Prepositions used with "desire"

of, with, by, from or to desire?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases desire of is used
    It is ignored by voice of desire.
    He has generated it out of desire.
    The heart is the seat of desires.
    That I never got to play provincial rugby was never due to a lack of desire or effort.
    First, the goal is to make the product the item of desire that the gift receiver wants.
    I've got great faith in the team and the set-up, and I've still got a lot of desire there.
    That is all we can say about the nature of the origin of desire; we are not competent to say anything further about it.
    Nor do I worship You out of desire for the pleasures of paradise because this would be the worship of a merchant (tujjar).
    Cut to the current scenario and the XUV seems to have slotted itself neatly into the position of being an object of desire.
    Apparently, sexologists agree that fetishists are usually men and that women's feet and shoes are the commonest objects of desire.

    In 13% of cases desire with is used
    It is like a kalpataru to those, who read with desires.
    It is like a kalpataru to those, who read with desires.
    We are beings with desires -- lots of them -- and retailers know it.
    After all we are human with desire in an era that emphasizes much on representation.
    The insight bathed me in relief and I was clean with enthusiasm and new with desire.
    Even if you do manage to give up the physical addictive problem, its energetic form remains within you desperate with desire.
    If she reads with desire, she will get a good husband in the next birth and all her miseries, difficulties and curses will perish.
    Storey's addiction is, it's crucial for people to see that with desire, determination, and discipline, the bondage of meth use can be broken.
    Somerby is defining about a much worse situation, where media personnel are so much in alignment with desire for fame and wealth there's nothing they won't do, or fail to do.

    In 5% of cases desire by is used
    But neither Wisdom nor Renunciation are attracted or lured by desire who is not only turned away but also disfigured by Lakshmana.
    At any rate, development in the Dhamma goes in the direction of becoming less affected by desires concerning the body, for to have such desires is to have a defiled mind.

    In 3% of cases desire to is used
    You can find prior to all the wish in addition to desire.
    At times, it seems as if reason is not subordinate to desires, rather it is the guide.
    As you feed the victim that you will slaughter, I rear the votaries of my pleasure, which is in the soft unconscious progress from innocence to desire.

    In 3% of cases desire without is used
    The moment you are without desire and just pine for Him, He will be there in front of you and the entire world of desire shall run after you.

    In 2% of cases desire between is used
    Erminia, suspended between desire and anguish, looks raptly at the prone figure of Tancred in Vafrino's arms and takes his sword to her long golden hair.

    In 1% of cases desire over is used
    Enthusiasm was waning like the moon, casting its shadow over desire.
    Without Viveka, he tells us, you can not learn to choose God over desire because you are not able to discriminate between what takes you towards God and what takes you away from God.

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