Prepositions used with "vote"

"of vote" or "for vote"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases vote of is used

Illegal Immigrants Accused of Vote Fraud.

Or you could set it at a fixed number of votes.

Romney, and you will gain tremendous amounts of votes.

My reading is that he'll go with the number of votes cast as much as the number of seats.

From there, you can justify a lot of different kinds of votes, including probably Burt's.

At this stage the counting of votes and preferences in a counting centre comes to an end.

I saw too many reports of voters being turned away or made to wait for hours until voting equipment could be repaired.

That of course is not to say the fourth plank won't pick a few of the pieces of votes should the two accused not run;.

Under the law, in order to avoid an embarrassing run off, Putin needs at least 50 percent of votes in the first round.

Does the Chairman have a right to cast a vote? Ans: The Chairman has a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes.

In 18% of cases vote for is used

They can do anything for votes.

Promising cash payments for votes is an example.

Not the ones whom parties like Congress fools for votes.

This can be done through either digg shout system or emailing friends asking for votes.

If they knew James was struggling for votes they knew James &; Ella would end up as the B2.

But where is the accountability here? For votes anything is doled out as it pleases the ruler.

But if we simply to go fishing for votes in a small pond already dominated by the DUP, we might as well go home now.

One evening during a whirlwind tour for votes he made a speech in one of the little villages in the western part of the state.

In addition to holiday lighting along Hamilton and Michigan, he said, businesses will compete for votes with their decorated windows.

Also up for vote are questions about hiring of certain employees and who should make that decision -- the city manager or Council members.

In 5% of cases vote in is used

That is, 93% of registered voters in Wisconsin voted.

Gingrich's loss in vote share is likely shifting to Santorum.

Throughout Election Night, Falk and Van Hollen traded the lead in vote totals.

As BJP wont get as many seats due to loss of vote share due to split in votes.

What choice does he have -- she'll pull in votes, and he's clearly struggling.

As BJP wont get as many seats due to loss of vote share due to split in votes.

Instead, he turned to a website called Reddit where popularity is measured, fittingly, in votes.

The future of the Greens is bright, the rest can carry on playing catch up in policies if not in votes.

They can get rid of him with a switch of tactics when the time is right -- it'll only take a 2-3% drop in votes.

Finally some good may come out of it as BJP may field relatively better individuals (than in the past) to fight elections in urban centres as it fears a split in vote.

In 4% of cases vote to is used

Teenage Idiots to Vote? Argentina is poised to give 16-year-olds the right to vote and Scotland is proposing to do the same.

The wasted vote was made up of people who failed to vote and who now face a ' please explain ' and a possible fine and others whose ballot paper was rejected as informal.

In 3% of cases vote By is used

I ' like to know if she supported by vote a reduction in costs of security for our embassies.

As expected Barroso was suggested by the Council and approved by votes (mostly) of the EPP an the Liberals.

At best, any boost he received from Sandy currently seems neutralized by votes he did not receive (or received and have yet to be tabulated) from NJ, NY and CT.

Shareholders filling vacancy 160(3) The articles of a corporation may provide that a vacancy in the office of auditor shall only be filled by vote of the shareholders.

In 3% of cases vote with is used

The lower end of the county was plastered with vote for Levittowns Own mike fitzpatrick.

It looks like -- summer camp with a beach volleyball court and a trampoline and -- filled with votes.

Fast-tracking the bill through all stages took all of last night, with votes in the Commons carrying on after midnight.

In fact, most of the 18 states that have legalized medical use or decriminalized it have not been done with vote but rather with judicial or congressional order.

In 2% of cases vote on is used

The alternative hypothesis based on votes cast is that.

Here, the focus is not development but the focus is on vote bank because we technology will reach in villages the people will be more educated and advanced.

In 1% of cases vote about is used

It's all about votes and power -- not about progress.

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