Prepositions used with "cover"

of, Under, for, to or from cover?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases cover of is used

It stinks of COVER UP!!!! ZackRW4 Glenn Beck called this awhile ago.

It is an odd little thing in a sea of covers and I just look at it and laugh.

The cheapest type of cover is third party; however this gives the least cover.

When comparing policies, ensure that you are comparing exactly the same level of cover.

The Panthers did diversify their coverages, utilizing a lot of Cover 3 and Cover 2 looks.

People can usually pick their level of cover and this will often dictate how much a premium is worth.

The reason I ask is that they did a wonderful album of covers of soul protest songs with John Legend - Wake Up Everybody.

There seemed to be some sort of cover of any occurrence, some sort of shadow connected with another person, near to Elrond.

Would any of these approaches be appropriate for your employer? The value of cover letters is always a bit of a moot point.

I was expecting the gig to be primarily his new album, and a couple of covers, with no to little White Stripes/Raconteurs.

In 21% of cases cover Under is used

At 1330, under cover of the continuing bombardment, the signal was given and the boats went in.

If you feel an earthquake, hit the ground, get under cover of some type and hold onto anything you can.

A person gets busted buying drugs from under cover cops and has their car seized and their money seized.

But provocations under cover of darkness only escalate tensions in a situation that calls for mediation and dialogue.

Remember that you can get burnt from the sun's reflection off the water, so wear protection even if you'll be under cover.

But we rarely do, and we have enough seasoned wood under cover for all of this winter, plus a good start on next year's supply.

Afterwards the destruction of Iraq under cover of fake allegations of having weapons of mass destruction, after this it was Libya ' s turn.

Armies of Bani Hawaazen and Banu Saqeef under cover of their archers were rushing the hillock and were getting ready for a fierce onslaught.

The most successful operation of the campaign was the evacuation of troops on 19 and 20 December, under cover of a comprehensive deception operation.

The vast majority cross the desert border under cover of darkness to avoid Syrian security, then disappear into urban communities which line the Jordanian border.

In 14% of cases cover for is used

He went for cover, diving by a car.

Politically, Kwankwaso has no where to run for cover.

The businessmen from Hargeysa were used for cover up only.

In addition, look for Cover 2 to defend both Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson.

Caught in an uncomfortable situation, the state BJP workers scampered for cover when quizzed on the posters.

I disagree that a keeper is needed, but agree a CB signing either for cover or top top quality as a starter would be good.

The game offers five different birds with unique abilities and a number of different structures that the pigs use for cover.

So, you will have to apply for cover again and it may cost you more, as you will be older than when you first took out the policy.

TV footage showed demonstrators running for cover in Syntagma Square, seat of the Greek parliament, as noxious fumes filled the air.

The man allegedly then pulled a pistol from the front of his pants and threatened the officer, who ran for cover, chased by the man.

In 13% of cases cover to is used

When I got home I read the book from cover to cover.

Media to Cover Important Medical Issues: Need for an.

She used make-up to cover-up Armstrong's syringe bruises.

Thereupon that woman said: I read the Qur'an from cover to cover, but I did not find that in it.

Moving On At this point we could discuss some tricks, but we mean only to cover the basics here.

With time on my hands I would eventually get around to reading the whole paper from cover to cover.

He hit that well but straight to the fielder! Short ball from Kallis, Matsikenyeri backs away and slaps it straight to covers.

The man retired April 2011 but PDP asked him to stay on to cover some of the atrocities the party committed against the nation.

Then move down with your camo on and rush to cover on the wall at street level, behind the enemy taking cover there on the right.

On rare occasions, the Red Cross has asked for a one-time appropriation from Congress to cover some of the costs of a large disaster.

In 10% of cases cover from is used

When I got home I read the book from cover to cover.

It will probably take you an hour to read from cover to cover.

Instead of focusing on shots from cover, focus on taking out the enemies as quickly as possible.

Thereupon that woman said: I read the Qur'an from cover to cover, but I did not find that in it.

With time on my hands I would eventually get around to reading the whole paper from cover to cover.

It is well written, and I read all 600-plus pages of it from cover to cover (though not at one sitting!).

Sticking to the edges of areas and rushing from cover to cover are both good ways to make it a bit easier.

I came across Jack Herer's book and read it from cover to cover -- there was all of this information that I hadn't even heard a hint of before.

And because I am pro-European, I campaigned and voted against the Lisbon Treaty, which I actually read from cover to cover (in contrast to our political leaders).

Even Ritu Moni, who had dropped two sitters in the last ODI of the three-match series that Bangladesh lost 2-1, looked threatening with her accurate throws from cover.

In 6% of cases cover with is used

And they are so easy for cloth diapering newbies: no folding, no fussing with covers.

Blessed with cover girl looks and a charm school education, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Shirl also had a couple of solo hits with covers of ' Every Little Bit Hurts ' and ' Tracks Of My Tears '.

But they needed the help of some outsiders knowing well the location and who helped with cover up ran away quickly from PDL.

The other, ' Nuggets: Antipodean Interpolations ', features a bunch of the latest generation of Aussie bands paying tribute with covers of the original Nuggets tracks.

However, the father-of-three outlines that it's been a slow process; Fozzy had to shake off its early connections with covers (they were originally named Fozzy Osbourne).

In 4% of cases cover in is used

Once in cover they will constantly look around themselves to spot any chasing enemy.

Then, position yourself in cover in the middle of that wall, looking at the house that Osadze is in.

Wait for the glint off of the snipers while you are in cover, then pop up quickly and take one out at a time.

The definition score is based on how many options the special events increase in cover gives, and any restrictions to those.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Raufoss Ammo Dodge the Dot- Avoid being taken out by a sniper during the mission Stay in cover, watch for the laser-targeting, and take out snipers quickly.

In 3% of cases cover through is used

He has all the shots in the book, be it punching through cover or hitting it on the rise past mid-on.

In 2% of cases cover at is used

First, Swann aimed a reverse-sweep at R Ashwin -- who had replaced Ojha -- and was bowled middle-stump; then Bresnan was last out, caught at cover off Zaheer Khan.

In 2% of cases cover on is used

Very pleased with graphics on cover.

As consumers, we have become accustomed to cheap books (and ebooks) and heavy discounts on cover prices.

We are already short on cover for the right back position after Bosingwa was let go for free at the end of his contract.

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