Prepositions used with "universe"

"of universe" or "in universe"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 54% of cases universe of is used
    The multiverse theory proposes an infinite number of universes.
    According to them, the irony of universe is that the universe does have a sense of humor.
    The study of universe reveals that it is ruled by reason whom the Stoics call Divine Reason.
    The wheel of universe continues revolving regardless of who faces destruction and in what condition.
    The conscious mind that is inner core of mind of all the individual embodied souls is the one single human mind of universe.
    Thus, this argument seeks to overcome the low probability of having a universe with life in it with a multiplicity of universes.
    He is the cause of the creation of universe, liberator of persons from this worldly sea and giver of the knowledge of all the vidyas.
    They are rare and their number is a sensitive probe of the kind of universe we live in, how fast it is expanding, and how much matter it contains.
    In the second state, the essence of conscience is meeting the nature's essence or its core essence called conscious mind that is one for all living being of universe.
    If black holes are the origins of universes (as you seem to claim ), and there are millions of black holes in our universe alone - any estimate on how many universes? Excellent article.

    In 21% of cases universe in is used
    All kinds of Life in universe have suffering.
    Rare person does not perceive dual thought of the things in universe.
    MS may be the most honest person in universe but that is not helping India's cause.
    The conscience is forever, and it is conscience that is flowing in all living being in universe.
    Indeed, virtually nothing is known about the possibility of life in universes that are very different from ours.
    What is your role in this? Are you aware of Nassim Haramein's work? Every organism has a discrete role in universe.

    In 4% of cases universe about is used
    And most of all, we need to remember what it is that's kept us reading all these years, what got us excited about universes and characters, and.

    In 4% of cases universe between is used
    To my understanding there is a vast difference between universe and galaxy.

    In 4% of cases universe on is used
    Want to get your astrophoto featured on universe Today? Join our Flickr group or send us your images by email (this means you're giving us permission to post them).

    In 4% of cases universe to is used
    Portal or gateway to universe is in the heart, as portal or gateway to this planet is in the brain.
    Therefore we have to decide arbitrarily to allocate directions to universe seen overhead as well as those seen below and to right and left.

    In 2% of cases universe as is used
    On the other side of the black hole is a white hole, also known as universe.

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