Prepositions used with "wife"

"of wife" or "with wife"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases wife of is used

Many Chinese men are leaving China in search of wives.

The best of this community had the greatest number of wives.

Many of the ancient Israelites were polygamous, some having hundreds of wives.

For the sake of wife's happiness one should take both time and money to buy them a gift.

In Islam, the regulations concerning polygamy limit the number of wives a man can have while making him responsible for all of the women involved.

Re- turning home from a concert one afternoon near the beginning of 1953, I was riding with a group of wives who were new to the Washington scene.

It is not uncommon for Turkana men to lead polygamous lifestyles, since livestock wealth will determine the number of wives each can negotiate for and support.

In 28% of cases wife with is used

Roskill area of Auckland with wife and son.

Blogger Douglas with wife Michele in middle.

Henrik Lundquist of the NY Rangers with wife was there as well.

The time away from home makes Jaramillo appreciate his time with wife Kristin and 4-year-old daughter.

Big name turn out: Sir Paul McCartney poses with wife Nancy Shevell, daughter Mary and son-in-law Simon Aboud, as they attend the U.

Too Ambitious There have always been a few men who have been too busy in their careers, to have a life with wife and kids, who demand attention.

The incident took place about five kilometres south of the village of Eccleston, where the 32-year-old lives with wife Cath and their two children.

He turned down a role on EastEnders, saying that he would rather have time at home with wife Anne-Marie and daughters Amy and Lucy in Windsor, Berkshire.

This time the country house is a Gothic pile called Hetton, where the ' madly feudal ' Tony Last (Wilby) lives with wife Brenda (Thomas) and young son John Andrew.

It got easier still when I asked a couple of the boys to dinner, telling them to invite anyone who wanted to come and more than thirty showed up, several with wives and babies in tow.

In 12% of cases wife for is used

A free passage, and every facility for wives and families, will be afforded.

Flores, knowing that Blancheflour is about to be taken by the Emir for wife, comes to rescue her from her peril.

However, a married couple submitting two separate applications must send two photos (one for husband, one for wife).

It really depends on the relationship, and some of the issues for wives of cross dressers are the same as for wives of gay men.

This raises important questions about the meaning of marriage, marital commitment, love and caring for wives and children among contemporary Malaysian Muslims.

He appeared in Run for Your Wife, Two of a Kind, Fools Rush In, School for Wives, and he was hilarious in Caught in the Net as the senile father vaulting around on a zimmer frame.

In 6% of cases wife to is used

By the way, I have given 107 to wife, she loves it too.

The day is also known as La Festa del boccolo (' bud ' ): red rosebuds are given to wives and lovers.

In 5% of cases wife by is used

Now, my government will completely ban divorces and desertion by wives.

Required by doctor for clinical studies? Assisted only by wife's hand? 2.

In 4% of cases wife ex is used

The implication is that Sheen beat his ex wives.

In 3% of cases wife about is used

I was their buddy's mom and I sent messages back and forth with them on Facebook, listened as they complained about wives and girlfriends and gave motherly advice and encouragement.

In 3% of cases wife between is used

Another verse says that a person is unable to deal justly between wives, thus giving permission but discouraging it.

In 3% of cases wife from is used

Words from others mean something, but over and over, I heard that the words from wives mean the most.

Phillip's other passion Cheers: Phillip with a glass of wine on This Morning ITV PHILLIP has another passion in his life apart from wife Steph -- wine.

In 3% of cases wife including is used

At that point, it appeared he might spend a little more time with his family, including wife Laura, a child psychologist, with whom he has three children.

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