Prepositions used with "village"

"of village" or "in village"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 30% of cases village of is used
    Thousands of villages were smashed.
    On what date, Inundation of village began.
    The layout of village shows the two rivers flowing north to south.
    Stay tuned! These Lion Guardians cover 113km 2 of village land outside Ruaha National Park.
    There have to be a monumental amount of villages missing idiots around here is all I can say.
    No matter what kind of village you are in (suburban neighborhood, farmland, foreign city, etc.
    The committee will shortly receive training from LOGICA in all aspects of village administration, from letter writing to filing.
    This view, this little slice of village and mountain and ocean, is one of the most beautiful sights you'll ever lay your eyes on.
    During the cross-examination of the IO, Helal Uddin where he recognised that he did not go to the place of village of Ibrahim Kuttti.
    The humour here is concentrated primarily on the character sketches and in Datchery's observations on the idiosyncracies of village life.

    In 28% of cases village in is used
    Charkha Samitis were formed in villages.
    A quiet revolution In villages on the slopes of Mt.
    Our students live in villages with little social activity.
    Similarly, dacoity occurred in village Kot Shera at the house of Usman, son of Khalid.
    Meals, she wrote, were previously served from kitchens in villages, but were phased out.
    In another incident, 14 dacoits entered the house of Muhammad Nazeer Warriach in village Veroki.
    In Kilinochchi the army moves around openly in villages questioning and clicking pictures terrifying the civilians.
    Private schools are horizontally constrained in that they arise in villages where there is a pool of secondary-educated women.
    Burundians share with Rwandans the distinction of being the only sedentary Africans who do not traditionally live in villages.
    Yet others are to raise awareness of the young children's rights, especially in villages, pastoralists those living with HIV/AIDS.

    In 13% of cases village to is used
    He rushed from village to village.
    The epidemic then spread to villages where some of the affected girls lived.
    I walked long distances to the farm, to school, and to accompany my mother from village to village visiting relatives.
    Having access to villages like this, speaking to these people, is something I will most likely never be able to do again in my life.
    Barrick started some projects, such as 10 primary and two secondary schools, as newsworthy offerings to villages surrounding all its mines.
    If current socio-economic trends continue and we hit population of 230 million in the next two decades, the clamour will shift to village police.
    They met Ministers and bureaucrats, they met NGOs working in the area, went from village to village, from resettlement site to resettlement site.
    A removable fleece liner is even better because it might possibly give each cushioning and warmth when we as well as your pet are out relating to village.
    Since 1999 he has also spent many arduous months alongside volunteer groups working to bring humanitarian aid to villages and communities affected by the fighting.
    Jok Eng suggested we get really up early to keep a look out for durian buyers, who travel from vilage to village in long boats collecting the fruits to sell in Long Pasia, Marudi, or even Miri.

    In 9% of cases village from is used
    He rushed from village to village.
    Many people from villages further up the river were making a special trip to attend.
    Over forty families from villages in the area are supported directly from a wage from the company.
    The state was involved in the production and distribution of goods and services from village to national level.
    I walked long distances to the farm, to school, and to accompany my mother from village to village visiting relatives.
    Four years ago, Mercy Works began a project to train women from villages around Kiunga to act as voluntary birth attendants.
    Further, Rangasutra run by Sumita Ghose, a for profit venture; sources craft and textile from villages and retails through Fabindia.
    They met Ministers and bureaucrats, they met NGOs working in the area, went from village to village, from resettlement site to resettlement site.
    All the fools on the other side of the bank -- from village morons to newly-wed girls going to in-law's house -- asked if we fell over the speedboat.

    In 5% of cases village for is used
    Khusnun is a veteran of three elections for village chief, or geuchik.
    After vandals broke the pipe, Barrick supplied taps for villages alongside it.
    Songs sung by Noor Jahan for village Girl and Bhai Jaan took India by storm and established Shyam Sunder as one of India's premier music directors.
    Goonj's flagship initiative, Cloth for Work, not only dignifies giving but has also proved that old and discarded material can become a resource for village and slum development.
    Prior to his retirement in 2006, Hatch served as FINCA's Director of Research, the foundation's president, and as chief of party for village Banking programs in Guatemala and El Salvador.
    Hahahahahahahahahahaha hehehehehehehehehehehehe FIRST lady, very funny, see as that one they call Ify abi na Ifeoma, wey i hear say she Gossip pass old woman for village be, like a Fat ape.

    In 5% of cases village through is used
    Through villages and small towns, streets lined with flag waving crowds.
    They only appear late at night (unless there's a problem) and silently pass through villages.
    The hike to the Mongyoni falls took about two and a half hours, partly through villages and partly through the jungle.
    In the countryside peasants seized the large estates on which they established co-operatives and distributed land through village committees.
    But my last sojourn on 2 wheels was in this part of the world and I'd now a little bit of a convert to cycling through villages that you would otherwise zoom past in a car.
    Daily Itinerary Day 1: Umbwe Gate to Umbwe Cave Camp After breakfast you will be driven to the Umbwe Gate at 1800m, passing through villages with banana and coffee plantations.

    In 3% of cases village by is used
    Around the dam site and the nearby villages, the number of cases of malaria has increased six-fold.
    The close by village Gansbaai with the waters around am containing shark cage for scuba diving or spying the Bryde whales.
    It was reported in May 2010 that flogging was being considered as a sentencing option in cases where offenders opt to be dealt with by village elders.
    In a settlement protected by dense mangrove and shrub forest only two people died, whereas in a close by village without similar vegetation almost 6,000 people perished.

    In 3% of cases village on is used
    Some attacks on villages have taken place in daylight hours and close to population centres; even major towns like Yambio are vulnerable to attack.
    For more than three years, the Somali Bandits have been launching attacks on villages in northern Tanzania, especially areas cross to the border of Kenya and Tanzania.
    For more than three years now, the Somali Bandits have been launching attacks on villages in northern Tanzania, especially areas cross to the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

    In 2% of cases village about is used
    To hear more about village life and why one of our.
    LeFort brings an infusion of energy and excitement about village Banking projects to the FINCA International Advisory Board.

    In 2% of cases village at is used
    We're good with juice and FiOS at village View on First and 6th.
    In addition to the school, they've also taught at village elders ' meetings, community banks, mama's groups, churches, mosques, pool halls, football (soccer) meetings, and throughout the community.

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