Prepositions used with "weapon"

"of weapon" or "with weapon"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases weapon of is used

Consolidation of Weapons Units.

And yes, we have lots of weapons.

With a lot of weapon, quest, abilities.

This trend only increases the number of weapons that could potentially fall into the wrong hands.

If flight isn't an option, grab some type of weapon from the room and attack if they try to enter.

And it details the supply of weapons and uniforms by the Rwandan government to the rebel movement.

Here the government's decree on the handing over of weapons by the soldiers at the rear has already been frustrated.

But there's growing evidence that US agents in Libya were at least aware of weapons and militants moving across the border.

Walker plays Joey, a low-level New Jersey mafioso whose job is to dispose of weapons after they've been used for whackings.

In 20% of cases weapon with is used

The Army said they'd only shoot at those with weapons.

Tim is teaching his sons to defend the family compound with weapons.

World War 3, in fact, won't be fought so much with weapons, but with mindsets.

L4D2 also seem to complicate matters with weapon mods and new annoying mutant zombies.

The American consulate was attacked with weapons commonly seen on battle fields not in the streets.

In Owo, a state government Commissioner has been arrested by soldiers after he was found with weapons.

Bryan tells her to get his case which is filled with weapons and with that, she finds them and gives him a weapon.

I dislike the idea of having to play many games with weapons that I dislike, before I can start actually having fun.

He is a kind of laconic big-game hunter/gun runner supplying the swampies with weapons to drive the colonists from the moon.

Several robbers threatened museum staff with weapons before stealing the gems and gold, said Park Ranger Superintendent Greg Martin.

In 8% of cases weapon for is used

Weapon Levels are for Weapon Sidegrades.

They have a dog for weapons searches, but they didn't bring him; they just wrecked the house.

As for weapons to start them off with, Jonesy said she had an archery course, not a crossbow course.

Like Gilgamesh, Arjuna, the hero of the Mahabharata, undertakes a long journey in order to see the gods and ask for weapons.

Mounted liveliness is excluding included, as you functioning horseback be worthwhile for weapons, stake you can not chuck spells.

Following the 1997 raid, Salyers, an alleged member of the underground Black Dawn group of extremists in the military, is sentenced to serve three years for weapons violations.

In 7% of cases weapon in is used

Iran has tried to give its clarification that it is not interested in weapons.

The inner city experienced a spike in weapons arrests, fetal deaths, low-birth-weight babies, and children in foster care.

If it accepts to enrich uranium in the Russian areas, it will further prove that Iran is really not interested in weapons.

Special parts manufacturers, who manufacture gauges, instruments, computers and other electronic equipment used in weapon systems.

Controlling that once again would enable us to take out the smuggling tunnels that run beneath that area and are used for bringing in weapons.

In order to continue to operate, those who manufacture and trade in weapons must accept a far greater degree of regulation, transparency and accountability.

Henry Ford, US industrialist (1863-1947) The manufacture of and trade in weapons is a business that counts its profits in billions of dollars and its costs in human lives.

There is no cunning plan revealed to smuggle in weapons of mass destruction, only evidence of how Assad got round the US sanctions imposed on him to buy items from iTunes.

In 5% of cases weapon on is used

Going in the field with less or no knowledge about the enemy is pretty much like venturing into a hungry lion's den with no shield on weapon.

After all, the United States holds the vast majority of WMD in the world, spending about one-half of its annual budget on weapons and military equipment.

Inside, there wasn't really any story, just something like the diary of Frank Castle, with his thoughts on weapons, tactics and various other things that had to do with his war on crime.

In 4% of cases weapon to is used

You do realize your tax dollars go to weapons that kill human beings.

Vanbiber pleads guilty to weapons and explosives charges and is sentenced to more than six years in federal prison.

The mental health issues overwhelmingly affecting our population and the access to weapons have made violence much too possible.

For we are both devoting to weapons massive sums of money that could be better devoted to combating ignorance, poverty and disease.

Yet no monarch, no despot, no dictator in any other century in the history of human civilisation has had access to weapons like these.

When the UN inspectors were expelled from Iraq in 1998, it appeared that Resolution 687 relating to weapons dismantlement had been partly implemented.

Whether you're taking on hordes of zombies or just fighting one up close, the AK-47 rifle with an attached chainsaw is the go to weapon for zombie apocalypse survival.

In 2% of cases weapon by is used

Ancient Greek and Roman suicides were anomalous for their violence -- 40 percent death by weapons, 18 percent by hanging, and 16 percent by jumping.

Tens of millions slave soldiers Mao could bring to the battlefield could be squashed by tanks and incinerated by weapons more advanced countries had at those times.

In 1% of cases weapon including is used

In a nod to the franchise's influence on role-playing, characters can carry up to eight objects, including weapons, clothing, and equipment.

In 1% of cases weapon like is used

He destroys western powers with a missile like weapons in his hands.

Another wrong way to do is to give the player powerful items like weapons and gear.

In 1% of cases weapon through is used

But for the last 30 years America has helped get the problem get worse from spreading extremist islam to combat communism, to making local commanders very rich through weapons and war.

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