Prepositions used with "unity"

"of unity", "for unity" or "in unity"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases unity of is used

Mansur did not speak idly of Unity.

That promise is the promise of unity.

But there is always some type of unity.

Back home, the little girl who left the country in conflict is now a powerful symbol of unity.

Jama Mohamed Askar -- Hargeisa The winds of unity are blowing in the Northern Somali territories.

I say this because lack of unity appears to be intolerable to scientific knowledge over the long run.

The historical facts are reminded to stress the importance of unity in diversity, which is normal in modern societies.

Only **27;2617;TOOLONG with their fanatical pursuit of narrow-minded understanding of truth stand in the way of unity.

She also echoed this year's prevailing sentiment of unity as Umno would face a strong opposition in the upcoming polls.

He advised the Igbo to work closely among themselves, as he believed that more would be achieved in a true spirit of unity.

In 11% of cases unity for is used

This requires that we establish a common basis for unity and agreement.

The minority reporter had not called for a split but had called for unity.

All through this Mahatama Gandhi called for unity among the two religious groups.

Perhaps I shall turn from it, perhaps not, but for now, pray not for converts, but for unity of our nation and peace in our world.

He held this office continuously for eleven years and worked for unity of Muslim brotherhood amongst all Muslim nations citation needed.

Agyewodin appealed for unity among Ghanaians, noting with regret the rising indiscipline among particularly the youth who had been gripped by the vanity of foreign items and lifestyles.

In 11% of cases unity in is used

Only in unity is there strength.

And they can dance together in unity.

The Situation in Unity State remains changeable.

Mohammed, there can be no strength in unity if Hausa kill Igbo and Yoruba hate Igbo.

There is such a special fellowship and prayer in unity with others of the same convictions.

In 2012 there have been incidents of violence emanating from armed rebel groups, particularly in Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei States.

As Malaysians we step forward together in unity and harmony for all Malaysians and not pay heed to the strident voices of some with their narrow interests.

I found this online, and I could not say it better than this: To gather in unity? It is refreshing and invigorating when people come together, in celebration of a common purpose.

In 8% of cases unity to is used

Usually this Z value is very close to unity.

Anyway preserve the essence of Counter Strike thanks to Unity 3D and multiplayer game is as amazing as the original.

This allows us to treat all probabilities as conditional probabilities, normalising the wavefunction to unity total probability.

Somalia is a nationality made up of people who are of the Somali race who chose to unity from different nationalities namely Somaliland and Somalia.

It is difficult to know what the Philippians made of his exhortations to unity when he exhibits nothing but contempt for those at Ephesus who disliked him.

In 3% of cases unity about is used

Obama's many House United speeches, by contrast, are always about unity for its own sake -- a curious idea.

Lagaan is one of my all-time favorite movies, and as its antecedent, Naya daur matches up very well as an entertaining and inspiring fable about unity and courage.

In 3% of cases unity towards is used

We are moving towards Unity Consciousness.

In 3% of cases unity with is used

It is aligning with unity consciousness.

It is a journey that should be made with unity.

In a four day camp this past August Center for Global Integrated Education sponsored and conducted a Peace Art project Camp for children in collaboration with Unity Church of Pomona.

In 1% of cases unity from is used

China firmly supported Africa in seeking strength from unity and promoting the integration process.

People in all African countries desire to achieve enduring peace and stability, accelerate self-generated development, seek strength from unity and promote international cooperation.

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