Prepositions used with "construction"

of, under, in, for or on construction?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases construction of is used

There was a lot of construction noise after 8am however.

However, the development of construction has not stopped.

This entry is a masterpiece of construction utilizing hand-beading.

The first submission is comprised of the development of construction kit assets.

The gross value of construction works performed for these projects amounted to $5.

During the peak period of construction, the operation employed about 9,000 workers.

Table 1 shows the gross value of construction works performed by main contractors in the first quarter of 2009.

His duties, as outlined, included responsibility for the Engineering Department and supervision of construction.

It has overall responsibility for the planning and supervision of construction and maintenance of national roads.

It is expected to create nearly 1,000 jobs at the peak of construction, which could begin by the end of this year.

In 22% of cases construction under is used

The site is under construction.


One thousand more are under construction.

Goldwind's first overseas wind project in Asia is under construction in Pakistan.

Is it true? c) Can HUF purchase dwelling units (flat) which is under construction.

I was there year 2009 and it is so impressive although it still under construction.

Close to the epicenter, a bridge under construction gave way, killing four workers, according to the agency.

A new block was under construction in order to cope with the increased number of guests during the Olympics.

At present there are projects under construction to make free electron lasers operating at X-ray wavelengths.

A pipeline is under construction from Tikhoretsk Tuapse-2 to the Tuapse refinery (247 km, 250,000 b/d capacities).

In 17% of cases construction in is used

Growth in construction slowed to 3.

The index of production in construction decreased by 17.

They were simple in construction but strong and well made.

But please be advised that you actually need to have worked in construction - i.

Japanese growth has been helped by the growth in construction and strong export growth.

I know several people who are going to be working on the project in construction roles.

In fact future demand can be met almost entirely with currently producing projects plus those in construction.

The delay in construction of the much needed bridge reflects government non preparedness in this field as well.

However, the Quarterly Employment Survey released on Tuesday does suggest a gradual lift in construction employment.

Similar in construction to pads used by women for their periods, hemorrhoid pads are safe for use by almost everyone.

In 10% of cases construction for is used

The total cost for construction is about Rs 15 lakh.

The median annual wage for construction workers in 2010 was $29,280.

Standardisation of jackets is only possible for construction principles.

Request for construction of Bailey bridge was sent to the concerned department.

For years beach sand was used for construction, leading to problems of erosion.

Funds have been allocated to the states for construction of the trauma centres.

Get rid of the VAT (or halve it) and that will provide a kick start for construction up and down the country.

This could herald amplified activity for construction M &A,; provided the overall economy continues to do well.

During this event we are going to do a SPECIAL FUNDRAISING aiming to raise money for Construction of Dining hall and kitchen.

We have a client company coming over from Canada in the next two weeks to recruit for construction jobs all over North America.

In 5% of cases construction on is used

For more information on Construction Advisors.

People must wear hard hats and safety boots on construction sites.

He is the expert on construction costs and communication and his services are used from the inception of a project its completion.

From kickbacks on construction costs, capital gains unfiled, blatant money laundering and a twisted snake of Ponzi scheme throughout.

Hays conducted the same migration survey on construction workers 12 months ago and found 69 per cent were not confident the economy would improve.

On infrastructure, the focus should be on Construction of Roads, the status of the Central Railway line and Efficiency of operations in ports and airports.

He told the men of the village that there was a place where they could earn 40,000 takka a month (440) just for working nine-to-five on construction projects.

Prior to this, Pat lived in Glasgow for around 50 years where he worked in the building industry on construction projects throughout Scotland and where he met Rose.

Property investment businesses - but not property developers - aren't covered by the CIS as long as they spend less than 1 million a year on construction operations.

In addition, large declines in commodity and basic materials prices and the coming downward pressure on construction wages, will make new construction more affordable.

In 4% of cases construction With is used

Unless it had to do with construction.

I've seen this done successfully with Construction, museum, and teaching jobs.

A decision is expected late next year, with construction due to finish by 2020.

They may have to do this even if their main activity is nothing to do with construction.

Crocker and his associates used their credit to raise money to proceed with construction.

I photocopied these pages, colored them by hand, and then framed them with construction paper.

The BIA will have its challenges over the next few years with construction of the LRT on the horizon.

At Vaswani, we do have quarterly targets that we meet, but we make sure that sales are in sync with construction.

Most of what I do have has to do with construction, and a slew of measured drawings and photos, but woodwinds feature more than strings.

In 3% of cases construction during is used

During construction, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd.

Also glad to hear there won't be many closures/detours during construction.

During construction, care is taken not to harm the corals growing around Pulau Semakau.

Some stories say that a massive earthen ramp was used to access the statue during construction.

During construction, US$8 million is being spent per day, and 10,000 local people are being employed.

If anything seems to be wrong during construction, don't hesitate to contact the alliance / NZTA or us.

During construction work in Mexico in 1700, a round stone disc 3 feet thick and 12 feet in diameter was found.

During construction individual inductances may have had their inductance fine-tuned by slightly altering their positions,.

In 1877, a new bulkhead was built just a bit downstream of the existing bulkhead, which acted as a coffer dam during construction.

With a large number of skilled and unskilled workers at the site, safety requirements of these workers during construction are emphasized.

In 3% of cases construction to is used

Whether this is a matter of coincidence or design would be left to construction.

From Medawachchiya to Vavunia, the road condition is not good mainly due to construction work.

A small part of the trail remains closed from Seloux Bridge to Ravine Trestle due to construction.

I endured many couturiers, with the inclusion of Tink akin to construction abilities is the perfect.

Green skills are playing an increasingly important role in occupations and professions related to construction.

For the next six years, Fogarty flitted from landscaping job to construction job, neither of which he'd ever wanted to do.

Two lads from Armagh and Monaghan were partying for the weekend in Patong before returning to construction jobs in Australia.

An example would be employees who follow a job from construction site to construction site and have no permanent place of residence.

Of course, I'd not privy to construction safety records in the likes of China, Vietnam and Laos, so they might prove to be perfectly adequate.

If we are unable to collect the material due to construction traffic, the developer will be responsible for providing you with alternate disposal.

In 1% of cases construction after is used

The ceiling of the classrooms simply collapsed following the first rainfall after construction.

Until now airlines that wanted in-flight mobile equipment have had to fit it after construction.

Around 2,300BC, roughly a thousand years after construction began there, the place was abruptly abandoned.

This would be a giant leap in man's occupation of space and it could come soon after construction of the first elevator.

In 1% of cases construction from is used

Put on a red tie (real or made from construction paper.

The roadway was a number of lanes wide and free of charge from construction or debris.

An example would be employees who follow a job from construction site to construction site and have no permanent place of residence.

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