Prepositions used with "symbol"

of, with, by, on or through symbol?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases symbol of is used
    There are three kinds of symbols in SL: 1.
    There can be a bunch of symbols there, it depends on the composer and how they wrote it.
    Most you must do can be exhaust and even lose these types of symbols with the collection.
    They prescribe elements such as shape, size, layout, colour, typography and use of symbols.
    A string X belongs to L just if X consists of symbols from A and is formed in accordance with the rules.
    A formal language consists of: (i) an alphabet of symbols A and (ii) rules (syntax) for their combination.
    It is quick and easy to test users ' perceptions about the meanings of symbols - this can even be paper-based.
    This is especially true today, as we are not always aware of symbols which were understood more so in the past.
    Try using a unique password, created with numbers, letters and a combination of symbols that can work effectively.
    Using a series of symbols and arrows to indicate flow and action, you can outline a process and make it easy to follow.

    In 13% of cases symbol with is used
    The baskets were round, waist high, four eyelet's at the top, painted with symbols.
    The dais for the agitation was decked with symbols of national pride, patriotic songs were being sung, chants of Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata.
    It is also likely that students who will get most out of this and the next session will be those who can work accurately with symbol operations and manipulations.
    But instead of speaking to our logical, factual brain with facts and figures, they speak to our imaginative spirit, our mystery-loving soul, with symbols and images.

    In 4% of cases symbol by is used
    symbols and motifs Narratives can be unified by symbols.

    In 4% of cases symbol on is used
    On symbols of Dalit/Muslim - I agree with you.
    They have an entire secret language based on symbols.
    They rely on symbols, signals to help build an image of a particular political party/movement.

    In 3% of cases symbol as is used
    These majestic hunters were known as symbols of beauty, strength and endurance.
    As we shall see in Lecture 25, love is in fact one of the most common types of experiences that require us to interpret objects as symbols.

    In 3% of cases symbol behind is used
    This is a young man who very obviously hides behind symbols of fear, images that he feels threaten others &; protect him.
    It has left behind symbols of its friendship with them by building friendship bridges, roads, stadiums, conference halls, ports much to the delight of the recipients.

    In 3% of cases symbol in is used
    Despite not using symbols, but writing powers of x in words, he had begun to understand what we would write in symbols as.

    In 3% of cases symbol into is used
    The great majority of court reporters use a stenotype, a machine that translates keystrokes into symbols that correspond to the spoken word.
    The experimental evidence then shows that icons do indeed evolve into symbols as a consequence of the shared memory of the representation rather than the representation itself.

    In 3% of cases symbol to is used
    Material attachment to symbols of wealth has always been discounted.
    Of his many interesting insights, his account of the nature of faith and its relation to symbols is one of the most important.

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