Prepositions used with "visit"

"of visit" or "to visit"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases visit of is used

The third type of visit was that of friendship.

Aquino III on his last day of visit in the country.

In the case of PageRank, it is the possible frequency of visits to a page.

Turkey enjoys the highest number of visits by Russians, primarily for tourism purposes.

Recently, a friend from England shared her photos of visits to various parts of New Zealand.

For example, the Holland Casino in Amsterdam monitors the frequency of visits of each patron.

The kind of vehicle you are going to be renting is dependent upon what type of visit you are taking as this must be organized.

We can set an age limit, validate IDs, validate purpose of visit and create special rules/permissions to visit the core areas.

Note that although the number of visits is not Normally distributed, the distribution is reasonably symmetrical about the mean.

However when he shows the number of visits within the first 24 hours to the website, the iOS6 ranked #9 with other 37,000 visits.

In 20% of cases visit to is used

There are some interesting places to visit around there.

Sites to Visit Not one house in the Warsaw Ghetto survived.

There are some nice places to visit and I have only been once.

The best period to visit Bangladesh is November to March, when the temperature ranges between 13.

Red or pink geraniums will always bring me back to visits to my grandmother's home in Switzerland.

A large number of foreigners come to Bangladesh every year only to visit this unique mangrove forest.

The Journey to Visit the Tsaaten Embark on a spectacular journey with the reward being a visit to one of the world's most remote ethnic groups.

You may want to visit Shirahama and Katsuura, if you are going to, before going to Osaka, since you will be headed back that way if you follow the order I say.

The problem for me is that my fiance grew up minutes from there, so it's not interesting to her, so I haven't been able to visit one of the hot springs there yet.

I don't have a lot of time right now, but sometime later today I will update my answer and give you a lot of links and information about places to visit and books to read.

In 10% of cases visit for is used

Aquarium of the Bay is also a very interesting place for visit in San Francisco.

I hadn't talked to God out loud in years, even when I went home to North Carolina for visits, so I wasn't sure how to start.

Thus Allah makes clear the signs (the Verses of this Qur'an, showing proofs for the legal aspects of permission for visits) to you.

Remember that the cookie being passed for each of these requests is the same cookie used for visits to all Netscape web sites, including browser downloads.

As for climate and weather, of course, summer months are the best choice for visiting this city, but you won't mistake if you choose another season for traveling.

Persons who need a visa or entry permit for visit (or purposes other than a visit) should obtain the appropriate visa or entry permit before travelling to the HKSAR.

In 9% of cases visit with is used

Continue with visits of the Kibera Slums Nursery School at Little Rock.

The Dawgs finish the regular season with visits from Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech.

The past two years have been interspersed with visits to hospitals, nights on wards and ambulance rides.

Some guides pad out itineraries with visits to wood-carving factories or spice gardens, hoping to get a kickback on any sales.

Travelers who want to combine an Inca trail trek with visits to Cusco and Machu Picchu can easily take a Sacred Valley tour if they have a week to spend in the area.

After the lunch break the walkabout continued with visits to a selection of examples of past-century Georgian housing developments and new-century modern ones around the local area of Hackney.

In 6% of cases visit on is used

The cap on visits can also be set by a third party - in this case, the council.

The Queen has received two Popes on visits to the UK (Pope John Paul II in 1982 and Pope Benedict XVI in 2010).

Subsequently, in international functions or on visits to Cuba, on more than one occasion I met with the aggrieved Kennedy relatives, who would greet me respectfully.

I'll bet that the full story of the development of Nottingham's water supply is even more interesting - I've picked-up snippets of the story on visits to the excellent Papplewick.

In 6% of cases visit per is used

Just then Linda appeared and announced to Emeka that she charges N50,000 per visit.

In 4% of cases visit between is used

The time between visits is really the most important time.

Diabetes Services -- Your doctor is on your side for sure, but we often find ourselves lost and confused during the time between visits.

Over the next year, they were brought in every two months for follow-ups, contacted by phone between visits for dietary counseling and encouraged to exercise regularly.

We meet when they either stay with me wherever I am or when I go back to Australia, sometimes ten years between visits, and yet we are never stuck in a groove looking for conversation.

Our cookies help us to: Make our website work as you'd expect Remember your settings during and between visits Allow you to share pages with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter 3.

In 4% of cases visit from is used

It drew enthusiasm and morale boosts from visits of leading Indian personalities.

My grampa, a Weegie who retired to Somerset, used to bring bootfuls of Irn-Bru and oatcakes back from visits to the motherland.

Hospital, School and Work What to expect from visits to diabetic clinic, and advice on dealing with the pressures of school and work upon your diabetic control.

In 2% of cases visit during is used

Overall, Flora Garden was ok during visit was considerably less impressive, in our view, than other garden attractions in Macau.

In 2% of cases visit in is used

A number of upmarket camps have opened, and wildlife is being improved thanks to the increase in visits to the reserves.

But support comes in way more than just paid member contributions - it comes in visits, using the site, making comments and clicking on ads.

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