Prepositions used with "trip"

"of trip" or "on trip"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases trip of is used

Dolphins are sighted on approximately 90% of trips.

A range of trips can be planned around Tongariro Northern Circuit.

But by then he had proven his greatness, and at all sorts of trips.

My definition is one that is well used and is easy to use for a wide variety of trips (i.

These rating factors can be adjusted as needed for various locations, types of trips and users.

These rating factors can be adjusted as needed for various locations, types of trips and users.

And this principle should be applied to many of the existing agreements in the areas of TRIPS, TRIMs, agriculture and so on.

He's been coming to LA to teach for decades, including a lot of trips to YogaWorks when Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty owned it.

The 2011 survey was by telephone and contains details of trips by 24,858 people of all ages from 9,661 households across Australia.

Honestly, that has been the sort of thing that gets me to just go, it has been what has kicked me into booking our last couple of trips.

In 17% of cases trip on is used

The Africa group put forward a proposal on TRIPS.

The rave reviews on Trip Advisor do not exaggerate.

Approximately 10 % of accommodations listed on TripAdvisor receive this prestigious award.

He likes me to stay over weekends, wants to go on trips and everything's great when we're together.

I can go on Trip Advisor and write a full review of the particular resort if I choose, and I probably will.

There are excellent chapters on trips for SEN children, and if you are organising foreign travel, this booklet is a must.

I'd a massage junkie so we checked out one of the massage parlours that got a great review on Trip Advisor and opted for a two-hour massage.

I'd about one email about from reserving a room in Jardin De Iguazu, a trendy hotel in Puerto Iguazu that is ranked #2 on trip advisor, so that's where I'll probably stay.

I kind of wanted a car, but I have to admit that the extra space is very useful when we go on trips! Love the car! If we both have new cars do we just get a third new car lol? kate b.

Avalon Waterways This carrier focuses on trips through smaller aquatic passages such as rivers and straits, allowing visitors to view beautiful landscapes and vistas throughout most of the tour.

In 14% of cases trip for is used

I have been for trips with my friends.

For trips less than a mile, I'll probably walk.

Own transport essential for trip to crane lookout.

We had paid for trip insurance and they paid us back for the hotel expenses.

They still see the necessity to improve cycling numbers for trips to and from work.

Cebu is a popular jumping off point for trips around the Visayas region of the Philippines.

During this time, we also start planning for trips that we would love to take during spring and summer.

What if my journey starts in the UK? I'd afraid that our system currently caters for trips originating in Ireland only.

Try to buy several months ahead of time for trips inside the USA and as much as five months ahead for international travel.

I'd going to stop here, by noting that I've only begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities for trips out of Hong Kong.

In 10% of cases trip to is used

A trip, or attempt to trip a player is a foul.

Need to get the builders in to triple the size of the home dressing room.

While shopaholics celebrated X? mas in their own way, others preferred to trip the light sentimental.

Everyone else moved out of the way which caused Hawkeye to trip over Margaret sending them both flying towards the still.

So what should you do before and during a journalism interview? With so much to trip up on, it is worth following these steps.

I should love to trip up and have a look at you both when I go for treatment but it takes too much out of me, I am glad to get up to bed for a while.

By running across him, he was able to trip Young (feel free to disagree, it's not impossible to see it the other way) while Young was, crucially, outside the penalty box.

Although he sometimes requested help of the dispatcher, for the most part he had to set up his cameras and lights and wait for that split second moment to trip the shutter.

In 7% of cases trip round is used

Typically a 2-3 hour hike round trip.

About $1500 to $2000 round trip for some random dates.

Now I just have to make a 1hr 45min round trip on my day off.

Had Amazon used Royal Mail then it would have been a 5 mile round trip.

That expands to 70 hours round trip, which means you spend roughly three days in transit.

I repeat: four hour round trip for someone to check the forms and take over a hundred quid off me.

If my neighbour hadn't been in then my only option would have been to drive a 60 mile round trip to collect the parcel.

I was informed it would be delivered the next day but was not and I had to waste 2 hours round trip to drive to the depot to collect it.

Cost: $2,000 Round trip transportation Saturday, January 12 -- Ochi Bound On this day trip we combine a little culture with a little sea.

NigeGTI said: Hopefully my trial run tomorrow goes well and it doesn't turn into a 6 hour round trip! Which it will at some point - guaranteed.

In 6% of cases trip per is used

McKay says it costs the family at least $600 more than that per trip.

No benefit is paid if you reside overseas for more than 90 days per trip.

For most of the trips, we operate luxury motorcoaches and carry between 25-50 people per trip.

In 6% of cases trip with is used

Local driving averaging 24 mph is 44-47 per gallon with trips of approximately 15 miles.

When you get there if you befriend one of the locals for a few pounds a day they will see you all right with trips and safaris.

The guys also sorted us out with trips to go on at weekends, came out to see us regularly and made sure everything was generally kosher from the moment we got off the plane.

In 2% of cases trip after is used

Sitting proudly now at 180,000 miles she just keeps on going, having done trip after trip up to Leeds (I live in Oxford) and months going down to Bournemouth she shows no sign of slowing down.

In 2% of cases trip in is used

Having dead-heated over two and a half miles prior to Cheltenham, Willie Mullins's horse looked at Cheltenham as though he would be suited to stepping back up in trip.

In 2% of cases trip including is used

He has also worked with the Canadian Forces, including trips to Afghanistan and aboard HMCS Toronto while on deployment to the Caribbean.

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