Prepositions used with "wind"

of, with, by, for or as wind?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases wind of is used

The roar of wind through a stand of poplars.

In every rage of wind and rush of rain, I heard pursuers.

A sudden gust of wind slapped the cold night air in my face.

You should be smart enough to know that hurricane comes with lot of wind and that means danger.

His research areas include theoretical plasma physics, physics of wind erosion and sand transport.

This, and now the talk of wind, has already set the race relations in this country back 100 years.

That is, despite being constantly zapped by (apparently) a million volts, Blaine's true enemy is a stray gust of wind.

Driving out of the car park, I was about to put my ticket into the barrier when there was an unfortunate gust of wind.

Agnes was barely a hurricane at landfall in Florida, and the effects of winds and storm surges were relatively minor.

If you watch when Michael hits his back you will see two words pass his lips, you can't hear them because of wind effects.

In 10% of cases wind with is used

The problem with wind energy is conceptual.

It also came really close to a tropical storm, with winds of 39 mph.

In the Caribbean, Ivan became a category 5 hurricane, with winds of 160 m.

I'd interested in the 920, but didn't think it would be compatible with Wind.

The weather in the near future promised colder temperatures, with wind and rain.

It's clearly nonsense to think we can power the UK with wind, wave or solar power.

And it was in a lake with wind, not a pool, so a more likely real danger scenario.

We are expecting an 8 day trip to NZ with wind and waves similar to the Washington/Oregon coast.

If the vessel of our soul is still tossed with winds and storms, let us awake the Lord who reposes in it.

It is beyond rational to continue with wind energy now that NG is available at such a low cost and in such abundance.

In 8% of cases wind by is used

Energy requirements can be met by wind, solar, wave, HEP, geothermal and tidal.

The rate and magnitude of soil erosion by wind is controlled by the following factors (www.

Air film resistance is affected by wind velocity and therefore different resistance values for outside and.

A picnic Lunch will be prepared on the river bank, and you will enjoy music of the nature played by wind, birds.

Vegetative Cover: The lack of permanent vegetation cover in certain locations has resulted in extensive erosion by wind.

Or, alternatively, the bodies were never buried by humans in the first place, and were instead partially buried by winds.

Augustine in northeast Florida all but disappeared as high tide hit Thursday---and the meteorological assault by wind, wave and rain isn't close to being over.

Most of its landscape has been shaped over time by wind and includes sand dunes, sand seas called ergs, barren stone plateaus, gravel plains, dry valleys and salt flats.

After the female gametes are fertilised by male gametes from the pollen, the female cones produce seeds, which are then scattered away from the plant by wind or animals.

In 7% of cases wind for is used

There's less land suitable for wind turbines than windocrats might think.

Snir Are you having any luck procuring a ticket for Wind for the Spuds game.

Potential for wind, biomass and solar energy development is significant in Sri Lanka.

Tariffs were introduced for wind, small hydro, concentrated solar power and parabolic trough systems, and landfill gas.

Romney, who had created problems for the state's Republicans by opposing subsidies for wind power, a big industry in Iowa.

Ice melting in place, again controlling for wind, current, and increased re-radiation of infrared also takes a very, very long time.

At kite flying after match functions (and while sitting around waiting for wind ), conversation often turns to tales of crashes and accidents.

Eystein Borgen has today presented the ST10 turbine at the 3rd International Conference on Drivetrain Concepts for Wind Turbines in Bremen, Germany.

I have a hunch several of the folks here would find many calculation errors in how ice freezes and melts in the Arctic after controlling for wind and current.

In 6% of cases wind as is used

Remember to consider external factors as well, such as wind.

They will be replaced by renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and bio-mass.

If you add other sources of green energy -- such as wind, solar, gas and thermal -- the sky is the limit.

Britain needs to be generating the majority of its electricity from renewable power sources such as wind, wave and solar, which are all forms of clean energy.

These include easy access to clean energy sources such as wind and geo-thermal energy and, given the colder climate, decreased energy requirements to cool the computer server farms.

The aim of the research is to provide a clearer legal framework for managing possible conflicts arising out of the development and operation of offshore energy installations, such as wind farms.

In 6% of cases wind from is used

I was soaked to the core and shivering from wind gusts.

Its 2020 targets are an overall 16% contribution from renewables with 30GW each from wind and biomass.

It wants about 8 500MW of SA's power to come from solar by then, with a similar amount from wind energy.

I am at a complete loss to understand why electricity generated largely from wind and water costs so much.

Hurricane conditions affected only a small part of the North Carolina coast, and the damage from winds and tides was relatively minor.

Furthermore the soil is under plant cover for most of the year, protecting it from wind and rain erosion, and livestock productivity is increased.

About half of all renewable electricity will come from hydro power, while a quarter will come from wind, and solar photovoltaics will represent about 7.

Wind power can not deliver when power is required, and those NG plants are being run for longer periods of time to supply the power not coming from wind.

In 4% of cases wind in is used

In Wind Waker, Link is obviously young, but he's just a simple kid, scared and unsure of the world.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are overbuilt in wind, causing some significant problems with reliability of the grid.

The boat's performing well and we are starting to feel comfortable after sailing routinely in winds in the high teens and early 20s.

Developments in oil and gas production, combined with a rapid growth in wind and hydro are having a profound effect on international energy markets.

For more on how and why harmonics are produced in wind instruments, please see Standing Waves and Wind Instruments) Note Trombones use a slide instead of valves to make their instrument longer.

For example, more than half the world's coltan---an ore used in wind turbines, nuclear reactors, hybrid cars, cell phones, DVD players, video game systems and other electronics---comes from Africa.

In 3% of cases wind about is used

At least Barack Obama is talking about wind and solar.

Do you have other information about winds causing ice loss in the Arctic? If so, I'd like to read it.

MSNBC recently had a fairly thorough article about wind power, including some information about Cape Wind.

In 3% of cases wind like is used

This improves energy efficiency and also other energy resources like wind and solar power.

We need to turn to much cleaner and truly renewable power sources like wind and solar and geothermal.

It effects things like wind, ocean currents, airplanes, missiles, but does not effect toilets or sinks.

In 3% of cases wind on is used

No AWS on the 920 International (according to WP Central) kinda sucks for me as I was hoping to use it on Wind or Mobi.

Although the government body provided information on wind patterns and discharges to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Japanese public was kept in the dark.

And -- unlike with construction -- I suspect that there are some home-grown experts on wind and tidal power even if they are currently regarded a quacks by the powers-that-be.

Short-term fluctuation weather patterns can affect ice growth in the winters, as other articles on wind patterns and narrow straits being open or ice-jammed have mentioned here.

Restored I would guess at 300 to 350, depending on wind direction etc, but you'd be looking at around 200 or so for basic restoration, assuming it's in otherwise good condition.

Lovelock believes that Britain is going to become a lifeboat for refugees from mainland Europe, so instead of Brits wasting their time on wind turbines they need to start planning how to survive.

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