Prepositions used with "root"

of, with, at, in or for root?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases root of is used

We need a lot of roots to keep us healthy.

Here are three benefits of root chakra alignment.

The amount of roots I pulled out from the ground.

No fat and no salt just lots and lots of root vegetables which make a great broth.

And here's the large pile of roots and shrubs undergoing natural organic degradation.

Processing of Ranu Sun dried rice and the mixture of roots and barks are used to prepare Ranu.

He is, in ways that matter, the tallest man here, his size 14 feet firmly planted in the humblest of roots.

It will establish a full account of what happened, an assessment of how the Group responded and a thorough review of root cause.

However the application distribution model as well as the number of roots does exploit that leads to a conclusion that nothing is much guaranteed.

The tangle of roots in the mangrove swamp traps decaying plant and animal matter and helps make the waters of the mangrove forest extremely nutrient rich.

In 20% of cases root with is used

One of the millions with roots on both.

Just hate to see you end up with Root Rot out of ignorance like I did.

Zydeco, with roots in the blues and R &B,; is more heavily rhythmic than Cajun music.

Now you r with root, no false, no outer impressive and excitefull thought can shake u.

Now you r with root, no false, no outer impresstion and excitefull thought can shake u.

With roots in historical Egypt and classical Greece, Alchemy comes from a time when there was no distinction among science and magic.

People from other African countries, as well as African-Americans with roots in Ghana, often visit the country to celebrate their heritage.

An inner city tree, with roots almost as thick as its trunk, had lifted the footpath, created a trip hazard, messed up the edge of the gutter.

Ebby was born on April 29, 1896, into a prominent and well-to-do family in Albany, New York, with roots going back before the American Revolution.

A wasteland of greys and browns, with root systems upturned and exposed to the air, and buttress roots abandoned by the trunks they used to support.

In 15% of cases root at is used

Progressives are at root utopians.

Most adults are at root kind and protective toward the young.

Booms and busts are products, at root, of our emotional volatility.

Rasta was an African-centered, but at root a non-racial consciousness.

The real crisis we face today is a spiritual one; at root, it is a test of moral will and faith.

The plant encourages these critters to proliferate at roots tips by giving them the dope they want.

At root, I believe that the average American believes, at heart, that his/her material success is deserved.

Because at root, this whole squabble between worldviews is not about numbers at all -- it is about narratives.

Bulbs in different situations Bulbs in beds A formal bed is usually grown intensively and should be well supplemented with organic matter deposited at root level.

In 13% of cases root in is used

Triads in Root Position Figure 2.

Triads in Root Position The chords in Figure 2.

Write a triad in root position using each root given.

Here is a summary of the intervals in triads in root position.

So the simplest way to write a triad is as a stack of thirds, in root position.

Now see if you can identify these chords that are not necessarily in root position.

In root position, the root, which is the note that names the chord, is the lowest note.

Twinkle Brothers and Misty in Roots would have to take the credit, they played eight or nine years before we played in Poland.

Rewrite them in root position also soon begin making some of the suggested additions, and emailed comments are still welcome as always.

Rewrite each chord in root position, and name the original also soon begin making some of the suggested additions, and emailed comments are still welcome as always.

In 7% of cases root for is used

Then you have to set the password for root.

He fumbles during his order and doesn't understand the new slang for root beer.

First, to make the growths, I can manipulate the genetic pathway responsible for root branching, except arrange it to occur in aboveground tissues.

Note it will prompt for root credentials on each host that is connected to -- this could probably be easily changed in the Function (downloaded from above).

In 7% of cases root from is used

Move from roots to ends, directing the flow of your dryer's nozzle downward to keep the cuticles smooth.

The party from root to branch is too desiccated and democratically defunct for something like that to work.

You must wash your skin properly and dry it before waxing for it will help to remove the hair from roots more appropriately.

In 5% of cases root as is used

As well as root vegetables, patty pan squash and asparagus are delicious roasted.

These factors can serve as root causes of instability or as obstacles to security.

Big and old-fashioned, it had exotic things such as roots and Spanish flies exhibited in big jars on shelves high on the walls.

You have to install it as root, but that's OK; just use sudo for the installation process, and then continue as an ordinary user.

In 3% of cases root like is used

It clings to the uterus just like roots that are firmly fixed to the earth by their tendrils.

Previously hidden by snow, the curves on the fields -- like roots -- now formed an outline resembling a bouquet of circles and rectangles.

In 3% of cases root on is used

Small bulbs generally favour shallower planting; otherwise they exhaust their energy on root and foliage growth at the expense of blossoms.

In 3% of cases root to is used

According to root out for cad is defined as sleep Buy Cialis Buy Cialis apnea syndromes should be paid to be.

The new owners instigated a ' back to roots ' approach to the sports line (hence the BTR) but with a contemporary size and feel to the case design.

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