Prepositions used with "venue"

"of venue" or "at venue"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases venue of is used

The choice of venue depends on the value of your case, i.

You can never plan for family emergencies, flooding of venues, illness or anything else.

Almost immediately, speculation began about Romney's choice of venue for the announcement.

Yuill, who is himself from Australia, noted that the choice of venue was an interesting one.

Your comment about theater-in-the-round caught my attention because I have always enjoyed that kind of venue.

I still do work in a couple of venues in Portland, but try to mostly do recording and tour when it comes up.

She should move for a change of venue -- Federal Court in the NY Southern District, where she can argue NY Security Law.

June 22 -- Doug and Shelley Harper Doug and Shelley have performed throughout central Appalachia in a variety of venues.

Most venues have now agreed to this and are now offering the concession (though the tour promoter is still negotiating with a couple of venues).

Why the change of venue? And what goes into selecting the right venue for such an event? Change of venue because this year we asked an entrance fee.

In 19% of cases venue at is used

The labs will take place in January 2013 at venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness.

That Saturday the local hurling switchboard went into overdrive, lights flashing at venues throughout the county.

While Jazz In The New Europe is being celebrated at venues across town, the best of the diverse British scene is also well represented.

It has been part of rugby union's calendar since 1999 at venues like Dubai, Las Vegas, London, Wellington and Australia's Gold Coast, where the action begins on Saturday.

Over the last couple of years, Noah has focused on fine-tuning his looping show, which he's recently been performing on the college circuit as well as at venues throughout the Twin Cities.

In 8% of cases venue in is used

Usually people in venues are professional enough to realize that their job is to help bands ' engineers, not hinder them.

The latest release of tickets can be bought only online, before they are picked up at collection points in venues for pre-purchased tickets.

They showed images of the advances being made in venue preparation, with events already taking place in the mountain cluster, and the coastal venues already well on their way to completion.

In 6% of cases venue to is used

These girls just wander around from venue to venue, often picking up guys on the street.

Eastgate Street When pubs close, people head for ' the strip ', home to venues Fever, TNT, Zest, Butlers and Liquid.

In 5% of cases venue through is used

Jazz Services publishes Jazz UK, a free magazine with a print run of 30,000 that is distributed through venues, colleges, libraries and shops.

For those who are able, Jazz Services also has a number of Keep Jazz On The Road donation cards, which we can send on for distribution through venues, shops, etc.

In 5% of cases venue with is used

Adolph's time in the industry has also led him to close ties with venue organizers like Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centerand the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition center.

In 3% of cases venue as is used

Policies set forth by our clients, such as venues, teams and theatres, prohibit us from issuing exchanges or refunds after a purchase has been made or for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.

In 3% of cases venue from is used

These girls just wander around from venue to venue, often picking up guys on the street.

In 3% of cases venue on is used

Brian Brigoli, committee on venue vice chairman.

Have a look at the amount we have to spend on venues, insurance, all those things we can't do a show without, and you'll see why so many of us are working unpaid.

In 1% of cases venue around is used

I find the Button Factory my personal favourite for a comfortable, easy to get around venue.

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