Prepositions used with "stuff"

of, with, about, for or on stuff?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases stuff of is used

I wrote lots of stuff for free.

MotoGP likes this kind of stuff.

So we'd always run out of stuff.

So don't tell me that the Democrat Party does not present itself as the party of stuff.

This is the kind of stuff which would make a 5 month journey into the dark abyss fly by.

Buried under a bunch of stuff to give away it lay languishing and I still couldn't let go.

Where the one-eyed man is king is basically a record of stuff that popped out when I went to the Tyrone Guthrie Centre.

He references a lot of stuff in the songs including his Christian faith, although it doesn't come across as over the top.

Otherwise you just make a bunch of stuff and it doesn't go anywhere so it starts building up and that's not a good thing.

It's to do with Andy Baio uploading a bunch of stuff which is closely to do with me, without bothering to ask my opinion.

In 8% of cases stuff with is used

I have no problems with stuff from China.

There has been a tendency to try to make up for ' not being ' there with STUFF.

Thing is, science, as a project, (which I respect) can only deal with stuff that can be measured.

Take someone's shopping cart and switch the items with stuff from the person next to them's cart 3.

Then he moved on to study engineering, I got busy with stuff here, and now we chat about once a week.

When you see him roll with stuff that happens that's not what he expected, that was very inspirational.

Phew! Q: How was working with Nick Stoller, because I think he just lets you run with stuff? AB: He does.

Most people in their day-to-day lives are just getting on with stuff and not really watching the traffic.

It's understandable that people have a lot going on, the weekends are often crammed with stuff that needs doing.

In 7% of cases stuff about is used

We did argue about stuff, but not bad arguements.

I sometimes still do get uptight about stuff but not nearly as much.

Enjoy what you have left and quit fussing about stuff that doesn't even matter.

They don't like to be questioned about stuff all the time, most guys are like that period.

I don't need to explain these things to you: you know about stuff, you're all down with this.

I'll try to keep posting roughly weekly, though, even if it's just random ponderings about stuff.

But we never set out to deliberately write songs people could relate to; they're just songs about stuff we knew about.

Both jumped into safe seats, and were trained lawyers -- good at avoiding facts and talking about stuff that did not matter.

Though party partisans, pundits, and journalists are aghast over robocalls, the average Canadian cares about stuff that affects their daily lives.

But having been a journalist, I'd more interested in writing about stuff I am interested in -- rather than my life story -- and I already run a blog called Techgoondu.

In 7% of cases stuff for is used

And wow there are a lot of people searching for stuff on Google.

We have lots of plans for stuff, we're leaving for Europe in less than 10 days.

The rich and powerful get to make decisions about who gets the credit for stuff.

Cos that's d one dats dangerous, they use soap and all dz fem fresh for stuff like that and it's deadly.

I told their customer service team that we are not going to pay for stuff that we never had, so they sent a 250.

Aside from that (and assuming you go ahead ), one thing I don't think I've seen yet is that you should budget for STUFF.

I shop online for stuff so I don't have to go to the shops, and I Google for information so I don't have to go to the library.

And it forced a little monthly retrospective, which shows what is working, what isn't and who you can repeatedly bug for stuff.

We still use MySQL for stuff that requires transactions and an extra degree of persistence but now most of our data is in Mongo.

In 5% of cases stuff on is used

MS has built on stuff created by others first.

She solves this spiritual crisis by pissing on stuff.

Both the flight attendant and the passengers need to be cooperative and work together on stuff like this.

I have a lot of opinions on stuff that is happening right now and I'd not good at keeping those opinions to myself.

But I do respect my friend's opinions on a wide variety of subjects, so I tend to be open-minded when HE passes on stuff like this in my direction.

And when I got my check, I was probably in worse shape than I would be with the benefits, at least to start off, because I got behind on stuff during that time.

The crime (Or lack thereof) is separate from its investigation, which is obviously politically fueled (Seriously, where do you see that sort of turnaround time on stuff? ); and 3.

Not to mention that having this kind of clarity about what you're doing will probably save you from wasting thousands of dollars on stuff that isn't going to do you any good in the long run.

My colleague, Ann O'Leary, tends to focus her work on people more than on stuff, and she knows well that education and training are absolutely fundamental to any strategy for economic growth.

In 2% of cases stuff in is used

According to your own blog you're a mum who's interested in stuff.

The government should invest in stuff that can produce an economic return.

That doesn't make you an expert on anything except being a mum to your kids and being interested in stuff.

I honestly don't see the point of modding in stuff that doesn't belong, or making super-powerful weapons/items, or whatever.

I appreciate good-quality handcrafts, and in a society drowning in Stuff it's easy for me to forego wasting money on Walmart-ish crud and save up for stuff that is worth having, and that will last.

In 1% of cases stuff at is used

I like to look around at stuff.

I made a decision to not look at stuff posted before I joined a team.

When the government throws money at stuff, they make it more expensive as more dollars chase the same goods.

There was a lot of people who were dubious about it when we started shooting and started looking at stuff, but everybody here is completely won over now.

In 1% of cases stuff from is used

I am sure there is healing there to do from stuff that has happened in your past.

Nikki: I've been doing stand-up for a few years, and I have a handful of fans just from stuff I've done, like Last Comic Standing.

Been investigating upgrading the 2nd internal HDD to a 500GD SSD but from stuff I've read on the net I'd not sure if my computer can handle a 2nd SSD.

In 1% of cases stuff through is used

Also, as Scagden says underneath, you just keep moving on through stuff.

When we're going through stuff about a million times more trivial than that (e.

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