Prepositions used with "unit"

"of unit" or "per unit"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases unit of is used

Compute the number of units in ending inventory.

The numeric argument to this function must be of unit power zero.

However, that is the number of units that we know could be built.

This sort of unit is a one piece unit that supplies all your heating and cooling desires.

With its authorisation in third party developers Nintendo found huge success in sales of units.

Prices of units just below the penthouse level of the 42-storey tower hit a high of S$3,400 psf.

This is not because the demand isn?? t there, but because there are a limited number of units available, Hildebrand says.

And given the amount of interest, you would be dead lucky to get your hands on a parcel of units as a lowly retail investor.

So for now I have all of Unit 1 and half of Unit 2 posted to my TPT store for FREE! Yes! Head on over there and download them all.

Taking an intrinsic freezing time t f ' for the case of unit driving force, D T = 1; then for general D T: t f = t f ' / (hD T) (6.

In 32% of cases unit per is used

Action is the change per unit of time.

We use velocity as length per unit of time.

Thus density, symbol r, is defined as mass per unit volume.

The intensity of the distributed load is w and has dimensions of force per unit length.

There may be a few summers like last year when Maharashtra bought power at Rs 10 per unit.

For example caravans on holiday parks or lodges are usually charged per unit of accommodation e.

Yield per unit of farmland improved by more than 30% between1947 (when India gained political independence) and 1979.

The government is committed to reducing its carbon emissions per unit of GDP by 17 per cent over the next five years.

If you look at subsidies per unit of power produced, renewables receive much larger subsidies than conventional energy.

Phrased explicitly, it is the number of species immigrating per unit time onto an island already occupied by S species.

In 12% of cases unit in is used

In unit 2 510 have been plugged.

In unit 3 807 have been plugged.

The number six is the world number; in 666 it occurs in units, tens, and hundreds.

General contractors in construction are classified in unit group 0711 Construction managers.

Life is not measured in units of time, but in accomplishments, both in number and in greatness.

The amount of exposure to pollutants is often measured in units of micrograms of substance per cubic metre of air (g/m 3).

Renovation contractors and home building contractors are classified in unit group 0712 Home building and renovation managers.

None of the disadvantages of ETFs justifies the tens of thousands of dollars you're giving up in expenses if you invest in unit trusts.

Earlier, in 1950, Fritz London had predicted this quantization effect but in units of hc / e, twice the result of Deaver and Fairbank.

My partner has been talking about investing in unit trust as a future savings for our family, but I haven't really checked out anything so far.

In 5% of cases unit for is used

He has never worked for UNIT and is not related to Dr Liz Shaw.

The degree of occupational mobility that exists for unit groups varies.

The legal values for unit are the same as those listed in the description of the TIMESTAMPADD() function.

For example, the experts at our flagship hospital are now able to do the reporting for units like Selam, Goa and Vijayawada.

Later that year confirmor transactions for units under construction was banned and a 10% levy was charged on all cancelled transactions.

This format was selected for unit groups that contain a single core occupation, such as 1242 Legal administrative assistants and 2146 Aerospace engineers.

This format was selected for unit groups that consist of two or more sub-components which, while similar enough to be in the same unit group, can be described separately.

In 4% of cases unit to is used

Just think os how to unit test the below ASP.

Orji Uzor Kalu's effort to unit the Igbos is a welcome idea that i so much cherish.

He took sick leave regardless but this only led to Unit 5702 terminating his employment contract.

Tikoli said to let peace prevailed, there is need to unit, leave in compaction and justice to stand.

Examples include SLP consultation to units for young people who are excluded from school (Clegg et al.

That is, a plumbing contractor is classified to unit group 7203 Contractors and supervisors, pipefitting trades.

This isn't necessarily true either especially when it comes to unit trusts, mutual funds, financial advisers and ETFs).

None of the FDI equity caps are applicable to units in SEZs, including those sectors reserved for small-scale industries.

By restricting the patent to units of one thousand spindles, it could be used only in a factory: a vital decision, which economic historians seem to have missed.

The only means by which the last two commodities can be met is by recovering, repairing and returning to Units every possible gun, tank and vehicle within a matter of hours.

In 4% of cases unit with is used

Doctor Who elegantly copes with UNIT dating.

Take into account that you will be living in one building with units occupied by other individuals.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and BuzzFeed all monetize with units in the stream of the core experience.

Even when sailing in company, problems arose in communicating with units which could not be issued classified publications.

The fees are normally quite well hidden - rather complicated, with units and quarterly fees with different names here and there, and can easily amount to 2% p.

I do have a major issue with unit fillers - mainly around ones so big that the player can not adjust the models into the required rank formations when they wish to reform.

As with unit trusts, private investors buying shares in an investment trust are buying into a diversified portfolio of assets (to reduce risk ), which is managed by a professional fund manager.

In 2% of cases unit at is used

The leaders at Unit 5702 however were unmoved.

According to Ding, the wife of the judge worked at Unit 5702.

The head of that committee had been the doctor at Unit 5702 in early 1970s.

This helps in addressing the concerns related to shortage of Radiologists at unit hospitals as well as for taking the second opinion for other expert Radiologist.

The products offered on the Web Site are sold by GRE Alpha which is a company registered under the laws of Hong Kong, with registered office situate at Unit 323 &; 325, 3/F.

In 2% of cases unit into is used

I will recommend you to to put half your money into unit trust.

What I wanted to do next was convert all these files into unit tests.

Our relationship managers are divided into units with each unit handling particular industries.

In 2% of cases unit on is used

Work on Unit 1 was completed at the end of March 1984 and on Unit 2, in July 1985 to create installed capacity of 1800 MW.

It is there so that the fuel gauge does not go irratic when going up or down hills - try cleaning pins on unit or possibly unit faulty.

In 1% of cases unit from is used

Since then, our students have worked very hard to achieve new qualifications; from units in reading, writing, speaking and listening, to Core Skills units in Communication.

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