Prepositions used with "vision"

"of vision" or "with vision"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases vision of is used

The angles of vision are skewed.

They are not the organ of vision.

Your pupils dilate to improve your field of vision.

Then slowly, he moved out of my field of vision -- behind a tree -- and soon disappeared.

If you agree, hospital eye clinic staff can fill in a form, Referral of Vision Impairment (RVI).

In this regard, Sihanouk was among the greatest personalities of his time, and a leader of vision.

Shahbaz said there was no paucity of resources in the country but the real issue was of vision, intention and deeds.

Don't mistake the young people's re-organizing and re-acquainting themselves with their own history for lack of vision.

I could see the rocks and boulders but had no depth of vision and couldn't tell if it was a 6 inch or 2 feet step down.

You lose that sharpness of vision you need for everyday tasks like driving and reading and it can result in total blindness.

In 18% of cases vision with is used

Our industry needs more people with vision and passion like you.

We are here for anyone with vision loss that makes everyday living difficult.

The Company was established in 1986 with vision to serve as a most reliable o.

Show me the spirit of Man which conducts itself without devastation, but with vision.

The issue of leadership is even an infinitesimal part of the problem as compared with vision.

CNIB has training in accessible computer technology for adults, and ESL training for new immigrants with vision loss.

Outside of that, ' River Deep, Mountain High ', to me, is more than a song, it's a record with vision and madness behind it.

With visions of the famous Indian comeback (a la the South Africa series) firmly entrenched in my mind, I resumed my coding work.

Reading and writing on a computer Many people with vision impairments all over the world use a computer every day at home or at work.

In 10% of cases vision in is used

This is the temple seen by Ezekiel in vision and the one to which the Savior will come.

It can enable persons which have troubles in vision to hear the content which is viewed on the screen.

Not taken with views, but virtuous and consummate in vision, having subdued desire for sensual pleasures.

The various physiological components involved in vision are referred to collectively as the visual system,.

The first complication creates sudden changes in vision quality due to decreased visual acuity and blurring.

First, if you experience any direct trauma to the eyes or face, do not take chances as bleeding could result in vision loss.

That is no surprise since the person who appointed him is seriously lacking in vision, competence and intellectual supremacy.

Fred assigns a utility of +5 to achieving a complete vision correction, +2 to a partial correction, 0 to no change in vision, and -10 to a worsening of vision.

So the coalition of many heads and horns John saw in vision, will continue to strengthen itself until it becomes a world-wide dictatorship of ruthless proportions.

Ezekiel 40:2 In visions of God he took me to the land of Israel and set me on a very high mountain, on whose south side were some buildings that looked like a city.

In 5% of cases vision to is used

Now a good example of that in relation to vision is this.

They take off from a lauching thought or phrase about a person or event to become a verbal ascent to vision.

HINDRANCES TO VISION: Demonic activities: If you are involved in demonic activities, forget being a visioner.

According to Vision 2020 Australia the risk of low vision and blindness increases three-fold with every decade of age after 40.

Roeder hosts an in-person retreat each year, which she sees as an opportunity for the team to vision, work, and bond as a group.

Without further ado, I give you our first Member of the Month: Gina Visione! Gina loves anything related to vision, eyes, low vision, blindness, vision rehabilitation, and independence.

In 3% of cases vision about is used

Doesn't seem to be a person who's totally crazy about Vision.

In business school, we talk a lot about the big picture and about vision.

To educate target audiences about blindness prevention, about VISION 2020 and its activities, and to generate support for VISION 2020 program activities.

I love to speculate endlessly about Vision strategy, which I tend to think is behind most things, but occasionally I become aware on some issues that there is no strategy at all.

In 3% of cases vision for is used

Many studies have shown that the brains of blind people reorganise to adapt to their condition, and the areas used for vision take on new roles.

To educate target audiences about blindness prevention, about VISION 2020 and its activities, and to generate support for VISION 2020 program activities.

The world of perspective indicates the desire for vision to be stable and unchanging and for the meaning of images to be fixed, when the act of looking is in fact highly changeable and contextual.

In 3% of cases vision on is used

Also, copy cat behavior relies on vision, what people see others do.

President's Transformation Agenda and Implementation Plan on Vision 20:2020.

Shenandoah police said a man walked into the Citibank on Vision Park Boulevard near Interstate 45 about noon.

Main reason for this is the implementation of big scale projects which are based on visions of certain people.

Walking backwards also increases your sense of balance and hearing, because you can not depend on vision to steer you.

Following directions, if they are written, also relies on vision, but written instructions require more processing, and verbal instructions follow an entirely different pathway.

In 2% of cases vision from is used

There is a Web Accessibility Toolbar available from Vision Australia and the Paciello Group.

In 1% of cases vision at is used

As you may have read, part of my role at Vision Africa is using social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) to raise awareness of our work.

In 1% of cases vision by is used

It is suggested by vision therapists that students using a lap desk stabilize material at the appropriate working distance from their eyes.

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