Prepositions used with "license"

of, under, Pre, for or in license?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases license of is used

Denial, Suspension, Revocation of License.

Watson of the Sorrento hotel, applied for transfer of license to W.

These Terms of Service includes a number of licenses that are necessary for GROU.

Note that this post means that Debian *does* its job by checking the validity of licenses.

All proceedings before the issuance of the CDO shall be confidential; (2) Suspension of License.

He urged the participants to query miners over their type of licenses, since some mining operators were working with inappropriate licenses.

A recent High Court ruling, ordering a conversion of licenses, would allow these companies to structure their services and open up options to consumers.

Electrical work is regulated by strict rules and electricians are required to have special types of licenses to undertake different types of electrical work.

Supporters are protesting government plans to liberalize the industry by increasing the number of licenses and allowing drivers to transfer from one city to another.

This trade covers almost every imaginable transaction, and is forbidden and made unlawful except when allowed under the form of licenses issued by the Secretary of Commerce (p.

In 13% of cases license under is used

They do not set out to deliberately under license their software and the vast majority really try hard to their licensing accurate.

There are some exceptions where items are prohibited or restricted (import permitted under license) or where imports are allowed only through a state-owned enterprise.

Arnold We were able to track down only one photograph of Dan Arnold, which is reproduced in the book Escape from Paradise, under license from the Associated Press, but for print, only.

In 9% of cases license Pre is used

That's why it's important to keep the goal in mind when selecting your real estate Pre License course or school.

In 7% of cases license for is used

After 50 thousand rupees per year for license renewal.

Physicians should plan for at least a 60-day period from the time they submit a completed application for license and the actual date licensure is granted.

She says after one has identified where to locale the shop for any business they need to ensure that they have applied for licenses and registration to legitimise their operations.

In 6% of cases license in is used

Older kids can make phrases out of the letters in license plates.

The Middling The Living Daylights Maybe the reason they went all out with the gore in License to Kill is because of how tame Dalton is in this.

In 4% of cases license Without is used

Without license, you don't have the right to distribute the work.

In 3% of cases license off is used

Kavanagh 's, as well as in 330ml bottles in selected off licenses.

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