Prepositions used with "value"

"of value" or "in value"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases value of is used

There is no safe store of value.

Most things of value need to be worked for.

Because he exercised his own set of values.

Social Media success comes from delivering some sort of value to members and followers.

It's about giving your article the kind of value that a Google-able story doesn't give.

Many people don't see much value in share buybacks but there is a lot of value in them.

I found nothing of value in Metro, and the loss of the Start Menu a devastating hit to the efficiency of my workflow.

In a free market, companies need to produce something of value to make money, they don't just get it from government.

Also for some measures of value it created a problem as it like the Big Mac is used for international cost comparisons.

If they changed tack and tried to go on house size, again they couldnt do it, as size is not always indicative of value.

In 19% of cases value in is used

It is measured in values gained.

In value Vilafonte is worth one unit.

That's how much they believe in value.

Trade in value won't even pay off the old loan, let alone put money down on the new one.

Paddy Power already have machines that can cope with 95% (in value) of traditional bets.

Economic recovery is a good thing, but in general metals fall in value during a recovery.

In other words the values of the currencies they held, fell in value, thus reducing the SNB's total holdings ' value.

However, gold bullion has recorded the first weekly basis gain since early October, and increased in value by over 3%.

When they started using silver, the silver coin was made 16 times the weight of gold, to make them equivalent in value.

Is the dollar going to collapse? I think the dollar is going to continue to go down in value against foreign currencies.

In 10% of cases value to is used

Yet we don't seem to value these qualities.

He wants us to value the relationship to pursue him.

It is important to value the prestige of being a free man.

Instead of honouring the so-called donor's pride, we need to value the receiver's dignity.

And it would take a tremendous miracle for me to value my own work enough to demand payment.

It is a great thing to value the freedom we now have and to continue keeping within compass.

We have to value our effort and abilities enought to price our work so that it reflects both material and time spent.

Emilia Marty took 300 years to recognise what was once known to everyone: that to value life we must accept our death.

To value the sound of a poem as much as its written meaning may seem like a new thing; in fact it's as old as the hills.

To begin with, our social order needs to value business successes, not look upon them as interlopers or social ' upstarts '.

In 5% of cases value with is used

To reach payment you must click 10 000 ads with value $0.

A component with value auto does not impose a keep condition.

In our tests we were able to successfully compile with values of -Xmx128M and -Xmx256M.

Revolutionizing the concept of Software Engineering along with value addition like no other.

It is not intended for use with values that precede the advent of the Gregorian calendar (1582).

The remarkable plateaus indicated quantization of the Hall conductance with values at integer multiples of e 2 /h.

So silly huh? All this messing about, all the time, with value and self-worth and making money and success and failure.

These may of course have to do with value instabilities and social drifts, deviance and other perversive modes of existence.

Students are challenged with virtually recreating the artifact by experimenting with values and positioning of objects on a grid.

In 4% of cases value for is used

Secure file share opens unlimited possibilities for value added services.

Anonymous is likely a transient phenomenon (for values of transient of around a decade or so).

Ambassador Stevens spent his whole career working for values that you clearly don't agree with.

However dispositions to purchasers for value without notice of the intention to defraud shall not be voidable.

Like many other mobile users searching for value (with the little money I have to spend ), I own a Claro and a LIME phone.

The supplier shall pay compensation for value reductions or loss unless the value reduction or loss is not the supplier's fault.

When dividing the overall pie score by the cost of an individual pie, Lidl gets the top spot for value for money followed by Greggs then Aldi.

This is all bad news for the wineries, but it has been good news for consumers who are scouring their local wine shops or the internet for values.

Such sustainability was argued to be achievable beyond donor funding as product offerings would be market driven with consumers paying for value received through innovative products.

What I've been finding over the last few years is that the sweet spot for values seems to be in my $16-30 price category and that the majority of the values are coming from the Right Bank.

In 2% of cases value about is used

But, you talk about value adding.

Network marketing is all about value.

Today is the 4th week at 6D! it was great! our new unit is about values and conflict.

Doing this research you can learn more about value of pictures that you look at purchase.

Transactions generally ask voice watchful users to keep up intricate program about values.

For instance, they typically take between the two 60-70% of going to be the value regarding the home as their loan to learn more about value ratios.

XSH, Issue 5 addresses this problem by changing the type of the return value from int to ssizet, and adding a warning to the Description about values of msgsz larger the SSIZEMAX.

I am pleased to say that very few have fallen into this category so far, while the debate about values, systems and society has been vibrant and generally respectful of others ' views.

Absolution from the intent to offend or to be hostile is granted only to the many very dumb and mindless who follow fads, who don't know or appreciate anything about values in the first place.

In 2% of cases value by is used

By value, that figure would be even higher.

In the quarter, oil imports went up by about 12% by volume and 39% by value.

At end-1999, a majority of the shares (by value) in AIB Bank were owned abroad.

I passed by Value Village again because of course, its wednesday so 20% off for students.

In the UK, The Fladgate Partnership account for 72% of the market by value for 40 year old tawnies (though it's a tiny market -- they produce just three pipes (200 cases) /annum).

The essential thing therefore is how much RAW manufactured British parts, by value, go into all the foreign-owned UK Assembly plants? I suspect everything from 2% to 60% is the truth.

Coffee is an important export commodity: in 2004, coffee was the top agricultural export for 12 countries, and in 2005, it was the world's seventh largest legal agricultural export by value.

An expert report indicates that Zimbabwe's diamond production could double the current global output and easily contribute by 2015, 25 percent of the world's supply by value and 30 percent by volume.

In 2% of cases value on is used

Inflation is a depreciation on value of money.

Also depends on value of the car when it was new, and year of manufacture 6.

Rwanda has a very strong foundation based on values, traditions and culture of proud people.

Meme are what they are similar to truisms, based on values and reality in varying amounts of balance.

We live in a culture that thinks if not searchable, then it does not exist JG: there is so much effort on value that comes from other areas.

I think each of us fixates on values that we pick up in our late childhood-to-mid-teen years, and carry those values with us throughout life.

I have long been interested in why Republicans and Democrats believe as they do, and this type of research on values zeroes in on this question.

Now we've tried to revolutionise this so it is virtual, and reloadable, and PINless -- as well as price-transparent, with no hidden fees and full disclosure on value.

Moreover, Salmond -- with his civic, inclusive nationalism based on values rather than race -- could be seen to be giving breakaway groups a new democratic legitimacy.

When we sell on value here, we should pitch the price as to what it is worth to the client; not what it costs us to do at the time, because that is a totally false basis.

In 1% of cases value at is used

Your actual marketing important, consequently produce just about all at value.

To curb those late night cravings, visit the Candlewood Cupboard where you can purchase food and sundry items at value prices.

In 1% of cases value between is used

We can therefore suggest there is a strong relationship between values, behaviours and results.

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