Prepositions used with "visa"

"of visa" or "for visa"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 34% of cases visa of is used
    I can not do any part-time jobs because of visa issues.
    The current facial image of visa applicants captured at U.
    We can send you compete details of the cost of visa application thru email upon request.
    This type of visa is required for individuals from specified countries and/ or categories.
    All the forms and guides you need to apply for any type of visa are available for free at www.
    Provide a good reason to the immigration officer, to issue you with the requested kind of visa.
    We also had discussions about the issues of visa arrangements between Papua New Guinea and Australia.
    Overstaying your visa is breach of visa conditions that may lead to detention and deportation from Sri Lanka.
    He was also a non-executive Director of the Asia Pacific Region Board of visa International until October 2007.
    The fee for visa will be based on the existing bilateral agreement of visa fees between the two contracting countries.

    In 27% of cases visa for is used
    I'd yet to schedule the appointment for visa stamping.
    They will also be barred from applying for visas to study in Britain.
    Service fee for visa application, single to 1-year multiple, regular 4 working days $34.
    Working days: For visa applications, five working days (applying in person) or 10 working days (postal applications).
    The fee for visa will be based on the existing bilateral agreement of visa fees between the two contracting countries.
    For visa application, the cost depends on the number of individuals applying for the visa, and the classification of visa.
    With my current status am I qualified to apply for visa? Acquisition of visa depends on your length of stay and situation.
    Even the Indian government was prompted to lobby against the US law that required doubling the fees for visa applications.
    On a side note, you must also remember the fee for visas, which can range from US $50-100 depending on the length of stay.
    Khirthan sharath January 16th, 2012, 03:26 PM hi this is sharath from India going to Australia(melbourne) waiting for visa.

    In 7% of cases visa by is used
    You pay securely by visa or MasterCard and print out your own ticket.
    Payment Payment can be made by visa, Mastercard, Bankcard and American Express as well as PayPal.
    Apply by Fax Print an application form or renewal form and fax to: 03 9815 1299 Apply by Phone Call: 1800 138 029 Memberships can be paid for over the phone by visa or Mastercard.
    For your extra protection when shopping online, Clothing at Tesco uses 3D secure, the Verified by visa (VbV) security programme from visa, and also the SecureCode system from Mastercard.

    In 7% of cases visa on is used
    For up to date information on visas and immigration please visit: http: **35;1825;TOOLONG.
    Further information on visa requirements can be found on the website of the South Sudanese Embassy in London.
    The Student Information and Advisory Service provides specialist advice on visa and immigration process requirements.
    The move also angered Vietnam and prompted India to stamp its own version of its territorial map on visas given to Chinese visitors.
    The cap on visas for skilled workers should be removed; and let's make it much easier for promising entrepreneurs to work and create jobs in the U.
    The bigger problem seems to be the outsourcing &; the importation of foreign talent on visas that work for a fraction of what these jobs once paid.
    visa Fee varies depend on the Nationality Please visit the Tanzania Tourist Board website at http: **30;3268;TOOLONG to get more information on visa processing and requirements.

    In 7% of cases visa with is used
    We also assist with visa for all countries.
    Some have come with visas, and others without them.
    Helping Kenya hold no responsibility for problems with visas.
    Some of the travel preparation includes: visas: Visitors wishing to go to Kenya need to have valid passport along with visas.
    That is most credit card (visa / Master Card) debt is $ coming directly from the bank and nothing to do with visa or Master Card.
    Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu, the Eezham Tamil political leaders of the TNA and TNPF were yet to be given with visa by the Indian High Commission in Colombo, news sources in the island said.

    In 5% of cases visa to is used
    Please do not undergo any medial/chest x-ray until your application has been submitted to visa First.

    In 4% of cases visa in is used
    I don't believe in visas and passports.
    The Ethiopian authorities are currently considering a change in visa policy which may involve the withdrawal of the visa on arrival facility.

    In 3% of cases visa about is used
    About visa Wellington On a Plate New Zealand's largest and tastiest culinary festival, visa Wellington On a Plate, is set to serve good times and great deals from August 10-26.
    More broadly, Australia and Papua New Guinea have spoken regularly about visa issues and I'd very pleased we'll be progressing further discussions on that in a very positive light.

    In 3% of cases visa as is used
    The sport is also a hit with sponsors such as visa and Coca-Cola.
    These cover an even wider spectrum of topics such as visa abolition, customs cooperation, information technology, environmental protection, etc.

    In 3% of cases visa from is used
    Over time, this can lead to processing times that vary from visa office to visa office in some immigration categories.
    This is making processing more efficient, helping us to meet our service standards and to make progress in reducing variations in processing times from visa office to visa office.
    For your extra protection when shopping online, Clothing at Tesco uses 3D secure, the Verified by visa (VbV) security programme from visa, and also the SecureCode system from Mastercard.

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