavior anything that is illegal, unethical, or otherwise dishonest.

    In 5% of cases intention without is used
    I've definitely said some things in my day, without intention of harm, and realized just how much damage I had actually caused.
    Since then i have been feeling like a robot, i just pray without intention (i think ), and i do nt read so much about islam as i should.
    However, i do not fight for those who wear this without intention, to me it does not affect me, albeit in a way that i wish for them to be successful.
    The messenger who warned his people is the ant who, when Solomon? s army was passing by, said to his people,? Enter your houses so that the army may not stamp you out (without intention )?

    In 3% of cases intention about is used
    If Samsung was ok with this, how can the blogger be blamed? I just think in this very dog-eats-dog world, one can never be too careful about intentions of the other party one is dealing with.

    In 1% of cases intention despite is used
    Trying to incorporate 9th century Arab customs to 20th century populations is often inappropriate despite intentions to have a pure society.

    In 1% of cases intention to is used
    Conclusion: Health professionals should acknowledge parents ' concerns carefully; contrary to intentions, early reassurance may result in parents feeling that their concerns have not been heard.

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