Prepositions used with "video"

"of video" or "for video"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases video of is used

There are hundreds of video games.

Oh there are also a couple of videos.

I made a couple of videos about this.

There are plenty of video demos already available for the currently supported features.

The number of videos uploaded to youtube is very important to earn money from youtube.

There's also a lot of videos scattered on Youtube about Islam criticizing Christianity.

I read a lot of ebooks and filled out a lot of worksheets and watched a lot of videos and studied tons of blog posts.

The standard VGA graphics adapter is a generic windows file that doesn't support the advanced features of video cards.

He further said that the Hajj footage for the half hour program was selected from a total of 42 hours of video recording.

We used a combination of video -- quite possibly the most horrible moment for my husband but Angie loved it -- and books.

In 16% of cases video for is used

Ed IS is extremely useful for video.

My files are large for video and 3D models.

I think 10 grand, which is nothing for videos.

You can even communicate with your friends in Skype as it's also designed for video chats.

Even the contrast autofocus in lifeview is comparatively fast (but not really usable for video).

This is the most controlled and sophisticated vehicle for video news reporting and storytelling.

Any Apple company company computer system podium has only also been overly good perhaps for video clip editing novices.

Video Provider Class Structure Adding new providers will be easier thanks to a standard class structure for video providers.

I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do in Kompozer but do a search for videos or guides-because they are out there.

Place graphics on a timeline for video content, then distribute to automated playlists in the control room and master control.

In 13% of cases video on is used

Their reunion, which was caught on video, shows.

On video, the man is seen in a scuffle, before he is pinned down.


After he comes back saying that he spent the $ 20 on video games you give him another $ 20.

With these simple planning steps on video content, success starts looming at the end of the video.

I've also had the pleasure of learning a lot while working on Video Thumbnails, and it's time to take advantage of that.

About two years ago, two young Singapore soldiers were caught on video getting spooked by a Pontianak (see video below).

The Review Team did also have a note from Kulvinder Chohan to the effect that the child had retracted the allegations on video.

In some comments on videos about the NDAA, there were people always talking about Ron Paul so I went and I looked up a speech.

In 11% of cases video with is used

A script that is read with video.

This possible with Video Ripper Pro.

Many police cars are equipped with video cameras for just this purpose.

You'll find him experimenting with video and visual forms of blogging at Tilt Market.

So leverage that with video! with photos or other images (that you've likely created yourself).

These contain loads of Audi info along with videos, images and media content to keep people engaged.

These iPads were pre-loaded with video clips highlighting his player, and how it would benefit their team to have him.

The digital version is a replicia of the printed version with video, audio and picture galleries linked to the content.

Plugin and Theme Classes While most video plugins work with Video Thumbnails out of the gate, others require special support.

This view displays a subset of buttons, a smaller status bar and the image window (if playing a clip with video or video-only).

In 10% of cases video in is used

I have few questions and want to see that in video.

Same for all the other silent heroes in video games.

Guns in Video games are DIFFERENT than the real life.

He hasn't used online tutorials or seminars, or found much use in videos on his topic.

You are a skilled communicator, with experience &; resources in video media production.

Incidentally you are in video drinking wine and saying all the quotes attributed to you.

Corvo Attano is one of my favorite characters in video games now because he didn't speak in Dishonored, he took action.

Thus, the T-value is used in CINE lenses which are theoretically more critical in video productions for non-CINE lenses.

An article in Gizmodo on July 26 followed by a feature in Telegraaf in Holland (July 27) caused a slight upward trend in video views.

Let's not forget it was your beloved 4channers that orchestrated that vile campaign of hatred against Women vs Tropes In Video Games.

In 3% of cases video about is used

What do you think of this news about Video: Watch what may be the.

And the fact that it's about video games is just something that I love.

It also gives information about video editor online, best english movies,.

RONALD REAGAN I recently learned something quite interesting about video games.

It's a hard thing to explain; you can think you might know everything there is to know about video games.

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, is a science fiction book, not just a book about video games, although they are certainly very prominent throughout the narrative.

In 3% of cases video as is used

Tablets offer a wide array of added functionality, such as videos, music, email, internet, and apps.

With two Galaxy handsets, you'll be able to wirelessly transmit files, such as videos, extremely quickly.

The site also sells feeding and milk storage bottles as well as videos and DVD's on breastfeeding and baby care.

Other omissions - such as video output and microphone - probably won't be missed by most, and even the mono speaker isn't so bad.

Both technology changes — such as video adoption — and cultural issues — such as user expectation — will require that your company embrace telecommuting.

Cisco, which finds itself competing with Huawei even more as the Chinese company expands into enterprise markets such as video conferencing, declined to comment on Huawei's suggestion.

The best casual web-based dating sites use quality communications functions such as video sharing and may even offer downloadable mobile apps so that their sites can be used through smartphones.

In 3% of cases video from is used

Me doing the dishes I think of syfy things, things from video games and movies.

I have to admit -- most of my civilian buddies only got into firearms they were interested in from video games.

In order to get targeted traffic from videos, you should create videos that are informative and are useful to the viewer.

Back then, those -- including the Guardian -- shouting for universal broadband didn't know what entrepreneurs would do with it apart from video.

It was right next to Universal Studios so they were gradually shifting their business from video games to selling Kaypro and other CP/M systems to screenwriters.

Users can upload videos from their local devices (computer for instance) or share / embed videos from videos sharing networks like Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc.

Since then it has grown to support more video providers and more WordPress setups, but its ultimate goal will always be to make grabbing thumbnails from videos easier.

Ground speed of the helicopter en route is estimated from available radar detail together with Indicated Air Speed taken from video recorded cabin readings and meteorological information.

In 2% of cases video through is used

Why wasn't this talk broadcast on the web, why couldn't I participate through video etc.

Annual meetings will be supported with ongoing dialogues and ad-hoc sessions through video conferencing with an online access to panels of experts on the various issues.

In 2% of cases video to is used

Online entries -- from text to video -- explore the latest news events and how they are shaping our world.

As they did, rubber bullets were fired at them and, according to video footage, one miner with a handgun, loosed off two shots in return.

Here you can see a side by side comparison of a video loading regularly, and a video that is playing smoothly thanks to Video Accelerator.

Include screenshots, links to videos, links to your app store product page, and most importantly, promo codes or actual binaries to test and try out your app.

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