Prepositions used with "user"

"of user", "for user" or "to user"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases user of is used

Please defend the rights of users.

Thousands of users use the website.

They probably have a large number of users.

Each bit of user data is converted into a series of redundant bit patterns called chips.

As part of user interface design, companies began to focus on the usability of a product.

Moreover, the pricing of 3G continues to remain a constraint for a large chunk of users.

Usergroups are groups of users that divide the community into manageable sections board administrators can work with.

It all comes from the same bucket of users who want to consume information -- or users who want to create information.

The Arduino development platform is quite a remarkable system, and the online community of users is growing every day.

The apps are designed for multiple platforms, though the majority of users access the apps via the Apple iOS platform.

In 17% of cases user for is used

And that's exciting for users and website owners.

The UK government made 1,425 requests for user data.

PS Platform, for Users to connect with other Users online.

You hide all the answers and set up event handlers for users to click on the questions.

Commercial Features: Makes it possible for users to showcase their products and services.

In addition, Twitter will build psychographic profiles for users and identify influencers.

For users who can pull of MITM (Man in the Middle) Attacks this is a sure way to rake in data from a public network.

It is important for users to take necessary precautions, especially to ensure appropriate safety from viruses, worms.

The trouble with IT is that a lot of different, supporting pieces must be in place before it becomes useful for users.

The apps are designed for users to play and vote during TV shows, increasing engagement and enhancing the TV experience.

In 17% of cases user to is used

I hope they continue listening to users this way.

Price for an average trip relative to users ' income.

Price for an average trip relative to users ' income.

All rights in the Marks are reserved and no licence or right to use is granted to Users.

Here, you can assign different layout for different users at Assign Layout to Users tab.

Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to users based on their visit to www.

It's nothing mind-blowing, but the little touches here and there will add to user delight, and that's what's needed to.

A search is on for promising technological solutions, but for the time being, it is up to users to police the service.

The company has Pricing Power (Regular excise tax increase are simply passed on to users but it does not deter buyers).

In 7% of cases user by is used

You may be offended by User Content that you see on the Service.

User agrees that all Spends initiated by User are final and not reversible.

Products are sold at home and abroad, which was unanimously praised by users.

TWikiPreferences, and can be overwritten by user preferences (your personal topic, eg: Main.

Treatment by sterreich Werbung of personal data transmitted by users of the websites austria.

Reported by users, Thomas Sabo Au, to avoid is definitely simpler compared to in order to remedy.

It also places restrictions on the use of encryption by users to prevent unlawful interception of their communications.

Creating a simple website can be a game of certain hours if the hosting plan selected by user supports assorted templates.

If users have one copy of Microsoft Word, for example, it can be installed on user A's computer--and still used by user B.

Some users had problems, but none had to contend with the inflated prices, health risks and threat of jail faced by users today.

In 5% of cases user from is used

Here's the entry from user MichaKri of Germany.

We have received a lot of feedback from users of mr.

Copyright is just leverage for taking even more away from users.

I have read complaints from users abroad saying that it takes them to the wrong place.

Except one widget (I will come to that later) we just asked for plain username from users.

Then Apple makes other profits from users living in Steve Jobs ' walled garden of delights.

They mainly focused on getting information about services to users and sending information from users to service deliverers (i.

Learning from one another, building skills to use the products more effectively and us taking the info from users to help build a better product.

We want as many new ideas, thoughts and inspirational requirements from users and innovators to help shape the portal design, functionality and features.

XSS is a type of exploit in which an attacker tampers with a website, injecting scripts that could capture personal information from users visiting the website.

In 4% of cases user in is used

It claims a 50 per cent rise in users for those it renovates.

Novelty of this app creates doubt as well as curiosity in users mind.

Consider this growth in user numbers of Facebook as reported by InsideFacebook.

Your investigations will have shown that these messages can not be found in users ' PMs.

Even raising the question of whether users want to trust Facebook could sow seeds of doubt in users ' minds.

To give one example (it's late ): Portugal has decriminalised all drugs - there has been no increase in users.

We are now 18 months into the surge in user generated content, and a technology base that eases distribution of music.

We do not endorse any User Content or support any views, opinions, recommendations, or advice that may be in user submissions.

As with any data, security will be uppermost in users thoughts as will the storage of data with mores services going into the cloud.

Easy mode to use 2 instances of skype under Linux: start the usual instance with the shortcut from desktop, with the current loged in user.

In 4% of cases user on is used

Three versions were made based on user demand.

Also many ISP's are forcing updates on users which have the WPS feature turned off.

Creation of structured digital ' reviews ' based on user description of their problem.

Apple sells its products on the basis of styling and branding and relies on user brand loyalty.

It automates user storage management tasks based on user roles and customized business policies.

Looks good till now, but there should be a possibility for reordering the list on user preference.

Apps will be ranked based on user ratings, engagement, and other quality metrics to determine whether they make the cut.

The growth of personal computing in the past two decades of the 20th century put a new emphasis on user interface design.

If users have one copy of Microsoft Word, for example, it can be installed on user A's computer--and still used by user B.

For Windows Vista or XP Fast User Switching enabled machines, additional logic has to be implemented to determine which logged on user inserted the USB.

In 3% of cases user per is used

Average revenue per user (ARPU) dropped by 12.

Voice training usually takes only a few minutes per user.

Do you kno what is the current rate limit per user per hour in Twitter? it's only 75! Configuration Editor 3.

But that's if LIME's projection that average revenue per user (ARPU) should level out at US$8 to US$9 a month, or higher by then.

So imagine Verizon charge facebook ONE PENNY per user per day or even per month to stream their content faster to all those users.

The number of loans per user varies ranging from 5 books for undergraduates, 10 for post-graduate student and 20 for faculty member.

Most of the services out there are geared towards teams of people and are priced per user so that the more people you want in the chat, the more money you have to pay.

In 3% of cases user with is used

The Perfect 10 case dealt with users who were downloading (i.

But what you lose there you gain in being with users everywhere.

You can compete with users all over the world through the internet.

Instagram used its Facebook fan page to communicate with users of its photo-sharing service.

Consult with users to determine the factors that they consider important when creating LOS rating systems.

Mr Bonneau reports improvement over time with users selecting stronger passwords, but at a very weak rate.

The thin clients used are only providing published desktops and are not able to have a screensaver with user authentication enabled.

Companies who use social media to provide value: On Twitter: Buffer -- When they're not engaging with users, Buffer is tweeting useful links.

The first sort Hawaiian internet user have been using ugg boots uk for a long time, while they had been a hot type of footwear with users Down Under.

Among the age segments, 15-24 years of age group has been the fastest growing age segment online with user growth being contributed by both male and female segments.

In 2% of cases user between is used

Surely I will see conflicts between users here.

Any disputes that arise between Users are not the responsibility of Issuer.

Any disputes that arise between Users are not the responsibility of Issuer.

Everyday, new websites are made and billions of bytes of data are transferred between users.

And when conflicts between users interests come up, people work them through civily on the mailing list or fork.

In the process they dissect the media landscape of the 21st century and shatter the wall between users and producers.

This was done because an IPS's network assets could not handle all users at the same time so they had to rotate IP addressed between users.

The other studies mentioned did not prove soda caused diabetes or heart disease either, but again, an association between users and these conditions.

I did this a few months ago and, as you can see for Richard, evolang appears quite frequently) and it doesn't really delineate between users and topics.

If at all possible, and time and money allow, build a mock-up of the entire system, or elements of it, and use it to try out the match between users and the system.

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