Prepositions used with "victory"

"of victory" or "to victory"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases victory of is used

Sinema's margin of victory over Mr.

UV stood for the University of Victory.

Obama's margin of victory there was 103,000.

Still, Dachau seemed to me the most suitable place in Europe to hear the news of victory.

The American generals then ensured that the full fruits of victory could not be harvested.

Despite the celebrations of victory, a number of issues were not fully addressed at Potsdam.

The enforced absence of ace duo Derek Crowley and Jamie Walsh severely hampered their hopes of victory last Sunday.

He was the secret weapon of victory in that crucial game as he waltzed through the defense of the Algerians with ease.

But the illusion of victory did not last, the emperor experiencing stroke after stroke of disappointment and misfortune.

Obama's margin of victory is over the half-percent mark that would trigger a computer recount unless Romney had waived it.

In 33% of cases victory to is used

She cruised to victory in straight games -- 21-9, 21-4.

Accommodation is probably the most common path to victory.

Ziggler says that he lead Alberto Del Rio to victory tonight.

And India can, in turn, consider borrowing the idea of debating one's way to victory.

By 1945, the Red Army was a well-equipped and well-led army that had got very used to victory.

A leader who MPs believe will lead them to victory will have the support of caucus and the party.

Jay Olmstead had six kills for Alberta in the fourth set and four more in the fifth to lead their offence to victory late.

Yet once again, Niemi got better and better as the importance of the games increased and eventually led his team to victory.

Louis Brice Ollivier led La Romagne to victory after scoring victories over Ivan Juzbasic by 3:0 and Benjamin Rogiers by 3:0.

Bangladesh, who had to chase down a reduced target of 73 in 13 overs, cruised to victory with seven wickets and five balls to spare.

In 12% of cases victory for is used

South Africans are desperate for victory.

Americans want to hear a plan for victory.

They will do whatever it takes for victory.

Chandimal next, who threw away two good chances of batting till the end for victory.

This is not a healthy campaign poised for victory; it's a campaign adrift and desperate for credibility.

If that needed any confirmation it came in Copenhagen when the girls had to fight tooth and nail for victory.

In the twentieth century it has been indispensable for victory in the giant world wars that have shaken our times.

The Royal Australian Navy paid a high price indeed, in terms of sacrifice, in the quest for victory and a lasting peace.

Carlsen is in place in London where he spent the weekend, will be fighting for victory in the prestigious London Chess Classics.

I keep checking my favorite political commentators and statisticians as if their words will assure my comfort and hoped for victory.

In 8% of cases victory in is used

Certainly his death in victory ensured his everlasting fame.

At the end of each round he raises his arms to crowd in victory.

At any rate, Ovett was the more magnanimous, both in victory and defeat.

Then, when the other guy's hand was raised in victory, the tears would flow and I'd be inconsolable.

Today is not about them, but about their opposition, who match the diplomats with their grace in victory.

When we face the destructive power of death, we are to think of the day when death is swallowed up in victory.

On May 16, 1943, the ghetto was liquidated and the Germans blew up the Great Synagogue on Tomlacke Street in victory.

I have a huge amount of respect for the way those lads carry themselves, both in victory but more tellingly, in defeat.

The peace of Makkah which he made remains unique in the annals of history as an example of mercy and magnanimity in victory.

I call on the winners to be magnanimous in victory, the losers to be gracious in defeat and for all to lead Somalia forward to a brighter day.

In 7% of cases victory with is used

With victory in sight, the Allies met to hammer out the post-War economics of the world.

They've gone 10-5 against the Braves this season, with victories in four of their last five head-to-head encounters.

Ideally, as a victor, joy associated with victory and those of us, who have lost too, have taken the result with equanimity.

In London they will struggle, unless Sally Pearson triggers a sudden gold-rush with victory tonight's 100m hurdles final, to break into the top 10.

After signing off her juvenile season with victory in the Group One Cheveley Park Stakes, the three-year-old was making her seasonal debut in the fillies ' Classic.

In 1980 the Williams FW07B and AJ was the combination to beat and, with victories in Argentina, France, Britain, Canada and the USA Alan Jones became World Champion.

QPR's chances have picked up over the last few weeks with victories over Liverpool and Tottenham to keep them just outside of relegation based on points differential.

It was a company founded by 1959 and 1960 World F1 Champion Jack Brabham and it was Denis Hulme who gave the new marque its first win with victory in a Formula Junior race at Brands Hatch in 1961.

In 2% of cases victory from is used

Already, he was moving forward from victory to the difficult times ahead.

I was so disappointed with myself, 98 out of 100! 50ml of beer from victory! Gutted.

A large number of residents from Victory Road, Derby, where the tragedy took place, were in court.

Graeme Swann put an end to this though as he hit nine from four balls, including a cruical boundary off Munaf Patel to put the hosts one run away from victory.

In 1% of cases victory between is used

Until he donned Lycra, he had no understanding of the difference between victory and conquest.

However, the Adrian Newey designed RB8 is far superior to Alonso's F2012 and will be his only hurdle between victory and second place in the Drivers ' Championship.

If brief power cuts can decide the fate of the elections, and become a factor between victory and defeat, it begs the question as to why international observers and media were not present at all.

In 1% of cases victory into is used

Therefore, in order to make the 2016 dream a reality, there inevitable comes a time when talk has to translate into performance on the pitch and performance into victories.

I think it is really important to realize that the central story of the Bible -- that Jesus died and was raised from the dead -- is essentially a story of perceived failure turning into victory.

In 1% of cases victory without is used

He never came back from any war without victory.

History demonstrates that the US is not very good at winning wars, having gone without victory in any major conflict since 1945.

Inter, meanwhile, have now gone seven matches without victory and coach Claudio Ranieri will only face more questions about his future after this latest setback.

At the Battle of Auerstadt to the north 63,000 Prussians assaulted Davout's 27,000 French for six hours without victory, when news of Jena reached them they broke.

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